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    '50 Plymouth brakes adjust or upgrade?

    For what it's worth, here's my two cents worth - I've been running original drum brakes on my '50 Deluxe since I bought the car four years ago with no problems. I had all the wheel cylinders rebuilt, and replaced the linings on the rear brakes after we discovered that the old linings had separated from the brake shoes. My mechanic then put everything back together, adjusted the brakes, checked the mc and all brake lines and the brakes have been fine ever since. I do mostly city driving with some highway driving, (about 1000+ miles per year) and have never had an issue with the drum brakes.
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    Hotel is also booked. stopped at the cheese house today to check on delivery and she said 2 day priority U S mail they ship. I plan on sending the cheese the Monday prior so it gives them a few days extra.
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    working with plastic

    A picture of a Miller 1957-60 Gas tank sender removal tool re-made on a printer ..actual size and the smaller green one for the smaller DeSoto Firemite.......
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    Fellas, All my coupe tail light chrome is deeply pitted all over...looks like 50 grit sandpaper! The inside of the pot metal castings are stamped "COUPE". In looking for decent driver replacements on Ebay I see many of the SEDAN brake lights available, but only a few coupe. In scrutinizing photos I see little, if any difference in the castings. Has anyone installed sedan tail lights or center brake lights on their coupe? Would the curvature of the sheet metal be the same, or close enough to make the swap without large gaps where they meet? The cost to re-chrome mine is astronomical and I'm just looking for some decent shiny ones with no moon craters! Most on Ebay are sedan, and should be easy to find if they work. Thanks!
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    I have two left side and 1 right for a coupe. They are take offs from my coupe. I found better ones on ebay, took me 2 years. You can have them for shipping cost from Alaska.
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    If you want to join the forum...

    I have just joined the forum, I wish I had found it a long time ago. I have a 36 Dodge pickup resto-rod. It looks stock on the outside (you folks would notice a few subtle modifications) but underneath, not at all. It has an Art Morrison frame, Mopar 360, Tremec 5-speed, 9" limited slip, IFS, and disk brakes. Some details can be found here: Street Rodder article.
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    Master brake repair

    Installed new master from Rockauto, problem solved. Thanks for the comments
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    I've owned a Strat, Rickenbacher 6-string, an Ibanez that I can't recall the model, a Martin D-18 and a crappy Vox Shadow when I was about fourteen. What a piece of junk. But at fourteen, what did I know. I just wanted to be a Beatle.
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    which carb to use

    The 201's B&B is too small. The Srromberg is a good carb and will work well but a B&B from a Plymouth will work well too and the Kit, A 101, is readily available. Use the manifolding from the later engine for best performance.
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    Apparently, she never saw what injuries automobiles can inflict. Must have been a small hospital. Anyhow, I think you did the right thing--I wouldn't want a person like that around either.
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    Newly cleaned and painted engine

    Finally got the old red paint and grim off my engine and repainted to silver using POR-15 engine enamel. Painted the valve covers and timing chain cover black and am painting the oil pan black as well to provide some contrast. Happy with the POR-15 product but we will see what happens once the engine is running again. Next big job, strip and paint the frame...
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    Paul, I think Todd is saying.... what do you call cheeze that's not yours ? Nacho cheeze!! (Bah bum Ching) Lol, thank you! Goodnight....... Drive safe!
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    Where do Brent and I pick up that cheese?
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    The shoes should have been arc'ed to fit each turned drum ... Then the four shoe anchor bolt arrows on the rear drums are set pointing to each other. Then and on the front brake anchor bolts the arrows will point to each single wheel cylinder.....this only if all the shoes fit the curve of the drums exactly... no gaps at the ends of the linings! Then do the simple upper 3/4" hex cam adjustments.. two on each wheel....with the .wrench pointing up and pull outward till drum is locked up... then back just enough till the drum is free. I never do these brakes with out arcing the eight shoes to fit each drum. This makes sure the shoe lining contacts the drum 90-100% and creates a high firm pedal. This way the anchor bolt adjustment in most cases can be eliminated.
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    Dolly Dodge Outing

    Hi all: I have been absent for quite some time, and that is because Dolly Dodge has been running like a champ with no issues, yippie. The photos are from Sunday I went to get 5 bales of hay at a local hay ranch. Gorgeous day.
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    Red paint code for 48 B1B

    You could go with the pink and really stand out in a crowd. Although you might catch hell at the coffee shop.
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    Jeff Balazs

    Dolly Dodge Outing

    Right on! Glad to see you enjoying Dolly. They really are pretty great trucks. I know I told you this before but The Adventures of Dolly Dodge were my biggest inspiration during the 4 year long build of my truck. I have more than 10,000 trouble free miles on it now. Jeff
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    Merle Coggins

    Clutch Parts Recommendations

    Looking forward to the progress report when it’s all done. Next time I make it out to the BBQ I’m going to insist on seeing your truck.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Dakota seat fit

    well, I used the buckets but not a bench seat...you got a tape measure...go take some measurements and go from there..
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    52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Another day in the garage yesterday, and the car is ready for ready for paint. We just need to clean the garage better and mask it off. We are planning to paint it next weekend if everything goes well. We definitely don't want to rush it since we don't have to. Hopefully I don't destroy all the work with a bad paint job!
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    Brent B3B

