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    Paul Hatfield

    Fun with NOS Parts

    Mark- I'd never want to disagree with you on this, as you have way more experience than me. In my parts book, page 1-7, it clearly shows a photo of the water valve you posted about. It's 1-48-854 in the drawing. However, looking up 1-48-854 on Page 1-17, there are TWO different valves with TWO different part numbers. 135788 & 670647. I swear at one point in my search I saw the style I purchased for sale with it's original Mopar packaging. Anyway, not sure which part # is the Y shaped one you depict, and what the other one looks like, but I do believe at sometime during the production years of our trucks that the valve I purchased may have been used. Thoughts? Ps- still working on the steering wheel from you. I think it will turn out very nice. Paul
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    The Bonneville experiment.....

    Got tired of flipping the frame. So I made a "rotessorie" out of two engine stands. I know I've seen this before somewhere, just can't think of where. I cut the "factory" wheels off and welded on a pair of wheels that stood 5'' from the floor to the bottom of the stand. why? The new wheels leveled the round tube for rotating. I then welded 2 x 4 sq/tubing to the flatplate. I still need to extend the necks upward to get it high enough to clear the running board brackets. Bob and I did a little heat shrinkin', still got a bit more to do. 48D Firewall done with Original hood rod mounts welded back inplace.
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    Oh yeah......its on! APRIL 1ST 2017...really, no foolin. .....just thought I'd warn y'all....get your trucks ready!!!!!! "THIS TIME ITS FOR REAL!!!!!" Or should I say "Damn...Number Ten !!!" Unbelievable, #10 !!!!!....the place where the largest number of Dodge Pilot-House Era Trucks meet in the whole WORLD !! (I think..lol). The people I've met over the last 9 BBQ's has made my life so much better. This time of year is so awesome because finishing an old truck actually has meaning to the crowd you'll see here! Fenders and bumpers to hang on, hoods to lift, parts to swap, and stories to tell! I look forward to it all. Last year was a special one with returning long distant travelers and new ones I hope make the trip again. I've had a busy, busy year since the last BBQ....got married, rebooted a business, traveled the coast to see friends, and continue to get my kids finished up with college. My brother's truck should be up and running, along with my truck looking just a bit better than last year! Its a big one this year, the guys are coming from the north, the south, the east and the west. You know you'll meet someone you know from the forum, and it'll be the coolest thing ever...I know...I have good friends in far away states because this here BBQ. Come on down! "The car crowd is growing and more than welcome to come. I could easliy call it "The Tailgate/Trunk BBQ"!" "I can't tell you how much I look forward to this every year, its a blast and for some, lasts a few days. Campers show up on Thursday or Friday and leave on a Sunday morning.....all enjoying late night chat sessions around the fire pit." "I hope new and old members alike are inspired to make the trip and maybe even drive their trucks the distance....you know we have your back! " "So many good stories around the fire pit the nights before and after the event. I can't tell how cool it is to have forum members stay several days and just relax....." "Looking forward to a great party! Now build it, and bring it!!!" "It was around 2007 when Bob Koch, Jim Shepard, and myself (Tim Estrada), went to Reg Evans' place to check out his "yard". While we were eating hotdogs, drinking cold beverages, solving international and regional issues....we thought "lets have a BBQ". "Get the wheels on, and the tanks full....its time to finish up and git to the Q! It ain't no beauty pageant of trailer queens, its a truck show...so flex your rust as well as your shine!" Tim aka 48Dodger
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    Fun with NOS Parts

    found these on eBay years ago for pennies
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    Reg Evans

    Rear view mirror for 52' B3B

    I just drilled a hole in the center divider and installed it there. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v154/olddodges1/Pilot%20House%20Trucks/MVC-002F.jpg[/IMG]
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    A little at a time

    I acquired a 1948 b1b last summer and have been tinkering with it ever since, when I have the time. So far I've done the jeep GC rear end swap, t5 tranny swap and installed Dakota Digital gage cluster. The vacuum wipers have been converted to electric with intermittent setting which was interesting to rig and ate up some of the dash room. I originally had the radio mounted where the orginal gauges where but the fabbed wiper motor ended that. Had to relocate to below the dash. Also spent a lot of time beating out dents, these are some tough trucks!!
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    Rear view mirror for 52' B3B

    Take J along more and you won't need a rear view mirror! LOL My mirror mounts from the top of the window frame.
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    1949 Hand Brake Cable

    That's what the "before" camera pics are for Suffer from that as well.
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    Tim......I have seen pics of Rich Fox's 4 cylinder but automatically thought that you were asking about the 6's.........you mention that it has been done........any reason why you can't tell us?..........and what class of racing is your customer involved in............I am not trying to upset anyone, am honestly curious and happy to learn new things..........anyway I appreciate the info.....andyd
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    51 Cranbrook gasser

    High and Mighty. I believe this is a clone of the one built by the original Ramchargers. It was brought to our 2008 Grand National Meet from the Chrysler Museum.
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    51 Cranbrook gasser

    I THINK you might be talking about one of the first "Ramchargers" drag cars. A 50 Plymouth business coupe called the "High and Mighty" with no rear fenders,headers that looked like spaghetti sticking out in all directions,Jacked up high off the ground for weight transfer,and so ugly it's photo should be with the word "ugly" in the dictionary. It was however,insanely fast. This car may have been the inspiration for the saying that "Aerodynamics is for Chevrolet drivers and other sissies who can't make enough power to go fast.",but that's just my own theory. http://www.streetmusclemag.com/news/video-the-story-of-the-original-ramchargers-racing-team/
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    Already marked on the calendar.
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    1949 Hand Brake Cable

    From the left side, and as it exits.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    1949 Hand Brake Cable

    you wish not to pinch the protective wire wrap..pinch the unit by the sleeve provided on the end of the cable..plus the pulling force will be naturally stopping the cable housing in the bracket and forcing the movement to the inner cable itself...same as on the other end at the pull lever...
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    1949 Hand Brake Cable

    Both my 49 and 1950 parts books show it installed as in picture #1. The rust showing in picture #2 also is the major give away. DJ
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    Correct way to crank a motor ?

    I did not read how long this engine has sat. At the very least you want to remove spark plugs, and add oil and let it soak. I bought a rebuilt motor that sat for 2 years under a work bench in rainy Seattle. It broke a ring when I installed the engine and started it without soaking the rings. Let it soak for a few days, and with the plugs out, try to turn it by hand. I watched youtube vid on this, guy filled the cylinders with atf, inserted a hand crank on the pulley, then hung a cement brick on the pulley to add weight, pressure on the crank. He just let it sit and when the crank had moved itself, from the weight. Then made sure had oil and worked it back and forth by hand with the plugs out. I would not hook a starter to it, until you have it free and spinning by hand.
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    Parking Brake

    Key during the band replacement will be proper adjustment. With a properly adjusted parking brake you will not go anywhere with it applied, without extreme noticeable effort.
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    three speed to four speed swap

    he. might. paint. it!
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    Fun with NOS Parts

    it was noticed....
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    Fun with NOS Parts

    Sneak them and the mods don't notice, even if they respond. Selective eyesight
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    Fun with NOS Parts

    Found this on eBay years ago


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