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    Electronic ignition

    The RFI EMI emitted can confuse the electronic ignition control circuitry causing false triggering or component failure. Solid core wires also allow excessive high voltage ringing (High Voltage Spikes) in the coil secondary circuit which are reflected back into the coil primary circuit, damaging the solid state switching circuit that replaces the points. If I remember correctly, one of our forum members recently killed a Mopar electronic ignition box with solid core wires. Scott.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    MY 47 WDX
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    Electronic ignition

    Hi Don, Good to hear from you! Yes, a forum search will sometimes yield good results, but it really wasn't difficult at all to simply try and answer the fellow's original question. It probably would also have been easy to point to some relevant search results and then remind the original poster of the power of search. I guess it just boils down to how we were raised as to the things we consider rude, but I've noticed a general decline in civility both online and in society in general. We are both probably too old to change, so I wish you well. Now back on topic; What is your preferred ignition? I know some folks prefer sticking with 6v and points. For some, part of the charm of an older vehicle is keeping the Kettering ignition in top shape. Scott.
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    55 Fargo

    Electronic ignition

    Exactly, ask me ow I know this......LOL
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    Crusing "Big street".

    Crusing "Big street".
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    Merle Coggins

    Electronic ignition

    I believe there have been cases where the modules have failed due to using solid core plug wires. I have just finished a Petronix conversion on my truck. I found another distributor on ebay for a very reasonable price and used it for the conversion. I now have my original with points as a backup. I also changed the plug wires with Petronix suppression wires. I don't have any good test miles on it yet, but I don't expect any issues. Merle
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    after ya make the attached screen show up, scroll down and click the Search Members button on the lower right to see the members list...if you want to look at just moderators, check that box only, etc.
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    Last I checked, you are not a moderator on this site. The moderators see a slightly different set if items in that pull down. But the question remains: If a post is reported to the moderators, do they (the moderators) see a red notification icon on the top of the page or do we have to periodically check the moderator control panel.
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    Just noticed I wrote "Massachusetts guys", Should've reached wider with that statement. All New Englander's are welcome to stop by if ya'll can get here.
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    greg g

    First Cleaning Question

    OK I will go with my old standby for projects. BON AMI powdered feldspar based cleanser found in the houshold cleaners section of your grocery store. I have used it on multiple vehicles. After a good wash, re wet about two foot square sections of painted surface, sprinkle generously with the BON AMI and scrub the section with a wet cloth turning it frequently and rinsing the cloth between areas. At less than three dollars whaddya got to loose? try it on an inconspicuous spot first. But it will not scratch and unlike rubbing compounds won't leave swirl marks. Even works great on chrome, stainless, and glass. If not impressed then go with dedicated automotive products but I think you will be pleasently surprised.
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    Go to the Activity tab and take a gander...this is the view from my pc; the view from my tablet is slightly different, showing a single column of member profiles as opposed to rows of profiles
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    I am interested in your fender skirts, do you know if they were custom made? Notice that my 41 came with the optional running boards
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    Need to go a long way to beat the shape of these cars. My Desoto had no floor on rockers, but now 8 months on, doing a bit when time allows, it has rockers and floor going in. Another couple of years and I'll have a car worth having,
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    Show your tools.

    Needed to change out a TH350 transmission so I needed a tranny jack. I found the best deal from Summit Racing and I used it to remove a bad trans and then install a replacement. It worked very well and it was an easy one man job, I welded a piece of conduit to it as a jack handle holder and used a cargo strap instead of the chain they provide.
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    This wonderfull 1941 Chrysler Royal Business coupe is now located in switzerland !!!! Alex
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    If you read his post from last week, the old version of software was no longer being supported by the vendor and to keep the nefarious out you want to keep up to date with all the security fixes.
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    Electronic ignition

    if we put a sticky up for everything....we'd have 4 pages of sticky posts....
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    Don Coatney

    Electronic ignition

    I have one car converted to 12 volt negative ground running a dual point distributor. I have another car 6 volt positive ground with a Pertronix unit. Both run well so I have no favorite.
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    Electronic ignition

    Hello Dennis, I've never had much success with the forum search, so I'll try to answer your question. You did not mention if you are still running 6v or 12v. For six volt, Pertronix is the only upgrade path I'm aware of. For twelve volt there is Pertronix, Mopar, GM HEI, Langdons Mini-HEI, and Ford TFI. Non of them are plug and play except for Langdons Mini-HEI. Pertronix requires modifications to the distributor. The Mopar and GM HEI require modifying an electronic ignition slant six distributor with some parts from a flathead distributor. The Ford TFI can be triggered from the flathead points distributor. If going with the Ford TFI, be sure to get a later model remote mounted module (1992 F150 4.9L are good donors). The first generation distributor mounted TFI modules had reliability issues and were subject of a class action lawsuit, but the remote mounted units seem to be quite reliable. With any electronic ignition conversion be sure to use resistor plug wires and plugs. The OEM based conversions are reliable and parts availability is good. If you use an OEM based conversion, Mopar, GM-HEI and Ford-TFI modules are available at any parts store in the US. You may have some trouble finding a Pertronix module on a Saturday road trip. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/mopar-flathead-6-distributor-upgrade-48-desoto.653565/ http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/tfi-using-points-how-to.374699/ http://www.langdonsstovebolt.com/store/#!/Stovebolt-Mopar-Mini-HEI/p/1222043/category=18665979 I hope you find this more useful than "Do a forum search for ...." Good luck with your project, Scott. Edited to correct typographical errors.
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    Jeff Balazs

    Wheel color opinions requested

    Here is what Burgundy looks like on one of these trucks with trim rings and stock hub caps. Please note that this truck is not painted in one of the stock colors either. I started off with an off white rim and then tested cream but immediately settled on this color. IMO it works well and looks infinitely better than chrome or mag style wheels on an old work truck like this that is clearly not a Hot Rod. Jeff

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