    Song and video about 6 inline.

    awesome song! Cornell, for your next song....... think...... Trucks!
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    Brent B3B

    working with plastic

    I thank you gentlemen! each of your input gave me the confidence I needed to go for it. mission accomplished.... now if I can figure out how to reproduce that plastic "DODGE" script in the center of the 53'...... I suppose that will be next winters project
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    To quote the Poet Robert Frost "Good fences make good neighbors."
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    Annoying neighbors can really get under your skin. My wife and I recently moved. The old neighbors were not the reason, yet we surely are glad to have them out of our sight. Such a great feeling to come home and not see an aggrivating neighbor. I sympathize with the original poster here. There is often no easy solution. Even if rectified, the site of the person when you come home every day is like a thorn. I hope he moves on someday. Good luck.
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    Good colors. (even though I'm more of a Farmall fan ) There's probably a reason that nobody makes purple tractors, Mark. LOL!!
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    You may be right. Lime I said, never thought about it till the neighbor stopped. We've listed it on the insurance policy. Its actually in fence within a fence. I've got a blue heeler in the outer fence that would chew the nuts off a brass monkey. A kid or burglar might jump in the pool to get away from the dog and drown. Is there really a such thing as a " good lawyer"??
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    Flight is booked, I fly in late Wednesday and it’s much cheaper if I stay til Monday. First time in California for me, I have never been further west than Montana. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
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    California sure is proud of their permits! I was griping about a $150.00 building permit...ill stop griping now. With permits that expensive how can they be broke?? I put a pool in a few years ago. I swear I didn't even think about a permit when I did it, it really never dawned on me. I guess I was just caught up in the task of the construction. A guy down the road stopped last week and was asking me a few questions, said he was starting one in the spring. He mentioned the permit. I said "ooops"! What's the penalty if I didn't get one? He said they can fine you $100 bucks then you would have to buy the permit. I said well ill try my luck and live on the "outlaw side". I've got by with it for 5years, we'll see.
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    I am thinking of flying in late Wednesday, and staying at the Jackson casino. I could be your bitch Thursday and Friday. I can drive anything from a shovel to an excavator just tell me what you want done. Todd B
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    Massive Thank you to Gerry (reckbender)

    Hi All, Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Gerry (reckbender). Gerry sourced a gearbox extension for my 49 P18 and shipped it here to me in Australia. Thank you so much mate you are an absolute champion and a man of your word. Regards Ausie49
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    Don ranks right at the top of involved regulars on the site and is always willing to help answer a question! Thank you Don, for both your donation and your participation. Regards, GT
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    for sure, and he has fun doing it! Thanks Don! you "wisecracker"
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    Don is one to post help and detailed pictures to all! Thanks Don!
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    I did a lot of research on possible upgrades to the suspension on my '39 Plym conv cpe before I took anything off of the body/chassis . I talked to a lot of the specialty manufactures and found out that Fat Man was the only company that made front end components that were designed and built specifically for Plymouth's, and other makes. I quickly got turned off of any fabricator that wanted to build his own front end using parts harvested from other cars. I selected a shop that was licensed and insured to do the modifications to the chassis on my car. We purchased a Fat Man Stage II front clip with power rack and a anti roll bar. (sway bar). The assembly fit my frame like it was factory. As a point of clarification: The after market frame assemblies are not Mustang II, they are based on the geometry of the original Mustang II front ends which were designed for disk brakes, and to eliminate front end dive under sudden braking which causes the rear end to come loose from the road. I talked at great length to Brett at Fat Man about suspensions, etc., before I bought anything. Brett was very enlightening. My '39 Plym looks dead stock, however, it is a "wolf in sheeps clothing". It really runs and handles very well. On two different occasions I have had to do panic stops due to traffic conditions, on both occasions the car stopped in a straight line with no loss of control. Wm.
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    I concur with DJ194950—their Revo IFS setup is tough, if not impossible, to beat. Abit more costly than the others, but you get what you pay for. I used one on a guy’s car a few years ago, and he reports NO problems. Definitely contact them!!!
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    Might want to check this companies products. All suspension parts are heavy wall tubes AND all mounting points are setup in a double shear brackets= way stronger than standard MII types. Almost over-engineered? Prices that I have seen have been lower (but Not cheap) than Art Morrison's. Morrison's frames and suspensions are highly regarded and at auction cars with them will bring much higher prices than comparable cars. Roadster Shop seems to be the hot thing under show/drivers recently. OMO DJ http://roadstershop.com/about/
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    It only takes ridiculous amounts of time, emptying a bank account and possibly robbing one to make it happen...
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    Project 48 build thread

    Got the car cleaned up and been cruising around for the last few days; a few little bugs to work out but really happy with it. I took it over to the original owner's house and took him for a ride; he was really happy to see it going again. That's him in the last picture. Last time he drove it was around 1980 and it was parked after that.
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    I have heard of lighting a toot but this is the first time I have heard of tooting a light.
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    So, Dons........gazzooks, theres a pair of them....lol......if I drag my lower extremeties along the ground that should provide a grounding to negate the chance of me tooting?.............oops..........back in my corner I go...........lol.............andyd
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    I have discovered that controlling toots is much more difficult the older the system gets.
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    Reg Evans

    Show your tools.

    This lift would have to be my favorite tool.