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    47 1/2 ton, 4BT cummins

    Took my 99 3/4 ton Dodge to the local Cummins mechanic today. He was in a talkative mood, said " Want to see my trucks?". Sure. Very nice 47 with a 4BT cummins, turbo 350. One sweet swap. Sounds bad. then, his 4wd Little Red Wagon. 6 cylinder cummins. No picture, it was too tight in the trailer.
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    unfortunately, it is not legal to put a invisible fence collar on your neighbors neck....but you got to admit, it would be fun...
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    I've always felt that loading an old car up with modern computer junk somehow takes the old car away. A SBC in anything is soooooo boring and has been done many times over, why not do something a little different? Old school stuff is right at home in an old school car. Carbs and distributors served their owners for many trouble free miles and parts are very easy to come by. If I feel like driving something with F.I., air bags, smog devices, I drive my F150, if I want to take a step back in time I drive a hotrod and I try not to mix the two. My point is to figure out what you want in an OLD car, If it's a fuel injected something that gets 25mpg so be it, if it's to be a "hotrod" better fond something "hot" to put in it, if it's a cool cruiser, better find something "cool" to put in it. If it's a commuter that you want to maximize economy, safety and comfort, park it and drive a modern car. Adam
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    Body / Engine Number 42 Dodge

    What sort of information do you need? According to the paperwork you show it was an import model,so I am sure there will be things different about it than on US 1942 Dodges. Because of this you will have to be specific with your inquiries.
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    agree with straight water, but you might try vinegar instead. it is a good cleaner, will knock loose the rust and scale in the old water passages, gentle enough to not damage the radiator or heater ..... and gives it a fresh clean smell I think maybe others might have a different suggestion for product to use, I would want something that would remove the old oil in the water passages. Couple thoughts here, I use to use a radiator sealer. This stuff looked like brown molasses with little round rabbit poop in it. .... Think it was called bars leak dont remember. That product sealed 7 holes in a radiator that had contact with a fan. Is it possible you have something like this in your coolant? Also what pressure cap do you have on the radiator? Possible you have to much pressure in the system and forcing it out of strange places.
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    I've said for years I would like to take a MSF course. My wife took one when she got her motorcycle license but I missed out. I hope to maybe take one with my son.
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    I do believe luck of the draw or lack of such luck plays a role in all the statistics Tod posted. Makes me wonder what the odds are of getting squished by a beer delivery truck?
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    I've rode motorcycles since 1958 when I got my driver's license and I still ride today and I have several motorcycles. It's not for everyone - my wife doesn't care for them. I realize my reaction time is not what it was back then, but I'm not about to quit as yet. One thing I did a few years ago, was to successfully complete a course endorsed by the MSF through the University of Northern Montana, (MSU - Northern ), to ensure my skill level was still up to par..
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    15 is too young, 36 is too old, 24 is just right. Now you can remember. All straight 6 motors.
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    B1B ujoints - some feedback

    48 and about half of 49 B1B half ton and maybe 3/4 and 1 ton, use a Cleveland U joint. This is the one with the plates on the outer part holding the cups in. They have been nearly impossible to find until recently when one of our preferred suppliers started supplying them. Great for them, I'm glad they tried, but they have problems. In general, these ujoints are hard to remove and install. The specific problem with these new ones is that the grease fitting is directly in the middle of the joint, pointing straight in the direction of the driveshaft. The 45 degree fitting that comes with it will screw in, but won't clear the shaft. Even if it fit, it's the wrong angle. I tried to fit a right angle fitting, but the tapered 1/8" pipe thread isn't tapped deep enough to thread in a normal fitting. The metal is so hard, you can't tap it deeper, which might have helped. at a cost of$100 each, if you buy 2 you are most of the way to buying a new driveshaft. $300 or so will buy a new custom one where I am. Find a yoke from a later transmission and differential, add a new driveshaft and you have an easy to work on, easy to find parts for solution. i got mine together, but can't grease it. I have a parts truck I'll pull yokes off of later, make a new driveshaft when I have time and replace this mess. Just an idea that might help someone.
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    Hint of spring

    It is in the mid fifties in central Massachusetts today. Before lunch I opened the garage doors, checked the oil and tire pressure on the coupe; then woke it up from it’s 3 month hibernation and took a short ride. It felt great! It is the first time I have had the he coupe on the road since Nov. 26. Normally I would not take it out until the end of March, but the weather was too tempting. .. Come on spring!
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    Frank Elder

    Chicken cooker

    Someone should build one for the BBQ.........
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    Thought I had enough trucks!

