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    Enough. If you don't like the rules then don't post. I'm closing this thread and if you start another with the same rant you will be banned. We have very few restrictions and the one for limiting ads to the classified section is based on the negative experiences members had when we allowed them in the forums. I pay for the bandwidth, I get to set the rules. Bashing mods/members is not acceptable. Any thing else PM me again and we will address it off line.
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    Home and sad. Now I know why people wanted the next BBQ so soon after. It is only hours old and as I troll the photos I took I want to spend another seven hours driving back right now. I don't know if it is the enthusiasm or the glee, but it certainly is the passion. Passion is always good. I'm very grateful and happy to have met all of you, and sad (looking at the pictures now) of not having had the time to chat one-on-one with all of you. So much to see ... Thanks Tim, for the passion, the enthusiasm, and being an inspiration and an enabler for others. Edit: Studebaker driveshaft now has 1500 miles on it.
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    As the roadtrip was behind the wheel of an on topic vehicle I don't believe this is off topic or that it will be moved.
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    Another great BBQ! Thank you so much Tim for your hospitality. It was great to see so many forum members and put faces to names. Made it home in one piece. The wind was killer though. Felt like I was driving a barn door. Got passed by a few semis going over the altimont pass. Cold beer never tasted so good when I got home. thanks again Tom
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    Just bought this 49 Windsor. I'm trying to figure out where to put the new hole in my head.I'ts been in this hanger for over 20 years and was last tagged in 1985. It is as clean and straight as it looks in the picture. The owner Dave, had the car repainted ( he stripped all the trim off and removed the fenders) and new seat upholstery ( he used the original English wool Broadcloth) done in the 70's. The car is all; stock, 98K miles. It was custom ordered by the first owner in Ill. He had Chrysler paint it Noel Green Metallic, a color that was reserved for convertibles only .Dave bought the car from the original owner with 23K miles in 1964 making me the 3rd owner. There is absolutely zero rust on this car except for some surface rust underneath the car.. The original owner never drove the car in the winter, Dave took the car to Oklahoma and then to Texas. Dave doesn't remember the last time the car was stared. The engine does turn over. It needs all the work a car that has been sitting need, brakes, fuel system cleaned out, hoses and fluids changed, I'm going to detail the engine compartment while I have it apart. I have the front axles done. Did not rebuild the suspension, just painted it and put on new shocks. The door panels are original and the drivers is the only one that is worn.This car looks so big compared to my 50 Wayfarer. I can't wait to wake it up again.So far everything is coming apart easily but I haven't tried the rear hubs yet. Did I mention Dave lost the keys? I took out one of the door locks yesterday to get it re-keyed and hope it's the same as the ignition.
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    Seems to me that a road trip in an old flathead Mopar is more on topic than, for instance, discussion about insurance.
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    Slant 6

    OK, I'll bite.... First, most 5-spd are overdrive...... Next, there is no commonality between the /6 bell and the I6 bell bolt patterns. If you keep the /6 bell, and if you use a post-62 trans, then consider that the A-833 was used in OD form with the /6. If you need/want a truck style trans then that is easy since many trucks used the NP435 behind the /6. If you keep the /6 bell then you are limited to other transmissions due to the long-ish input shaft on Mopar trans (over 8" on the 435...).
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    Good idea. I took too many though and its over half a gigabyte. If three people downloaded them my photo bucket would be done for the month. Besides, I don't take a lot of candid photos, so a public display without the person in the shot would be presumptuous. If anyone wants a DVD of the raw shots (blurry or otherwise) I took, PM me and I'll let you know where you can send a stamped self-addressed CD mailer to. I'll burn you a disk of it. You'll have to wade through the transmission linkage and left-hand mirror shots, but there's plenty of people chatting away although I know I probably didn't catch everyone.
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    Another great BBQ put on by Tim for us! Thanks again Tim for all the efforts putting this on!.....and thanks to all the folks that helped out with set up too! Will try to get some of the few pics I got to take soon on the Bucket.
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    some progress...

