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    Sam Buchanan

    Leaving the Nest

    Today my '48 P15 attained a milepost of sorts.....the first foray away from the shop to the other toy box. Thanks to many hours reading archives of your past posts and the helpful hints offered when I asked, the ol' girl smoothly and effortlessly made the 25-mile round trip on a four-lane highway to the hangar and back. She cruises nicely at 55mph and tracks straight down the highway. The only wiggles are due to returning the waves and thumbs-up from other motorists. There is still work to do (house training for one thing...) but after four months of bumper-to-bumper attention the P15 has awakened from its five-year nap and is now a real road car.
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    My 48 Plymouth won a trophy

    I entered my car in a local arena car show last weekend and to my shock it took home a peoples choice trophy. There were about 60 to 70 vehicles, some in amazing high quality condition, and my car came out a winner among them. It was the first time I had ever entered a vehicle in a show and it was certainly the first time the car had ever been entered by anybody. I got the car this year and spent a tonne of time and energy attending to every detail that needed attention. Looking at the car when I got it and looking at it now Im sort of impressed myself how far it has come. And of course Im hooked on the shows now. I showed the car for the 2nd time yesterday, however that show was a model specific show with an open invitation for all cars to attend meaning there were no awards available for anything other than specific models, namely Firebirds. still fun nonetheless.
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    On the road again...

    This truck came to me with a Mass inspection sticker from 1968, pretty sure it has not been on the road since then. Have been working on this just a bit over year, body/paint done before but needed much mechanical attention, engine rebuilt - brakes - steering - drivetrain, just about anything you could think of needed something done to it. Finally on the road again!!! Still need some "bugs" worked out, but runs good and I just love driving him. Have preened a lot of knowledge and info from you guys - THANKS.
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    Brent B3B

    Back to the 50's 2019

    mirrors in "work" position, packed and loaded up, pulling out in the morning. taking I-90 to I-94 (Spokane to Billings to Bismark to MN) if you live on the route and see us passing thru, give a honk and a thumbs up so I know it's someone on the forum.
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    She Runs!

    Got the assembly to the point of engine running for the 53 B4C. Dodge running.mp4
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    75 years ago today they were boys and young men, they suffered through the gangster era of the 20s, the depression era of the 30s.......and were asked to step up one more time to rid the world of tyranny in the 40s and 50s. Hitler, Stalin, Musollini, Franco, Tojo and somewhat later Mao......what a collection of A$$holes the the world had to deal with...the Last of the Dictators bent on world domination. The Greatest generation is now down to its last few Veterans and in the next 10 years it is likely they will all be gone. So if you know a WWII vet, give him or her a hug or call or drop a letter letting them know how much they mean to us.....Most of them will mumble their thanks and proclaim that they did nothing special, anyone could have done it they will say [don't you believe it] then with a teary eye or a steely gaze they will tell you they are not heroes, only the men who sacrificed their lives can claim that distinction. Thank you for reading this.
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    Sam Buchanan

    Hood Ornament Light-P15

    When the '48 first entered my shop the cool translucent hood ornament began begging for attention. I really expected to see a defunct bulb socket in the hood crystal but none was present. The ornament on my car is crazed from age but still in nice condition. However, when pondering lighting options I was concerned an incandescent bulb would run hot enough to damage the 70-year-old plastic. Some time perusing the huge auction site with a host of Chinese connections turned up the solution. Here is the 6v LED light bar I ordered for the whopping sum of $1.69........including shipping from China! Two color temps are offered, daylight and soft white. I went with the soft white (2700K) because it would be very close to the color of the headlights. The strip is the perfect size to fit in the hood ornament, the only installation required is to carefully solder power and ground wires to the strip. I insulated the connections with heat shrink tubing, attached the ground wire under one of ornament mounting nuts, and ran the power wire down the hood to an in-line fuse at the headlight switch. This thing really looks cool! If I decide to spend some mad money I may splurge for a new repop ornament. I'm positive I can hear the old P15 chuckling when I drive it around town at night.
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    My band is playing a show in Ardmore PA tonite at the Rusty Nail on haverford road. There’s a cool truck parked next door in front of a repair shop. I’m not sure when dodge actually started making 4wd power wagons but this thing is super clean. It looks like an older restoration- the wood bed is getting real rough- but no rust and good paint. Just thought I’d share- love seeing these out in the world vs hidden away or at a car show
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    Dodges are ready for summer

    I got the Dodges ready for the Minnesota summer season. The B3B started right up and was ready to go. The brakes were a bit sticky after setting all winter but after warming them up they are OK. The 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger is all original, except for the rims, and also started right up. It has a 318 engine. This was my aunt's car who lived in CA and therefor it has no rust.
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    Sam Buchanan