    BUY IT!
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    Hint of spring

    Had my 50 Plymouth out today , light rain but not enough to need the wipers. 100 miles now on a newly rebuilt and balanced 230..... Life can be grand !
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    keep your POR15 in the fridge....it sets with moisture and fridges are nice and dry. You can also put some "saran wrap" on the top before you put the cover back on...lets you take the cover back off! Thinning it is tricky from what I've heard...it's got LOTS of solids.
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    greg g

    Body / Engine Number 42 Dodge

    The serial number tag was usually aplied to one of the "A" pillars. Some pictures of the side of the car would show if the car is Plymouth based or Dodge. Many export Dodges were plymouths with Dodge trim. Wheelbase for Plymouth based car would be 117 inches. Do the front fenders extend their lines into the front door? What is the length of your engines cylinder head?. Does the car have fuid drive? What is the word preceding the number 412586851?
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    We sold our next-door lot when the kids went off to college. The first occupants of the new house on the lot were extremely quiet and private, behind their new 6-foot high fence. One Christmas the husband was over to our house, for a rare visit, and was shocked to see that our kitchen window overlooked his back deck. A trellis went up in a hurry. The second family was more normal, but we have had little interaction with them. (We seem to be at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but the matter doesn't come up.) On the other side of our house, I erected a 3-foot fence, just to delineate the property line, to know how far to mow the lawn. We got along well with the widow there, and later her daughter and family. Next came a young couple, who have been gifted with three daughters. When the first daughter was two, she wandered through a gap between the fence and our house, which fostered considerable famliarity between us neighbors. The gap has since been called the Serena Pass. We get along great with the family, to the point of collecting each others' mail and having a key to each others' house. We are unofficial family. The height of the fence has an effect on neighborliness. So build your fence accordingly.
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    Stands to reason. Sump level would be falling if you had a cracked block type oil leak. And you haven't mentioned low oil pressure.
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    You may consider straight water after a good flush of the system, just as a test..no point ruining a bunch of new coolant. I would run it a few times getting it up to temp and then drain the water again and see what you've got.
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    always say something like, I hope I die on a rocket ship to Mars...live long and prosper.....!
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    One of my riding buddies just retired his Harley Davidson. He bought a convertible T-Bird to take it's place. His knees are failing and he could no longer pick up his bike. The down side of making it into your 80's...
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    One thing I learned in life is Fun=Risk taking.... If I die riding my bike, or driving my 1930's Mopar, then I will die happy.
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    Has the oil level on your dipstick gone down? Is your radiator filled all the way to the top? Have there been any plumbing changes on your oil filter lines? When you say the water lines are ozzing oil are the clamps not tight?
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    Had a good friend survive 3 motorbike accidents....2 of them serious....but one day at work he tried tipping a dr pepper machine for some free drinks. He had done this on numerous occasions without incident.....he couldn't keep his footing slipped and the machine fully loaded at 800 lbs crushed him. So you never know when or how........
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    47 1/2 ton, 4BT cummins

    Here it is running:
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    I will agree on one point for sure, better to make a conscious decision.
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    headliner door panel templates

    Let me check my shop tomorrow. I think I have the templates that I used when I replaced my door panels.
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    Clutch Parts Recommendations

    Got the clutch for my 2.5 ton from Carolina Clutch. Very pleased
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    I've rode motorcycles all my life. They are dangerous, so are cars. Going out in public can be dangerous. Home invasion robberies also make it dangerous to be at home. How safe is anything?
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    You're right, it is a small hospital. I mentioned to her that my brother and two of his friends were killed in an automobile accident in '77 but she was unfazed... Realizing that prejudices, including my own; are irrational I let it go.
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    Red paint code for 48 B1B

