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    Photos in the classified

    Cause I end up paying for the bandwidth consumed and some abuse the privilege. By abusing I mean using this site to host their images for other things like craiglist ads or ebay listing.
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    greg g

    Large hole in floor

    In preparation for the impending overdrive installation, I spent this forenoon removing the center floor section. Aside from trashing the 72 year old rubber floor mat, the job was pretty easy even with my pinched nerve, shot rotator cuffs, arthritic shoulder thrown into the equation. Took about an hour all included. Haven't got under yet to deal with the drive shaft but it sure looks like it will make the rest of the job a lot easier. But after the mat shreaded it self looks like a non stock carpet is going to be needed. As my body use these folks or have any recommendations? https://www.stockinteriors.com/CutSewnCarpet.asp?Itemid=7461&ModelId=546
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    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Yes, washed down with a pint of bitters! LOL
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    Links Directory is fixed.
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    Heat Riser Confusion

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    Mark D

    Large hole in floor

    Greg I bought a 18" speedo cable extension off ebay. I didn't want the OEM cable to be stressed with the reach.
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    Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    Last week, I went to get my car after six months. The car started almost immediately and i drove 60 km to home without any worries. I participated in a car event on the other day. here are some Pics and video pics https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOSPRigM8yYUiiK_38-iFG0zy19Gb-sUzDarS9SLJAyU_lMq0wlmYAlIhsea8I8sA?key=alU0WkZVTHluMGM1ejR2X09rZFBaMmd3RTI0LTd3
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    So whattya think of this--P18 with a /6

    I agree with your assessment 100%. Lack of good taste and judgment IHMO. Where did that steering wheel come from?
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    1939 Plymouth

    because of the switch location, any air will soon work its way back up through the master cylinder.
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    "I Think" the proof is in the viewers Times I have viewed Simpsons-"0" Times I have viewed 'Gun smoke"- Thousands if not more That's all I got to say about that!!
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    Nothing to panic about. Hammer it out and weld it up,or cut a piece to fit and weld it in place.
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    One of the establishments I visit on occasion for a beverage with some live country and western music has a problem with the back walls wanting to collapse, and it's my job to hold them up and lean on them for the evening...at least that's what I tell the bartenders who kinda point out my lack of mingling, to humorous effect... so maybe I was there briefly, but so far in the back that folks didn't see me...keeping away the mountain lions and unicorns
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    I will make a full report once I install my log manifold.
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    Hello 55, Hope this topic is as successful as your driver topic. Here's mine but I think most people have read it by now... My final post was an evaluation of the finished product. And a picture of the finished product.
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    I too want to remove my truck cab and install new body mounts, but like you. It is is use.
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    Interesting photos I have run across.

    These guys had a lot of nerve and strong arms.
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    No comment
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    Miss Indiana paid me a visit in Chemo this morning.
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    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Yeah, who could have figured that those smooth tires wouldn't get traction in the snow? Sorry about the Forrd.
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    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Found this, sweet!
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    Getting ready to head out the door...

    to Ventura for Christmas Eve! Great news for us is the fires are OUT all along the front country to the coast and over 4,000 fireman have been sent home for the holidays! Have a great Christmas and holiday season!
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    Completed The Update This Morning...

    All this complaining from the guys who complain when a new member doesn't include any info in their profile like location and project info. Having that info may actually help people get more accurate info faster. It's a one time thing, get over it.


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