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    Meet Horace, 1951 Wayfarer, fewer than 60,000 miles. Wonderful summer driver with the cowl vent and vent wings open. Who needs AC?
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    Cylinder Corrosion

    I had checked the valve guide dimensions before taking it in and they measured OK so I didn't have the shop replace them. I think the previous owner replaced them sometime before I bought the truck. The shop I dealt with took quite a while to do the work. The main problem according to them is that the spray welding process is time consuming. The block had to be heated to something like 450 degrees F before the pitted areas could begin to be spray welded. That only gave the welder about three minutes of welding time before the block had to be re-heated. Actually, the cost of the welding, sleeving, valve seat replacement and seat cutting wasn't all that bad - a little over a thou. They also spray welded the corroded water jacket holes on the bottom of the head and then milled a few thousandths off the head as well. Do I like spending money like this, well no, but for it's all about saving a nice piece of automotive history, keeping the original engine, learning some new skills, making friends, learning patience, and hopefully ending up with a cool little truck.
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    Bump steer is as the words imply....."steering via bumps".....or the ideal steering senario is that the lower control arms or A arms are the same length as the steering tie rods so that the arc that the lower arms travel thru, up & down is the same as the arc that the tie rods also travel thru or vice versa........if the tie rods arc when going up & down is different to that of the A arms then the tie rods effectively get "pulled" in & out which pulls the wheels back and forth as tho the steering is changing even ever so slightly and is also felt thru the steering wheel............andyd.
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    Cylinder Corrosion

    I hated the idea of throwing the block away so here's what I decided to have done by the machine shop: 1. re-sleeve the cylinders 2. replace all valve seats and valves 3. The pitting on top of the block (especially around #6) as well as pitting around water jacket holes were filled in by spray welding. 4. block top surface machined
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    Friend's airboat

    I knew a friend owned an airboat, but I had never seen it. When he found out I'd never been on one he invited my girlfriend and I to go on a tour in it. When I saw the sign on the rudder I knew some of you guys would enjoy it. His wife admits it's cute, she would like it better if it was on someone else's boat!
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    Andy has bump steer and tie rod length explained pretty good. I have the same rack in my 54 Ford Coupe. The difference being that there is a bracket the bolts to the R&P and spreads the tie rods out so the length matches the A-arm length and that reduces the bump steer issues.
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Rebuilt the front mounts and used 68 Challenger mounts and brackets. They needed a bit of massaging to work. Next I had to dog leg the shifter backwards from stock so it would clear the valve cover. That press has paid for itself 10 fold over the years!
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    239 V6 flathead. 1946 pontiac

    Mob..........back in the day, ie, 40's & early 50's there was speed equipment made for the Pocho 6 such as a finned head & twin carb intake but both would be VERY RARE now & $$$$$$$$$$$.........easier to just have the cast iron head milled to raise the compression............if its been sitting for 20yrs then check if whats there is usable then a carby kit, plugs, points, plug leads, fuel pump kit, would be the basic start tho' I'd forget about hopping up the engine till it actually runs as a stocker...........normally I'd say Welcome to the best Mopar forum but in this case as its a Pontiac............I'll still say WELCOME.......lol...........maybe we can convert you...........lol.............gidday mate from Oz...............andyd
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    I guess i'm old school but I'd want to check them before everything got put back together and then find out you've got a leaker.
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    Sid made the intake and breathers and some other pieces on the engine. It ran flawlessly with no hesitation, no rich smell, very responsive. I said I would love to have it. He said it wasn't for sale as it was for his current project but he might build one for someone.
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    Walking around at the Auto Fair I saw a familiar site. Saw this Plymouth flat 6 on an engine stand. And met the owner/ builder/ fabricator of it. His name was Sid Killough, had a nice conversation with him. He fired the engine quickly with a flick of the switch. It sounded really nice and had the V8 style cammed sound most everyone loves. When he cranked it I noticed how people that seemed as if they might have walked on by an inline 6 engine were drawn in by the sound to see if the sound was really comming from that engine. I told Sid about the forum and that I may post a pic. I hope he will comment on the engine. He told me some specs on it but I'm not positive on what he told me so I'm afraid to post them. Great guy, I hope he might join the forum.
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    Sheriffs have to be good at police work but also be good politicians. Knowledge of human nature is critical. Andy Taylor sets a high mark.
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    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    Oak railroad ties for a retaining wall. 40 mile round trip
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    Reg Evans

    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    Here are a few shots of my trucks from the past at PLAY.
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    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    Headed to the burnpile.
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    Original buildsheet

    Wasn’t sure if all you guys had you’re original build sheet but we found this in the original owners manual my uncle had gotten with the truck back in the 70s
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    Drive my P15 440 powered sedan to several shows or cruises weekly from mid April thru early Nov. Drive from Wales, WI (village 1/2 hour West of Milwaukee) to Back to the 50s (St. Paul, MN) every year for the last 20 years, made a trip to Tampa's Nats SE and Daytona Turkey Run on '02 (about 3200 miles with side trips along the way) and have been to the NSRA Nationals in Louisville and Nats North in Michigan.
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    Just remember no charge to you. And you are very welcome.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    The Few, The Proud.........

    PC in them days meant Privileged Character....had a Marine tell me that as soon as they perfect walking on water they gonna do away with the Navy......
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    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    Salt rock, yes but used ACE Prep and Prime first. After a safety check on a lift and a few adjustments, my truck passed the pre BBQ road test. The drive is a 35 mile drive from 300' above sea level to 6500' which is a good pull. Temp leveled out at 190 degrees, oil pressure constant at 45 psi. I could have driven the distance in high but shifted down to 2nd at the end for higher rpms which rested the engine. The 2nd and over on an overdrive would have been perfect. I have the OD and will eventually install it.
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    I drive mine every 2 or 3 days,..car shows and to the local hardware store. Always fun to get the thumps up and comments like. "we had one of those when I was a kid." About 35K miles since frame off and V8 engine install. Second pic shows Granddaughters first drive in an old car.
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    local swap meet

    Glad you found a good one this past weekend. The weather in Texas was great, so we took a road trip to the "Big Country Swap Meet" in Abilene, TX. Online, it is a jumping, great swap meet - in real life it was a long drive to see a few sets of used, rusty headers, several used deer-grilles (aka brush guards) and some V8 Chevy parts. Very few vendors. Very disappointed. They charged me $5 to park - they should have paid me to attend. I will never go back. For a road trip for me, the Pate (at Dallas Motor Speedway) and Decatur swap meets are large and worth going to. The next two swap meets for me will be in New Braunfels (April) and Fredericksburg in July (fairly local, within 50 miles). They don't always have stuff I need or want, but they live up to their advertising.
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    1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    It's been some time since I last posted progress on the coupe truck. Not much has changed since then and we are still nearing panel work completion. My bank account has been well and truly drained, and I am fast nearing the point where I have just about had enough. I am told now that there is just some minor messing around required to get the tailgate fitted, and then they are ready to resume blocking and sanding. I may bring the truck home for a few months for a bit of a break yet. I am happy with the work to date, but the amount of hours and dollars that have gone into this project are absolutely ridiculous. We live and learn hey! Here's a few pics of where we're at for now..


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