    To get a close match to the 1953 Dodge Truck Red I went with a 1969 Chrysler Barracuda "Scorch Red", paint code R6. The painter used Metalux brand reference number 25955. I am really happy with the result as it is a very rich looking red. Here is a picture of the hood.
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    Apparently, she never saw what injuries automobiles can inflict. Must have been a small hospital. Anyhow, I think you did the right thing--I wouldn't want a person like that around either.
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    Had a new neighbor move in next to my primary residence 12-15 years ago. He and his OL were talking to me right after they moved in, the guy said his wife wouldn't let him have a Harley and I immediately repeated what I've always heard, "What you need is a new OL." She pipes up "I'm a trauma nurse, I know what motorcycles can do." Next day the surveyors were out and the privacy fence was up within a week.. Old double bubble didn't hang around long and that neighbor was gone in less than a year.. Me and the fence are still here.. The horses are at my other place and I really don't mind them.. Sometimes I'm not fond of the flies.. One of them, the horses, not the flies; has me and my wife trained. We always have an apple for her.. I sincerely hope things work out with your neighbor.. He sounds like someone I wouldn't like and I can get along with practically anyone..
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    Si Si, mi amigo! esta comprenda! I think!
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    Newly cleaned and painted engine

    Finally got the old red paint and grim off my engine and repainted to silver using POR-15 engine enamel. Painted the valve covers and timing chain cover black and am painting the oil pan black as well to provide some contrast. Happy with the POR-15 product but we will see what happens once the engine is running again. Next big job, strip and paint the frame...
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    you know ONE of these years you'll listen to me about a better rigging system for the sign!
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    The weekend is over.....I worked straight through that weekend cleaning up what I could. I have so many things on my plate I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get the project of "BBQ party prep". Jim Shepard showed up on Sunday and we knocked out a bunch of stuff. Really, it doesn't matter what my place looks like.....the trucks and the people....the food and the fun...that's what everyone remembers. I love Friday night before the Q, everyone who can make it, sits around the fire and bs's about whatever.....the hammock, always a good moment by "Big Brother" the old 49 1.5 ton dump truck watching over the front gate, watching the all the trucks and cars make their way up the long driveway that Saturday morning.......then the late night fire, everyone's voices a lil hoarse from the days endless conversations about trucks and stuff, yet, still willing to get out a lil more before the party is really over......I can't wait. I've made a lot of good friends that don't live any where near me. I plan and hope to meet many more. My friends are always welcome here, and I'm lucky enough to see most of them around spring, when the grass is green and the air is crisp. If I could send a tiny bit of the experience to everyone who ever wanted to go, but couldn't.....I wouldn't know what to send.....but if you can imagine being surrounded by a bunch of friends who know what an old Dodge truck looks like, what it sounds like, if you can imagine not having to explain it, but just enjoy the moment and know you are not the only one who gets it.....that's what I would send, cuz really, that's the best part. Hanging out with people who get that lil bit of "crazy" we have. lol Here's looking forward to another awesome get together! Cheers to everyone who wishes they could make it, Cheers to those making it for the first time, Cheers to those planning for the next year, and a big Cheer to those who are making this deal a bit of a habit!!! Can't wait to see y'all. Tim aka 48Dodger
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    Show your tools.

    I have a few of these...
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    Massive Thank you to Gerry (reckbender)

    Hi All, Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Gerry (reckbender). Gerry sourced a gearbox extension for my 49 P18 and shipped it here to me in Australia. Thank you so much mate you are an absolute champion and a man of your word. Regards Ausie49
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    Don ranks right at the top of involved regulars on the site and is always willing to help answer a question! Thank you Don, for both your donation and your participation. Regards, GT
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    Who did this in the olden days?
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    Thank you to member Lloyd...

    For the donation. They do help keep the site running even donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you again member Lloyd!
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    Thank you to member T120...

    for your recent donation! Really appreciate the help! GT
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    Big thank you to 52b3b Joe...

    for his very generous forum donation! These donations help keep the lights and purchase other software for a better experience at the site. Thank you again! GT
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    New gas tanks for pilot house??

    WOW! DCM is proud of those!