    No COE?
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    greg g

    2015 Summer event Planning

    Thanks Mike. Shoot a Pm with a contact number. I will be in the area early afternoon on Friday. We are going to be at the Atlas in Highland.
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    some progress...

    Or a semi...or better yet, the next project!
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    I'll get some pictures up when I get home next week. Having a blast with the ultimate host Tim!
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    Thanks for the responses guys... It wasn't a backfire. That I know. But a good thought if it was running rich. Ed...I think I may have taken out 2 smart cars and a geo metro on the drive into Elk River. Hard to say due to the fact that the collision is similar to that of a mosquito hitting the windshield. I do not believe that there was enough coolant loss to cause the pump shaft to break...but that is what I was thinking as well. It only lost about a half gallon when I checked it the first time (away from home). And then again after the drive back home (25 miles) it was about a half gallon low again. I will know when I get the new pump, and uninstall the old one, if it was the shaft. I have not heard a water pump shaft break before...but as loud as that clunky bang was...would be surprised if a water pump shaft could do that. Then again...I thought I was looking at the top of the piston when looking down the spark plug hole! (DUH!!)
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    Young Ed

    Could use some input on this one...

    Did you check for a smart car stuck under the rear bumper?
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    Larry Leibhart

    Fun with NOS Parts

    I am thinking you have an entire dodge parts store of NOS parts.
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    Lets move on ...too much whining. This thread needs to be ended. Just a waste.
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    52b3b Joe

    some progress...

    I have a pretty big update, at least in my book! I finally have the bed back from the body shop. Long story short, they were not going to get it done in time for my buddy's wedding on May 2nd, so I paid him for what he did, and I brought it home last weekend. He did get a lot done, but it still wasn't exactly where I wanted it. For the past week in all my free time (mainly late at night), I have been finishing the body work. All the body work is done now, I cut in the panels yesterday, and I assembled the bed (which is very exciting for me). Last night I hit a final coat of high build primer, and this upcoming week I am going to wet sand it. I leave next Sunday for work, so I might not have enough time to paint for two weeks. Once I paint it, it will go on the truck so I can fit the fenders and running boards. Then some minor details and the truck will finally be mainly done! Here are some pictures! The bed sure went together a lot easier than it came apart! The light is getting brighter in the tunnel!
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    Hemi Build

    And before I got so long winded with the response to LODI3QTR's question, I was planning to share the latest milestone in the Cowl Steering chapter. On Sat. (while the wife was away) I did a little BBQing. ' As mentioned earlier, I am intrigued with the coloring that comes with welding and heat on steel, and have decided to try to capture/embellish that as a theme for the Hemi Build project. To protect the new bare metal from corrosion VHT High Temp Satin Clear was used. They say it's good for exhaust systems. Has a nice low luster finish. It requires baking (either on or off the car),....thus the BBQ. Add some Worchestershire Sauce, a little red wine and serve with a Hemi @ 325 cu.in.
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    Jeff Balazs

    Dolly Dodge Update

    For what it is worth.......I love it just the way you have done it. Long live Dolly Dodge! Jeff
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    Dolly Dodge Update

    Looking good!
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    Heres some shots from the seller in Calif. nice guy who was very pleasant to work with. The dual offy set up and headers are my favorite and the BW R10 handle is too!! I tried to find both a while back for my 49 Dodge with no luck. I'm a happy MoPar Man again! enjoy, and a "always thank you" to all the boys at P15--D24 forums. Doc. 1951 Plymouth Concord P22 (business coupe)
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    Buick john

    3 coupe

    Just some more photos
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    Buick john

    3 coupe

    It seems photos didn't show up will try again. & no will not change my name as that's how everyone knows me & also own one
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    Don Coatney

    How Clean Is Your Underside

    I do sort of a crappy job but it looks good


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