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    This count???? Nearly drown several times. Doors leak but that also lets the water out! One doesn't sign up for this but it has never intimated me from enjoying the moment. Ya get hero points too!
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    Edgy heads being cast

    Attention; I am not selling anything..I'm just giving a heads up. Because this was a problem before. The Mopar Montana Boys are taking deposits and preorders for the first run of 50 heads. Below is their address if interested. http://www.moparmontana.com/store/c3/CYLINDER_HEADS.html Deposit is 300. Total is 1200. Prepay in full now is 1000. They start casting in March and expect to ship in June. I got mine... Remember I don't work for them, I don't get nothing special. No discount etc. I'm just the messenger. Good day
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    She has come a long way.
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    We've never let rain stop us! If we have something planned with a car and it rains, we don't let it stop us. That's why they have wipers! Lol, how else do you know if your windshield leaks? It adds to the fun in my opinion and actually gives me reason to wash them other than from dust. On my 61 Ford convertible, you can see daylight very clearly in the top corners of the windshield frame where the top meets it, and it never leaks any water. My truck with a new windshield seal and glass leaked like a garden hose at first.
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    Dave Armstrong

    48 Desoto Project

    Was a lot of work, but enjoyable with still a long way to go. I think that there are only a couple of 3 window Desotos over here in the UK.
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    Mounted with the green painted hubcap. Leaning towards doing all the caps in green. Final stance. It needs washed pretty bad.
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    photo 1 rubbing the tape edges with a round marker to insure that the edges are stuck down.\ Photo 2 green and clear put down with a pinstripping brush. photo 3 and 4 tape removed. I'll remove the pencil line once the paint has set for a few days.
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    Using Engine ID Number to Title Car

    Update- I followed the suggestion made by DJ194950 and had a Vin verifier come out and confirm engine number on the frame. I also retained his services to see if he could get a title, registration and plates. The good news is that he was successful with Ca. DMV and I will be receiving plates and registration in just 4 days! From the time he came out to verify number to when I will get documents will be 1 week! I now can proceed with confidence that this 49 Suburban will see the road once again. Thanks for all the comments and advise!
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    1952 disc break conversion

    This is not the "best" way but a way none the less. I have had success with this procedure. If the old king pin isn't to knackered up you can make a home brew reamer out of it. I did this on an Austin Healy I had. You grind a groove along the length of the king pin making your own flute. Once the Grove is ground down the middle, clearance one side so there is only one "cutting edge" Just measure the diameter of the old pin and make sure it's not too far from the diameter of the new pins If the king pin is too worn out this won't work as the pin will already be undersized. I'll draw something up and post a picture when I get home. If your reusing the old pins, then nevermind. Greg
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    Heater duct 1949/ 1950 Plymouth

    Paul Taylor's reproduction is first class . I have used several of them $149 plus shipping is not a bad price when you consider it fits right and looks right and even comes with screws for attachment. Paul advertises in the Plymoutb Bulletin and is known to me. pwjitaylor @ msn .com 805 4897822 California
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    An engine needs three things to run, compression, fuel and spark, assuming of course that it's not frozen and will turn over. After that it's just a question of how well it runs. Step 1 does it turn over Step 2 does it have compression Step 3 does it have spark Step 4 add fuel and see what happens If the engine is not stuck and I want to decide whether to swap to a V8 or spend a little money on the flattie I would check the compression first, if the compression is bad then you probably need to rebuild the engine, if you have compression the engine can be made to run and if you can do a basic tuneup you have the skills to get it running.
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    IMO, without the stamped serial numbers on the pad on the block, the only sure way to tell the displacement of the 25" engines is to measure the stroke. The bore is the same on the three most common size engines (237, 251, 265 cu. in.) but the stroke is different and the rod length of each is different. Remove the pipe plug located on the head between cylinders # 5 and 6, and using a long thin wooden stick in the hole, rotate the engine and measure how much the stick moves from top dead center to bottom dead center. The stick will be resting on the piston top and move up and down as you turn the crank and thus reveal the stroke of the engine. I say wood stick.......just in case you use a short one and in disappears into the cylinder at BDC. You don't want a piece of metal stuck in there. I've bought a couple 25" engines that turned out to be smaller than I thought at time of purchase.
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    So as I understand it you are not sure what the oil filter looks like or if your stock engine actually has one but you are ready to swap in a V-8? Trust me a bit on this but it will actually be a lot easier to learn about your original engine and oil filtering than to swap in a V-8. I know all the car magazines and the unreal reality TV shows make all this sound quick and easy but it is a lot more complicated doing an engine upgrade than doing repairs/rebuilds to the original engine. As suggested find and read everything you can about your vehicle prior to taking the plunge to swap engines.
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    I'd suggest 9-foot wide doors rather than 8-foot. Makes getting into / out of garage much easier. Not much more money, either.
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    Casinos? LOL, You won't have time brother..... do what I do and bet on how close you can sit next to the fire pit when ggdad1951 keeps feeding it.... or how many laps JohnT takes to mow the field..... or how long Paul can sit still. just kiddin
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    there will be now in his shop! Daddy needs some new shoes!
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    Hi Keith, this one is a 1950, not in the range you're looking for but at least you get a good walk around of it. I'm sure there's many similarities. Also, this one has been FS on CL for quite some time...not a Chrysler, but my favorite: a Dodge! At least its a little bit of eye candy for you to look at anyway https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/d/1948-vintage-dodge-4-door/6417910259.html Also, here's a 1950 straight 8 running nicely; not in a limo, but a straight 8 nonetheless.
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    Cheaper and easier to rebuild the flattie. Quick check to see what really needs to be done is pull the plugs and try to turn the engine by hand. If it turns decent, Use a jump pack to the starter and do a compression check. If compression is good real easy to get it running from there. Joe
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    something very satisfying in getting a vintage engine running again. you eventually get a kinship with that engine and you know when it is not feeling well. keep it running well and it will take you many places. capt den
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    Todd B

    No signage ......

    Back in the early 80’s I was in DC Pete “49 b1b”. We were in Manawa, a small town drinking and when we left I just hung a U turn right on Main Street and suddenly the red and blue lights were behind me. I told my buddy who had a very big mouth to keep quiet and don’t get us in trouble. We were both pretty toasted and the cop walked up to my truck and said “you can’t make a U-turn on Main Street”. Before I could open my mouth, my drunken buddy tells the cop, “Officer, We were going to go up the road and turn around but the sign said, NO, U-TURN HERE, so we did.” The cop started laughing and told us to get back to Clintonville.
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    New Year Resolutions

    My younger son (38) told me he was going to open a gym on January 1. He intends to call it "Resolutions". After about two weeks, he will turn it into a sports bar. That's my boy, all right!
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    Thats nice. What size rim and tires are you running? Does the front tires clear the fenders when turning?
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    Dropped uprights relocated spring pocket on lower a arm, posies drop springs and blocks, oh and about a million pounds of Chrysler hemi
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    I have a 2 Dr Sedan also. What kind of wheels are those? Any other information on your car?
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    On my 48. I’m running 49 leaf springs and a 2.5 block


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