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    Went to the Alaska DMV yesterday to register the coupe with an original 1947 license plate. Before I went I phoned and was told that I had to have a front plate. In 47 they only made one plate and it was made out of soy. I came up with the bright idea to make one out of an old clipboard. It looks similar to the soyboard but stronger. I had a sign maker paint it and digitally reproduce the lettering and numbers. The very nice lady that I dealt with at the DMV told me that the oldest plate that they had codes for was 69 and that replica plates were not allowed. When I told her that they only made one plate per car for 47 she went to her supervisor. They called the DMV director, who looked at photos of the replica and original and said do it. He'd personally put a note in my file saying that he authorized it. They also phoned the main DMV to get a code to enter the year in the computer. While I was there I permanently registered it for an additional $30. That way I will not face a hassle in the future.
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    Lurker coming out

    Hello All. Been perusing the site for a couple years, but haven't taken the time to make a post... I've enjoyed many of the posts and picked up/learned a bit (most of it sticks) about the old mopars (my first). Love the lines on these cars. The pic is the day we gave her a ride to her new home. Body is sound and the six purrs like a kitten!!
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    Boards in Box

    I thought about using the old floor boards in my truck bed, but they were too far gone so I ended up making a work bench with them. I ended up having some Aussie 'Spotted Gum' (hardwood) planks ripped down to the right size and painted them in 2-pack clear. They have lasted for about 6 years, but a couple of those boards are starting to show signs of deterioration so I am thinking of sanding and painting them again. I would eventually like to get rid of all of the (90) screws in the back there, so I might even consider installing new boards with bed strips. It's funny as I had a fella come up to me after looking at my truck last week and made mention of how all of the screws in the back were facing the same way... I told him that he better not look at the rest of the truck then as he might notice a lot more of the same. Things we do hey!
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    Lurker coming out

    This is the same color as my 46 (after I got down through two layers of other colors, one of which had been brushed on - thick). I decided to put it back the original color, even though I didn't care for it, either, not at first. My personal advice would be to wait a while, and see if it doesn't grow on you. Did for me, and I love that color now. Don't know what I was thinking.
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    Boards in Box

    Just wondering my truck has kind of that old kind of used look. With scratches and shiny rust because I waxed it this year. Now I'm going to tackle the boards in the back but I am thinking of using old barn wood and putting a coat of clear coat on it. I know it is my truck but what do you all think.
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    Those DCM Dodge lenses do look good! The tail light housings were quite universal back in the day, so you will most likely find that style now in most good old car part places. I found a stainless steel one and installed it on my 52 truck. I looked into installing a 'DESOTO' lens, but the tail lights are turned sideways on our Oz 'style-side' trucks to cater for the number plate location.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Lurker coming out

    losing the green paint.....are you staying with a lighter color...you have missing fender chrome on the front, void at the rear with the dealer optional D24 spears...a dark color will make the vehicle look bulky without the chrome to accent the lines.
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    garbagestate 44

    Proper Speaker Ohms

    With AC sets I think some guys use a filter choke that matches the output tube impedance and some people get big wirewound power resistors but they get hot.I have a Philco 802 and some years ago I needed a replacement speaker. I came across somebody on the internet who knew more about it than me. He said I could just leave the fc leads unattached and it would be good.I stole the permanent magnet speaker out of a junker 1949 Fada 790 (mainly because it fit the dash opening) and it works fine.
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Is this your wife's new Christmas present?
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    Show us your Christmas trucks

    The folks on this site have the coolest trucks and are truly good people. God bless Marry Christmas.
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    Living in Memphis? I was lucky to stumble on one from Hamilton County AND it's a truck tag, too.
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    Matt Wilson

    Horse Power

    Yeah, the 4500 rpm's is not the impressive part; that's just mentioned as the rpm at which peak HP occurred. Rather, the impressive part is the fact that 200 hp was achieved on this engine.
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    Lurker coming out

    That’s a sweet ride. Like the color.
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    Hey, Colorado let's you use vintage plates too, but they couldn't find a hit in the system on my vintage plate so suggested I opt for the "Horseless Carriage Plat at $12/year. I said: "OK" My son and I were talking about porch package thiefs and those who might steal a part off of Roxanne just last nigh. After a couple of Odell's IPA brews, he thought having a bomb explode upon theft would serve notice while providing "notice" to those so inclined. (the suvivors)
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    Lurker coming out

    You could post more pictures and I'm sure nobody would complain. Heck, throw in a story or two
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    1949 Plymouth super deluxe 4 doors

    There is a reprinted Mopar repair manual for 1946-1950 Plymouth cars (originally printed 1950) that has frame specs done with drawings of all mouthing points for motor and original transmission with measurements for frame straightening etc. of the 1946 thru 1950 per model/years. Your fame appears to be cut up some for a different motor/transmission. Also the driver side rear end kick up of the frame looks to have been replaced and is flattened out. I would post a picture or two of the mentioned frame pictures but my printer/scan machine decided it was tired and not working properly. Pretty sure others on this forum have the same repair manual and can look to the frame section and copy to the forum.for you. DJ
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    Engine Removal

    I've been working on videos that cover things that are not made obvious in the manuals. For example the lowest midline manifold nut that is "hidden". The benefit of the videos is the fact that a lot of trucks/engines have been sitting around for a long time, so parts that should loosen up are "frozen" and can cause confusion to someone attempting their first teardown. Sometimes a video is the next best thing to a classroom, which is where most textbooks/manuals are reviewed and explained. I'm hardly a teacher, but I do like sharing what I know. The beauty of a tool like Youtube is you get to hear back from other viewers. If something has been missed or rings true, you may read that in the comment section. I believe you can say the same thing about a forum, its not the manual, but its a great way to "talk" the problem out. 48D
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    1 ton fender extension

    I haven't met Mike, but those other two guys that he's with in that above photo look 'dodgey' !!!
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    52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Lol, Nice try Paul! I'm going for the anti-patina on this one!!
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    52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Well, more of the car is finished even though it doesn't look like it in the pictures lol. I finished the big filler work (the replacement driver rear fender had lots of history under the paint), and it is ready for high build primmer. I took all the sheet metal off it again so I can prime everything, block it, and cut in the doors and firewall when I get there. Then I think it will get assembled for the last time and painted. I was able to push it outside and blow all the dust off it, and clean the garage a little. I definitely don't miss the mess, and dust of doing body work, and man is it cold outside... The weekend plan is to finish up the little details, and to start making my "paint booth" in the garage. Hopefully I can get the booth made by Christmas, and who knows, maybe even paint by new years. I tend to be optimistic on my timelines though...
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Yes......at my house...you know, for safe keeping....against ,elves i guess. 48D
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Very nice! You should move that into the living room for display 'til you put it in. And put xmas lights on it.
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Went to Huffarama the other weekend. The truck ended up in the Daily Driver online magazine. The new chrome on the front looks good!
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    Don Coatney

    how do i get this off

    Every tool box should have a calipers.


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