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    Gyromatic to BW T-85 3 speed

    Your car,do what you want,but why in the world would you want to modify a 10k mile original car when you could sell it to a collector or restorer for big bucks,and there are cheap 51 Coronet's all over the country that have no drive trains or bad drive trains that you could buy for a percentage of what you can sell your car for?
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    52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Today was the first day of primer. I've been busy making something that resembles a paint booth (more to keep the rest of the garage clean and to keep the fumes away from the furnace as much as possible). My dad and I finished a few minor details, and we masked the car off today, so I thought I might as well give it a go. This is PPG epoxy primer that I'm using as a barrier between the original paint and the new. It's left over from my truck, and it was the perfect amount to get a good wet coat over the entire car. Tomorrow I'll fix some minor imperfections in the epoxy and put down a couple layers of high build over the body work areas to get the sanding marks out. I'll be a happy guy when the body work and paint is over! The booth did ok until the filter I have for the exhaust plugged up. I need to rethink it a little bit before I try again.
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    One thing I did was replace the clevis pin that secures the gas pedal rod to the bell crank with a bolt that has a machined shaft that I got at Ace hardware. It fits perfect and eliminates all the side to side slop in the gas pedal.I tried a new clevis pin but the fit was still a tad sloppy so I went with the bolt . The only other thing I can think of is the PO installed a 3:54 pumpkin in the stock housing which is great because pretty much all we have where I live is wide open level desert roads, mostly hwy with few to no real hills. I love it.
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    While this is the "stock" section some upgrades for safety or reliability are good, especially if they are invisible to the observer. Like Dot 5 brake fluid, or factory radio upgrade with FM added. I also added an Allison/Crane optical ignition system. The control box is well hidden so when you lift the hood you think it's stock. Giveaway is when it starts instantly. What's on your truck?
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    greg g

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    May all your barn find dreams come true. Out by Christmas, running by New Year.
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    Split exhaust/heat riser

    I liked your thought process when you were building that intake and exhaust thought about doing something similar. Wish their was a market to build a really nice system and produce several and market them. The ethanol content in today's fuel creates some of that cold temps. Use to run an alcohol funny car and we'd have to de ice the throttle plates just before the run or the throttle plate would freeze
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    First, you should downsample your images to the 100-200Kb size range. They will display fine and you will save a lot of your individual image quota. Second when you start the reassembly make sure you get the was the washer sequence on the front of the counter shaft correct. Their is a mix of bronze and steel. Also their is a welch plug on the front of the case and don't forget to install the thin gasket between the front of the case and the bell housing. Lastly be careful which type of lubricant you reinstall, some can permanently damage the synchro cage.
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    I used Eaton front coil spring(1" lower) along with fatman dropped uprights and front shock mount . Used Eaton rear leaf springs (2" drop). Ride quality is very good and handling much improved. Be careful lowering rear as driveshaft clearance becomes an issue. This isn't the cheapest way but it's very functional and it looks factory
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    I don't post often anymore, but still pop by a few times a week for a look-see. Merry Christmas to you all!
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    Merry Christmas!

    here's hoping for a great 2018 and that everyone has a happy and safe holiday season..............Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!
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    Merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays everyone.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    I've wrapped so much I think I deserve a record contract or a spot on MTV. Wife has been in baking overdrive, she gives friendship bread as a gift to family and friends. Going to have everyone over about noon tomorrow for dinner and exchange of gifts. First Christmas for my first granddaughter, pretty happy about that. Love the scene Greg! Hope everyone has a great Christmas, and New Year.
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    thanks Greg, ...everyone please have a safe and happy season with friends and family....the ham just came out of the oven.....rolls are in the oven...meal in just a few minutes.....we always do the Christmas eve thing....just got called to supper....
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    Weird engine coding

    Tp23 is dodge 23" 230ci from 1960
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    Engine Removal

    I've been working on videos that cover things that are not made obvious in the manuals. For example the lowest midline manifold nut that is "hidden". The benefit of the videos is the fact that a lot of trucks/engines have been sitting around for a long time, so parts that should loosen up are "frozen" and can cause confusion to someone attempting their first teardown. Sometimes a video is the next best thing to a classroom, which is where most textbooks/manuals are reviewed and explained. I'm hardly a teacher, but I do like sharing what I know. The beauty of a tool like Youtube is you get to hear back from other viewers. If something has been missed or rings true, you may read that in the comment section. I believe you can say the same thing about a forum, its not the manual, but its a great way to "talk" the problem out. 48D
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    Show us your Christmas trucks

    merry xmas gang!
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    Show us your Christmas trucks

    Had to see what the forum could do with my animate gif.
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    Show us your Christmas trucks

    I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas snd introduce Ol Rufus
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    Show us your Christmas trucks

    This was last year for the Christmas parade.
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    This is from a couple years ago...
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    Top loader?

    any passenger car trans from 36 to 38 and some 39s are top loaders but you need the bell housing too. These will fit onto the 50s blocks. They are very sturdy transmission.
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    how do i get this off

    Thank you gentlemen I will soon have rear brakes just waiting for my newly painted drum to dry
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    Don Coatney

    how do i get this off

    The trick is not so much in removing the axles but reinstalling them. The axle must be centered inside the blind hole so there is no seeing as it is all done by feel. I have seen the uninformed whaling away with a BFH trying to force the axle into the splines and thus destroying the axle and possibly the third member as well. The key is to teeter the axle and feel the splines by slowly turning the axle until they line up. First real job I had out of high school was working at the truck sales processing center for the International Harvester truck factory here in Fort Wayne. The old timers taught me how to install these axles a lesson I will never forget. IH used axles built by the DANA Corporation here in the fort and they are still in business today at the same location.


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