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    Visited Brian's junk yord

    Just left a great visit at Brian's junknyard, American Canyon, California. Hundreds of 40's and 50's cars and trucks. Some 60's. Spent about 5 hours with him and his wife. Absolutely delightful. And - I finally found spare wheels for my 1924 Dodge Brothers roadster. He has quite a few Dodge trucks from 40 into the 50's.
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    D24 Original front and rear track.

    All, I'm currently in the process of getting my D24 re-registered. I don't know what you guys have heard about vehicle standards and registration here in Oz, but it varies state to state and modifications from the original baseline can be problematic on where you are and which official you speak to at the time... My D24 has already had a number of modifications performed by previous owners. Specifically I need to know the original hub to hub/track widths front and rear. Is anyone able to provide these dimensions? This is so i can compare to what I have now. I note a few books and online references have mentioned a 'wheel tread' of front: 57" and rear 60" for the D24. Is this dimension the same as track? For the Australian readers, mine has a '94 Ford Falcon 3.23 rear diff with disc brakes and front hubs and discs from i think a'71-'74 HQ Holden and Calipers from a '97-'00 VT Commodore. Leary
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    Jeff Balazs

    Scare of my life.

    Fiddy; I drive my 52 3/4 ton daily in relatively heavy and fast moving traffic here in SoCal. As you are already aware these trucks are from a completely different era of traffic and road conditions. I knew as I began my build of this truck that there were some serious upgrades required to handle the traffic conditions it now faced. Good reliable and predictable braking was at the very top of the list. Some people will tell you that the original brakes are more than adequate. I don't agree. The folks you share the road with these days have no idea and don't care if your pride and joy can stop as quickly as their new whatsit can. I get constant reminders of this almost daily. I went to the extra effort of putting 4 wheel disc brakes in my truck and I am very glad I did. I have had to use them to their full capability more than once. As a bare minimum I would suggest putting discs on the front of any of these trucks that anyone intends to use in regular traffic. It isn't that expensive or complicated. And done carefully it may just save your day...... Jeff
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    Don Coatney

    Coffee cup holders

    This works for me.
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    Merle Coggins

    Off topic hobbies

    For me it’s motorcycles...
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    Hello.....at 6:11 AM this is morning.... but I know what you mean, in the morning after coffee and breakfast and putting mums back to bed explaining it is the weekend and not to over do herself and relax (more correct than saying go back to bed and stay out of my business)
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    Off topic hobbies

    hunting and collecting antique English and German rifles.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Coffee cup holders

    just to let the forum know that I take my poor humor seriously and will inflict just punishment, I have sentenced myself to a couple hours in the back room sanding and mudding drywall....almost as fun as getting your teeth drilled.
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    Coffee cup holders

    Tim, please go and join Don!
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    Rookie question - water pump

    Sorry but IMHO NFL just a waste of time that i could be working on something real.. people say you need to drink beer n watch the nfl its more enjoyable that way... naw id rather drink beer and work in the shop....
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    Scare of my life.

    The front did not lock up and you were still able to steer effectively? If that is the case then I would agree with Don Coatney.
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    Off topic hobbies

    Motorcycle for me too.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Rookie question - water pump

    you down under people, what are we to do with ya?
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    track is center of tire to center of tire....track is altered with use of adapters or offset wheels other than stock or suspension upgrades from a clip or other modification to chassis that will narrow or widen at the axles. Your stock wheels are neutral (no offset +/-) and thus with any tire mounted your track will not change as the width will be same inner/outer on any larger/smaller than stock tire. This is the measurement in the book for track...center tread to center tread...
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    What is a t786 truck motor?

    Are you sure that the 786 is not a 186? If it is a T-186 that would be a 30” flathead. Truck model for this engine would be a 1950 B2-R, B2-RA, B2-RL and B2-RAL.
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    Dan Hiebert

    Off topic hobbies

    Let's see. Running, hunting, hiking, snowshoeing, camping, canoeing, pop bottles (painted or molded labels only, 432 at current count), cuckoo clocks, home brewing, yard work (evolved into "forestry" when we moved to Maine), reading/learning, shooting, archery, woodwork, electronics, restoring furniture, home repair/remodel (an odd "hobby" perhaps, but it's something I enjoy), antiquing (junkin'), volunteering in the community, and stuff with the B.P.O. Elks. The ones I've forgotten I tried once and didn't like, so these are not necessarily daily, weekly, or even monthly things I / we enjoy doing, but I've been doing a lot of them since I was a kid, and we've been doing most of them we've been married, 33 years ago. The missus likes to bake/cook, too. I can (depending on who you ask), but other than grilling or smoking, I don't like to.
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    Off topic hobbies

    Gardening. Recently have also developed an interest in what some are calling 'cyclekarts' - mini cycle cars with 6.5 HP one lungers as the power source. (The biggest problem is the cost of the wheels - 17" motorcycle wheels are specified.)
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    50 Coronet project

    99% of the wiring is now complete. The remaining items are the heater and defroster blowers. This is the first time I have heard those horns and boy are they loud! We took the car out for another test drive today after the wiring was complete. The Gyro-Matic now shifts automatically like it's supposed to and we have turn indicators. I have a feeling my DC converter for the wipers is no good as the wipers aren't working. I'll do a little troubleshooting tomorrow evening. Greg
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    Adam H P15 D30

    A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    I completely understand wanting to use the most robust parts possible but T5's lived in 10 second Mustangs. Also, how tough of a trans do we need behind our flatheads? I would still be concerned with that 1-2 gear split of the 833. Reminds me of my 2-3 split on my fluid drive 3 speed trans, I think that why George Asche installs a "fast second" in a lot of 3 speeds, closer gear splits.
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    Don Coatney

    Toyota V12

    Me too.


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