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    Thanks to everyone at the picnic for such a great day. I had a wonderful day, and met so many nice people. I enjoyed the BBQ a great deal, an amazing amount of wonderful food. Thanks for all the help unloading and loading Dolly. I will post more pictures, but first I have to reduce thier size and will do that tomorrow. Dolly and I left Bishop at 3:15 AM and got home at 8:30 PM, it was a grand day. Dolly loves her trophy!
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    It was great to see DollyDodge at the bbq. It was inspiring to see the meticulous effort used in preserving such a beautiful old truck (and just a couple more payments befor it’s his). I hope he will make the effort to make the trip again. If not, maybe a trip to Bishop and a night at the hotel Winnedumah in Independence.
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    1942 chrysler windsor

    Nice ride. Here is my 42. Built in Detroit two weeks before the Pearl Harbor attack. Runs and drives. Not many of these out there. Not sure of the value.
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    Back on the road after about 4 months of upgrades!
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    Link to the rest of the pictures here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DPhSRnQl7RfYJsFUtgq8L9v_S0zIXywo?usp=sharing That was fun. When's the next one?
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    I drove some 300+ miles today enroute to the BBQ. First I drove back roads through the foothills to the west of home to San Juan Baptista to possibly pick up a VW Thing frame. I bought it but determined it was too large a load for my truck. That was about 140 miles. Then from there to Tims was another 160 miles. That was a much lager day than I had imagined. The lad pics are of the road through the hills, the church near Hollister, CA, the view from the hill where the frame is. I arrived at Tims around 8:30, 12 hours after leaving home.
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    John Reddie


    Another thing I would do before removing the timing chain cover is to make sure that the crankshaft pulley and the balancer are tight. You can also remover the fan belt and run the engine momentarily and see if the noise stops. I have seen cases where the belt itself was the cause of a noticeable noise. Good luck to you. John R
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    A spare master cylinder cap would be ideal . You would need to plug the very tiny vent hole in the side of the cap and drill and tap for a fitting for the tube . On mine , I used the original master cylinder cap and left it this way because I hooked up a remote fill reservoir . I can now tell at a glance if the brake fluid is low .
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    Just picked up my 49 dually

    I didn't make it to the scale, but... truck weighs about 7800, trailer about 1500, camper about 4000, pilothouse is a guess, but 3200? Tools, spares, chains etc another 500. So - 17,000 or so? Light load - I've crosssed the scale at a little over 30,000 before. Pickups are a little more than they were 60-70 years ago. For example, hauled this 3 axle White road tractor back from Western Kansas a couple years ago. I doubt the 49 was up to that, even when it was new.
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    Upholstry choices?

    Anybody use the stuff from Roberts and have pictures?
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    the fuel gauge has a built in voltage regulator...while it can operate on 12 volts it may indicate the higher voltage by a flickering needle due to the faster cycle rate of the VR...the 12 volts I still do not recommend since it is so easy to reduce the voltage back to the optimal 7.2 volts as is the output of the generator when functional at normal input. approx. 28-32 ohms across the sender is correct.
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    We and the Windsor 2018

    Thanks for sharing. I should try organizing an event like that around here.
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    We and the Windsor 2018

    Today was a great day. My local Vintage Car Club hosted the Spring Garage Tour. We visited about 7 or so club member's garages. There was plenty to see. I will share a photo essay here in my Windsor thread. For without my Windsor I would not be a member and having such a great time. Here we go: We met at 9:30 at a local coffee spot to meet up and get some caffeine in us. Unfortunately it was a soggy wet rainy morning. Many members left their cars at home. There were about 40 members present and only about 8 vintage cars. I took my '53 out. Rain does not bother me. I enjoy driving it and on events like these, I can't think of leaving it home. The weather cleared up and the sun came out. I was so glad I had my old car to cruise in. Total travel was about 65 miles. About 30 mins of that on the hi-way. I was so very impressed with how well my '53 drives and handles on the hi-way. For a big old boat, it does very well. I'll stick with the MOPAR stuff first, then the other stuff after. Here is a member's 1953 Plymouth Belvedere convertible restoration. Coming along nicely. I was drooling over the vintage style high end spoke rims. These are period correct for the 50's MOPAR cars. I want these so bad, but whew, expensive! Here is a 1929 Dodge Brothers barn find. Appeared all there. Ready for a restoration. Unsure on the year of this truck. 1940's I'll guess based on the headlights: A 1940 Chev Master 85 beside me enjoying the view. Look-ey here! A 1950 Windsor Deluxe. The only other one I have found in my region. The owner said this was the first car he ever rode in. His mother carried him home from the hospital in it, a few days after he was born in 1950. His father bought this car new. I was awed by the member's attics full of parts. I thought I had too much stuff. Not by a mile! There are some very serious dudes out there with their own personal junk yards. I saw so much stuff today at several garages. I was shocked. This must be a very rare car. A 1926 Jewett getting restored. Made for only 4 years in Detroit. Cookies and coffee time again. This made me laugh. Appears to be a couple of young bucks at the drive in in Grandpa's 1930 Model A. Not sure where the does are. \ 1925 Chev Master 85. Business Coupe. 1930 Model A. I am sitting in this one with a big grin. Was quite a classy car. Finally back home and washed up. The front end and the chrome stops me briefly every time.
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    John Rogers

    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Its got to feel good to finally get to drive it and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have done a fantastic job on it ! John
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Pretty much all buttoned up with the exception of getting the gauge voltage lower. The Runtz or Ballast resistor are not getting me in the 6-8v range.
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    I purchased this 1941 Royal from a gentleman in Yakima, WA in December 2016 and had it delivered to me in the Tampa area of Florida. I drove my 1941 Chrysler Royal from Tampa to Connecticut in May 2017. I drive it 2-3 days a week during the Spring, Summer, and Fall while I am in CT. When I attend car shows, it receives as much or more attention than restored muscle cars. Once I get the issue of the FluidDrive not holding the high range shift (possibly lack of adequate vacuum), I want to drive it to Hemmings Motor News in Bennington , VT for one of their Thursday night cruises. The car is all original and sorted out just enough to keep it on the road.
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    Dat Bodge

    Glad you like it...
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    My new car accessories, I love it!

    C'mon, it's only a dog. Now if it was a cat I might feel sorry for it.
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    ok, who is going to assign the names to go with all these faces.........
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    What an awesome time!!!! Good weather, good friends, good food and GREAT vehicles Sadly, going back home to the rain tomorrow.... oh well at least I have a sun burn Here is a little "wish you were here" pose to all who couldn't make it this time from myself, Mark, Tim, John T. and Jeremiah's arm...
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    You can check a timing chain by rocking the crankshaft back and forth and watching the distributor rotor. Turn the crank by hand till the rotor starts turning then slowly turn the crank the other way. The amount you turn the crank before the rotor turns will give you an idea of how much slop is in the chain. The crank and cam are connected by the chain and the cam turns the distributor.
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    Meet Horace, 1951 Wayfarer, fewer than 60,000 miles. Wonderful summer driver with the cowl vent and vent wings open. Who needs AC?
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    Drive my P15 440 powered sedan to several shows or cruises weekly from mid April thru early Nov. Drive from Wales, WI (village 1/2 hour West of Milwaukee) to Back to the 50s (St. Paul, MN) every year for the last 20 years, made a trip to Tampa's Nats SE and Daytona Turkey Run on '02 (about 3200 miles with side trips along the way) and have been to the NSRA Nationals in Louisville and Nats North in Michigan.


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