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    John Reddie

    Andy & NOS Parts

    Bingster was asking for other people's experiences with Bernbaum. I didn't see him bashing anyone. Isn't this what these forums should be about; people with old vintage cars helping each other out? John R
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    Andy & NOS Parts

    Thank you, John! You're exactly right. And yes, I did talk with someone at AB and they do have the NOS part I want. All I was asking is if anybody had bought NOS from AB and it turned out not to be NOS. I'll tell ya, I've been on this forum for about seven or eight years now, and even back then there was a lot of AB bashing!! I have purchased parts from AB, but as I haven't put them on the car yet, I cannot tell their quality. The gist of what I got from what you folks said back then - and I was a newbie soaking up every word you said - was the word "overseas." If I got a bad taste for AB it wasn't from me. It was from this forum. Why am I being singled out here? I know that a new fella has bought the company, but his inventory, isn't it about the same? Also, going back to the elbow the guy bought, if a company sells products like that, then why shouldn't I be cautious? I'm not personally bashing anybody. They're a company and their reputation is built on the quality of parts they sell. And as I said, this goes back a long way with them. So, read my post carefully. I said not one word good or bad about AB. I only referred to another poster who was not happy with his purchase. Since his post is now public knowledge, what exactly have I done wrong? I actually am looking for an elbow like he purchased from AB - and I'm very grateful to him for having saved me $40. Really now, who among you would not be? And by the way, have you noticed how often lately that posters have begun apologizing right off the top for asking their questions? I have to wonder why they feel they have to do this. Could it be that they have been watching this forum and are afraid to be told to go and "look it up themselves," that it's all been said before? Nobody needs their "dad" on here telling them how stupid they are for asking a question. John has it right. Isn't that what this forum is all about?
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    Brent B3B

    Back to the 50's 2016

    Sunday we drove up to "Lake Superior" to cool down (I won't say it was hot at the show, but those cookies at the show ) on the way we spotted a pilot house on a "detour" to hwy 61 and we even found a "pilot house" on the lake came back Wisconsin side and stopped in an antique shop in Stillwater these trucks are EVERYWHERE!
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    I had the same issue on my truck. I used bars and wood inside to pry, then I drilled holes and used a slide hammer with screws. It took a while, but got 95% of it out in the metal, and the rest in filler! I did weld the holes shut.
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    Bill Parsons

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Since a few of you asked, here is my '54 C1. Opinions and observations welcome!
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    My Rebuilt 230 with 218 stuff

    Finally got a chance to install the engine today. I haven't tried to start it yet, just looking at it today. 9:30 AM 11:30 AM 5:30 PM
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    Oil Pan Orientation

    Perhaps you have a car oil pan on your truck. . .
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    Don Coatney

    Andy & NOS Parts

    Glad you made the phone call and resolved your question. I have always found it faster and easier to go directly to the source for an answer than to ask others to do the research for you. You may not like the fact that I suggested you call them but had you not called them you would still not have an answer so I believe my suggestion was helpful to you. And that is what this forum is all about.
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    Brent B3B

    Back to the 50's 2016

    just got back home last night... what a great time! very inspiring and overwhelming... I had a blast meeting John and Mike, and hanging out with Mark and Ed (wish we didn't scare off Jeremiah and Gary so quickly) we only spent Friday and Saturday at the show, but here are a couple vehicles that stood out for me I learned a lot about my wife ...... two of her favorites
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    air conditioner

    After reading the responsive hot air posts, an AC seems even more necessary! LOL
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    dynoed flathead?

    That sure was a let down...I want to hear and see 6000 RPM and 200 HP.
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    Jeff Balazs

    air conditioner

    Yes....not much in the way of rain. But I sure needed the wipers a couple of weeks ago. I was headed down to Dana Point for a day out on the water......and it sure was foggy on the way down. The fine mist that collects is harder to see through than rain. Sure glad I rebuilt my wipers this spring. Jeff
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    think zener diode and current limiting resistor and build your own...did this about 26 years for one of my cars..
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    I just stumbled across this old black and white pic of my 1940 Plymouth Pick up I had when I was in high school. Sold it and always regretted it after.
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    Andy & NOS Parts

    Bingster: Ihave to agree with Don on his reply. Call the vendor to see if they have what you are looking for. Some of us have purchased parts from Bernbaum when Andy was the owner, but Andy sold the business to another person so to comment on the new owner is not fair to him unless you have already dealt with the new owner and I think his name is Chris. He is trying to serve everyone and sounds as if he is a fair guy. Call and get the part and then make a comment on to how the part fit or did not fit only you can make the comments and not anyone else on your behalf. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
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    Andy & NOS Parts

    I knew when I saw your name Don, that I was going to get a reprimand of some sort!! Thanks. I'll just order my part and find out for myself like the guy who ordered the elbow!!
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    Today I lost my second Mom..

    My condolences to George and all family- extended included! My GOD hold her close and comfort the rest of you still on this earth. Hope I did not cross the no religion rules on this board but felt the need to express what I felt when I read this. Best to you all, DJ
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    Don Coatney

    Andy & NOS Parts

    If they have something you need why don't you call and talk to them to answer your questions? I don't think anyone here has an answer to your question. Bashing a vendor before a purchase or before talking to them makes no sense to me. Why do you want someone to do your homework for you?
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    My Rebuilt 230 with 218 stuff

    good luck. i try to start my engine in a few weeks.
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    new member

    the yard in Belgium is cleared in 2010 I think you all know it from pictures on the web I started collecting parts in 1991 and have a barn full
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    Some Changes Are Coming...

    Thanks for your dedication in keeping this site in a easy to use and dependable state. Like an old Mopar, it needs regular maintenance. My only comment is about the classifieds. A forum section for individual ads would be nice, like we had in the old format. I would encourage the ability to post pictures, as these are very helpful to both parties and saves a lot of time in the subsequent back and forth. Even if somebody is trying to give stuff away for free, a photo is very helpful. I don't think the classifieds are a money-making opportunity on here, no one's going to retire selling old mopar parts (except for Mark, lol). It's mainly for helping others out and passing on stuff you don't need. Thanks,
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    I won't be able to make it to the WPC meet this year, but I'm pulling for you or Mark to take the P-15 specific Lois and Chuck Jensen award home, and keep the forum streak of P-15's alive for 2016. I was lucky enough to win the award last year in Springfield. Really enjoyed my time with you all last year. Wishing you guys safe travels and a lot of fun!


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