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    Reg Evans

    I'm Not Jacking Around!

    I have a $12.00 yearly add on to my J.C. Taylor insurance for my 5 old cars. It covers towing and roadside assistance. I just have to remember to bring my cell phone.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    I'm Not Jacking Around!

    tell her you have decided to turn the garage into a body shop......
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    I'm Not Jacking Around!

    Seriously Paul? I Google "triangle lift" and found this
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    1948 Special Deluxe Barn Find

    Another one for the Island Boys & Girls....1948 Special Deluxe barn find. Looks like the original front plate is still on it. @dpollo have you seen this ad? I suspect you have. If I were closer I would be on my way for a look. $4500 Canadian. About $3500 US Dollars is the asking price. I am not affiliated. I just saw the ad and I like it. From the pics it looks like it might be a half decent car to clean up.
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    Young Ed

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    The U shackle and the spring bolts are available new. Roberts or DCM has them. You can also order that U piece from a jeep for significantly lower price but the height can be different. On the front of my 47 it was only about 1/4" off but on the rear it was about 1.5 if I remember correctly. I found old dodge U's without the screw on bushing for cheaper and then used the jeep bushings. On the front of mine I just used all jeep. As for that frame mount I don't believe anyone is reproducing those.
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    Original Patina

    If the frame is square, that would be quite a sight with a hemi, going down the freeways at 80 mph with large NRA markings. LOL
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    Original Patina

    You want patina, here is patina!! I believe some cars, like this 1954 Plymouth Suburban, are beyond restoration but this old girl still has some useful parts. A little overpriced in my opinion. https://www.ebay.com/i/183046312241
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    I'm Not Jacking Around!

    Cribbing. Infinitely adjustable. Easily stored. Cheap. Readily available. Works on every make and model.
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    Ah, good to know!!! Thanks Ed! Mike
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    Clutch Pedal is on the floor

    Its a mercury switch as mentioned for the trunk light.
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    I went through two regular flooded cell batteries before buying a 6V Optima AGM type for my Chrysler New Yorker with the 323 straight eight. I have had great results using an AGM battery in my airplane the last ten years. Both my plane and my 6V Chrysler sat in unheated storage all winter at -20F temps here is Canada and in spring the batteries crank like crazy and my vehicles fire right up. No charger/maintainer required. I use AGM batteries in all my vehicles now and will buy no other type. They are worth the money.
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    buds truck


    Body primed and put back on the frame, doors fitted. All is well!!
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    Numbers Matching Question

    I agree it doesn't seem to. Interesting that some eras it's a HUGE DEAL but in this case it's not. It's still nice to have though...
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    Original Patina

    The clearcoat is peeling off my 1993 other make pickup.. Is that patina?? 😊
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    Oil filter mounts there. It’s a full flow system vs. your bypass system.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Original Patina

    Patinator is a dictator named Patina....notice carefully that the ad is accurately portraying the product for brass or bronze....non ferrous metal will patina...steels rust....
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    And some more! (Can only load so many at a time):
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    Ok...hope I shrunk this enough and not too much! I'll get this down yet!!
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    Niel Hoback

    Large hole in floor

    GL1 80-90 wt. Since 1994, no problems.
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    Todd B

    Todd Build Thread

    Looks to be 1/32” out of center. Keep up the great work Luau 2020 is approaching !!!πŸ€—
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    Found a brake drum solution

    Thanks, Fowl Jeff for this information... I've been looking for a long time for new drums. I look forward to fixing my truck and having decent brakes, after a few years of them being marginal. Brought the old girl ("Darla") out of the barn last Sunday and the brakes went to the floor. No more putting it off, now. Thanks again.
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    Large hole in floor

    I didn't even realize there was such a thing! Thanks!
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    Don Coatney

    Original Patina

    Mother nature clear coated the car. I read it sat out in the rain.


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