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    55 Fargo

    A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Hey Guys, just a suggestion, being this is a A833 Swap thread, lets focus on it, whenever possible. Myself included, if those would like to discuss the T5 swaps fill yer boots on a T5 thread, either an existing thread or start your own...thanks
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    1949 Crown Imperials were the first to use the "Ausco-lambert four wheel disc brakes as did all the later 145" WB Crowns.... and also the 1950 Chrysler Town and country woodie.
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    Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    Hi..l also find myself looking at P15 D24 almost daily and l am not a big internet guy..I first heard of this site only a few months ago from Charlie at Rusty Hope. My first car was a 1934 Plymouth which l inherited from my Grandma in 1964..She drove it, my mother learned to drive in it, as well as my wife.My dad and me fixed it up (restored is not the correct word) and l drove the car through high school and college..We still have it. We are planning a cross country trip this spring and hope to visit Charlie in Davenport Fla.. l am a member of various forums and have found this one to be not only the most helpful but the most interesting as well...Tom PS my birthday is 12-10--48
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    APRIL 14TH 2018 CLEMENTS TAILGATE BBQ in CLEMENTS, CALIFORNIA Home of the largest meet up of Dodge Pilot-House Era Trucks in the WHOLE WORLD!!! MARS AND JUPITER TOO!!! We get invaded by Vintage Cars and Trucks from other makers, BUT WE DON'T CARE! CUZ WE ARE COOL TRUCKERS AND DON'T MIND THE WIERDOS! ...at least I don't.....lol Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!!! Woohoo! Timothy A. Estrada aka 48Dodger
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    Actually there is no cracks, but the clear coat that was sprayed on 20 or so years ago has darkened the color a bit. Today I am pulling the dash and will get better sample from under the speaker grill. And sorry to say the tag was lost in a fire 10 years ago
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    The http://www.imperialclub.com/ is a good resource for these giants. It covers all Imperials from 1926. Rick
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    Somewhere I got some photos of a '42 Imperial limo with curved windshield. Teaser photo to follow.
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    Yep....I could live with one..........lol..........the closest was 40yrs ago I owned a 48 Chrysler Windsor 4 dr sedan, rare here in Oz, basically the same as that Imperial less about 4 foot, 2 cylinders, some small crown badges and probably 1 ton.......lol...........yrs ago a mate had a 1938 Imperial Limo, 1 of 122, RHD, only one known of, window division, intercom, cigar lighters you could cook a meal over, full leather interior, rear seat that when you had your back against the seat your feet didn't touch the division........otherwise it didn't leave any impression on me...........so yep I could also join you in owning an Imperial, Crown or not...............if I win lotto I'll give you a call, o/k?............lol..............now I better go take my meds.....lol...........andyd
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    Zeke...I assume you mean the upper & lower worm bearings?........check if they have any numbers on them and can be cross referenced by a bearing shop........the pitman shaft uses bushes that a competent machine shop can make out of oillite bushing material, the lower leather seal should be replaced by a neoprene version that a bearing shop should be able to mike up from the housing ID and pitman shaft OD.............I've seen these bearings listed on US ebay over the years, not sure of the coverage but I'd be checking in a parts book whether these bearings etc were a standard size for a number of years............dunno if this helps.........regards, andyd
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    55 Fargo

    A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Yes there are with positive stops. Now bangin gears in a stock flathead , should not be a huge concern. Even the T5 stock shifter would most likely be okay. But I really don't care, who wants them or uses them as I don't... My concern is my A833 install....
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    I'd think you could save a step and simply pee on the door sills. Maybe you live in an area with neighbors--never mind.
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    I have used steel bearing balls from McMaster Carr. Assuming they are a standard size they should have them. Can you make the shims and gaskets? Greg
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    39 Dodge parts needed

    GaryP: i had told you the specific number for the swaybar links. They are specific for 1939 and the 1940 do not fit so be verycareful when buying these parts and get the vendor to verify the part numbers Some vendors do not know the numbers and will sell you anything just to move an item. Beware rich Hartung
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    Warming it up with a hair dryer might help too.
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    Adam H P15 D30

    A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    I completely understand wanting to use the most robust parts possible but T5's lived in 10 second Mustangs. Also, how tough of a trans do we need behind our flatheads? I would still be concerned with that 1-2 gear split of the 833. Reminds me of my 2-3 split on my fluid drive 3 speed trans, I think that why George Asche installs a "fast second" in a lot of 3 speeds, closer gear splits.
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    I have to agree with the plumber, radiant heat in the floor from a small steam boiler, and rough in plumbing for a bathroom. You have no idea how handy a sink is to wash up before entering the house. There was a motorcycle shop in Door County Wisconsin that when I asked to use their bathroom they said I had two choices, go around the end of the building to pee or I could use the funnel and the hose in the corner. Crude but handy. You must not be old enough yet where you have a need to pee every half hour. Much handier if you don't need to leave the shop. A friend of mine also put in a shower so that he could really clean up when he was done working. Dennis
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    Tail Light - What is This?

    there is a section of cover that covers the wires as they go thru the bed wall to keep the wires protected from abrasion.
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    Tail Light - What is This?

    Just got another couple of 50' spools of 12 and 14 ga cloth wire from Tom's Engine Barn. It's like buying candy! So many choices!
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    greg g

    A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Have you run a calculator on those ratios, your tires and your rear end gears?
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    Merle Coggins

    A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Fred, Don't you already have 3.55 gears in your truck? Why do you need an OD trans? It would seem like the final gearing may be a bit low for a good cruising RPM, and keep the engine in a happy power range.
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    Hubcap Red Lettering Touchup Paint

    lol....having spent time in John T's garage....I know what he keeps under the car cover! Just have to keep the crew honest is all...:D 48D
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    Don Coatney

    Is there a better fluid then Type A

    Thank you for your service. Sorry to hear of your medical issues. I was told I have lung cancer two weeks ago. I start chemo soon at the VA hospital. I also have bad knees and have lost use of both hands due mostly to agent orange. Getting old is no fun.
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    broken speedo cable

    broken speedo cable Just had done a thoroughly maintenance on my truck, did a ride around the block and happy that everything works as it should … what the heck is that ??? The speedo pointer did not a twitch anymore … sh The speedometer cable was broken. Not that big problem if you have a shop with a spare part around. I do not have that and since I was impatient anyway, I checked if the cable can be repaired. Fortunately the inner diameter of the cable sheath is large enough that it is possible to fix the cable with a tube [1]. Installed the cable, did a test. Crack !! ?? Took out the cable, it was broken at the same place. Next attempt, same effect… next attempt, same result. (How many attempts does someone need until the light in the head is on …) Checked then the speedometer mechanism. The drive was completely blocked ! Removed the speedo, let the drive soak with WD40 for some minutes[2]. After that the drive did move already quite passable. Let drip a little precision mechanics oil into the drive (sleeve) and run the speedo with a drilling machine (counterclockwise !) for another 5 minutes [3]. Everything is working well again. Just a recommendation to also check the speedo drive to avoid duplicate (or triple...) effort, or even damage a new cable of which you were glad to get it !
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    Yea sure. Here is my version and I am sticking to it. while cruising in WV in the P-15..it started to rain, off the road and against the hill..a barn with open doors..so I park the car and meet the owner... She had her top down:cool:
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    rainstorms are a neat way to meet people...while cruising in WV in the Porsche..top down it started to rain, off the road and against the hill..a barn with open doors..so I park the car and meet the owner...faster than trying to get the top in place.


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