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    50 Coronet project

    So we're really getting into this Coronet, so I decided to start a build thread to share with you all. We have got the engine running, the transmission shifting and the brakes braking. Next move is the electrical. Part of getting the engine running was to put a 12v internally regulated alterntor on. A 12v coil and resistor, new battery and swap the cables. That got us running and driving. were now in the process of stripping the original wiring, all of it! The wires are super crispy! We will be using an EZ wiring kit to get things started and modify as needed. I've used this kit in the past and like the price and quality. The pictures show the dash removed and the engine compartment before removal of the wiring. The plan is to wire the dash on the bench and install one connector to attach the dash to the rest of the electrical. Easy removal if needed in the future. I'll update as we go along. Greg
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    Pilothouse spotted locally

    The other day we were driving through Winona, MN (just 35 min from my home) and my son spotted this Pilothouse truck in the alley behind a small car dealer. I swung the car around so we could take a closer look. Not sure if it is for sale or not as the area where it sat had other old cars/trucks there, including 2 pre-war Mopars (one was a Desoto). Don't ask me why I didn't take pics of those as well; I wasn't thinking. The lean-to where the pre-war cars were was attached to the dealership, so all the cars might be his personal stash, not sure. The last time the truck was licensed was 1990. Looked like it had the typical rust and wear and tear, but overall it has potential. I'm gonna try and get back there and find out the story behind it. Can anyone tell me what year it is? My first guess was 1949 but I'm still learning about the grill differences, etc. on these trucks. Also, is that bumper factory? I guess I was excited to see it because you just never see these trucks around here....
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    52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Well, more of the car is finished even though it doesn't look like it in the pictures lol. I finished the big filler work (the replacement driver rear fender had lots of history under the paint), and it is ready for high build primmer. I took all the sheet metal off it again so I can prime everything, block it, and cut in the doors and firewall when I get there. Then I think it will get assembled for the last time and painted. I was able to push it outside and blow all the dust off it, and clean the garage a little. I definitely don't miss the mess, and dust of doing body work, and man is it cold outside... The weekend plan is to finish up the little details, and to start making my "paint booth" in the garage. Hopefully I can get the booth made by Christmas, and who knows, maybe even paint by new years. I tend to be optimistic on my timelines though...
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    The Engine is out

    Very nice!
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    Jim Yergin

    Overdrive indicator lights

    Ward, Sorry but I no longer have the car so I can't provide a part number. I think you can find them on eBay or from air cooled VW parts suppliers. Just search 6 volt VW headlight relay. Jim Yergin
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    Starter grind

    This problem usually is a result of the pinion not being fully engaged when the switch energizes the starter. I have encountered it only on cars with 12 volt conversions so I suspect that a more sluggish 6 volt system allows the teeth to mesh before the pinion really starts to turn. A solution is to slightly chamfer each ring gear tooth. This can be done by removing the clutch cover. Given the number of teeth, it is not a job I would want to volunteer to do. Perhaps an adjustment of the starter switch may help.
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    greg g

    Exhaust Vibration

    Could you point out the areas that are in disagreement. Because it looks pretty much the same ideas presented a bit differently.
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    John Rogers

    vinegar bath

    Wow, they turned out fantastic Brent. I used to use vinegar and steel wool to clean the on the bare steel cone pipes on my MX bikes when I was still able to ride and race and it worked great. I built a couple of electrolysis tanks (1 gallon and 5 gallon) out of plastic pails and they do a great job too. The biggest parts that I put in the 5 gallon was the body from the Model 36 heater. I put a throttle cable for one of my Wheel Horse garden tractors that was frozen from rust in one for a few hrs and when it came out I rinsed it off and the cable was free. I blew it dry and oiled it up good and Ive been using it for years. John
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    Plymouthy Adams

    just for giggles

    both would lose to a few 4 cylinder VWs I have seen run locally.
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    It has a stock 230. Runs like a top. (my Buddy's howitzer)
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    We're pretty proud of ours. 95% original, still a work in progress. It's our parade vehicle and it's most welcomed wherever it goes.
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    Trucker Tim

    Happy Anniversary Lori!

    Hey Crew! Yesterday my Lori & her "husband" (I resemble that remark) have been married 33 years. Holy Cow, time for ice cream!
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    The good news is they are available. That's where the good news ends.
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    48 Desoto Project

    I'm painting/touching up my '41 a panel at a time and I'm going old school and cheap! I shot the hood using Dulplicolor black lacquer with their clear gloss over it, using a $9.99 Harbor Freight HVLP gun. I put enough clear on to wet sand and polish away anything that looks like orange peel, runs and dirt in the clear without burning through the color. It takes longer than what a good painter with first rate materials could do in a clean booth, but I find the sanding operation strangely rewarding. The lacquer will hold up well enough for me.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Pilothouse spotted locally

    argent, color of silver...so argent silver is actually.....wait for it......silver silver......


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