    P15 door sills revisited

    The front sills on my '48 were completely shot, coming all to pieces. The rear sills which are either original or repops are still in good condition. The price of new sills was cause for hesitation so I decided to try to come up with alternatives for the front sills. Here is the material I ended up using: The vendor markets this rubber mat as running board material, I never could find it as a generic product. A 3' length of the 18" width is just right for splitting to make two sills. I used a pry bar to pop the old sills loose, the rubber is vulcanized to a metal base. Barbed pins on the bottom of the base snap into rubber grommets in the body sill. The old base could be used as a pattern for the new sills but I used poster board to customize the pattern. After the pattern was fabricated it was used to cut galvanized metal sheet to use as a new base and this was riveted to the body. Double sided flooring adhesive tape secured the new rubber sills to the galvanized sheet. The pattern of the new sills is similar enough to the old sills to be more or less compatible for my driver car. The adhesive tape is really aggressive and I don't anticipate it coming loose, but if it does contact cement can be used.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    1952 B3B...pretty darn good shape for 67 years...I found the turn signal lights and have wired them just not installed as of yet.
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    Brent B3B

    B4 interior

    don't want to hijack any previous threads so, here is one for our B4D got to give a shout out to "Vic's Dodge garage!" Vic, worked very hard on getting my interior correct for me. together we learned some of the changes Dodge came up with between years Thanks again Vic! before After seat was originally maroon color (same as the door cards and kick panels) but it was in decent shape..... maybe someday i'll change it up
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Here's my 49 b1f in progress start and now.
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    Frank Elder

    What a birthday present!

    99 and going.....
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    Me and the B-1-D

    It was a joy to drive, even at such low speeds. The kids couldn't wait to pile in the cab and go along 😊
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    drivin dads dodge

    Took my Coronet on the Back to the Bricks Promo Tour here in Michigan ... our own version of Power Tour almost 400 miles in 2 days figure I'm getting about 20 mpg So gone from Canton Michigan to Sault Saint Marie Michigan ... using secondary Highways running 55 mph
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    We need the resolve and tons more like them in order to preserve what they fought and died for...
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    Great Support - Thank you

    Just wanted to take a moment to write some appreciation I have had for this forum. I am new to this forum, but not to many and I have to say, it is quite refreshing to see people helping each other is a positive, supporting way. Every other forum I have been on from present day cars, motorcycle, to everyday home repair has it’s share of negativity. Although I haven’t been a member of this forum for that long, I have been treated with the upmost respect. Individual taking the time out of their busy days to help me through my issues. As I begin my journey repairing my 51 B3, I now know I have a great community to bounce ideas off of and share my progress with. Thanks again, Nick
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    started on the 55 pontiac

    Got another day to work on the Pontiac.
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    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    My newly painted dashboard. Same colors as the side panels.
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    What else do you need? I like beer, too and I've got a garage full of cr.. I mean good parts!
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    POR-15 on the frame today. start painting suspension parts soon and then we begin putting it all back together.
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    I drive mine as much as possible in the summer. It just traveled from here to Vegas and back for a big show. That's a 500 mile trip on the highway.
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    I drove a ‘38 P6 forward and back in the driveway many times. Through all the gears. It works well! Finally I said “wrap it up.” I really look forward to driving this one regularly. I’ll be a tough decision. My ‘38 or my ‘53? Darn I love these cars. Every single one of ‘em here. Keep the posts coming!
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    Thank goodness I've gotten through to somebody. Been telling my wife the same things for 17 years now... she's just starting to understand. I don't live in desperation thinking of my dying moment at all times. But I'll be damned if I'm going to waste the time God has given me, especially since I've been here half a century already. Drive, have fun, love your family and your neighbor, cherish the little things, get that ice cream at Dairy Queen, don't fret when your car gets a scratch in it. Live. Sorry I got off topic fellas, just wanted to throw in my 2 cents😊
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    A few years back I want down state to visit with the late Bob Drown and attend their local car show. Since it was early fall and I wanted to minimize the amount of night driving I would do, I plotted a return trip as close as possible to as the crow flies. I don't remember without a map what roads I traveled, but being it was a nice road and a nice day, I pulled over to set up my camera to record a portion. This road was climbing up the foothills of the southwestern corner of the Catskill Mountains. As I was pulled over a Toyota pick up went by going a bit above the 55 mph state speed limit. By t he time I got the camera situated and recording the pick up had. 30 to 40 second lead. So I made it my mission to see if I could catch him before he got to the top of the hill. Roll down the window, put your elbow on the door frame and enjoy Catch that Pickup.
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    My 1950 DeSoto Sportsman Coupe

    It's a 1950 DeSoto sportsman coupe there were only 4600 were made, it makes it the very first year of the official hardtop for Chrysler it has a 237 Flathead six with a fluid drive trans
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    Back to the 50's 2019

    I thought the North Dakota state tree was a telephone pole... Pete
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    The shifter in post #4 will not work on an overdrive transmission. I could not find a manufacturer for this. I have designed and fabricated a shifter, I have it installed but haven’t Road tested it yet. Will do such this fall. It is for the stick three on the tree, car or truck, with or without an overdrive. The photo is an “under construction “ picture. It is proving to be a very exacting mechanism, thus road testing an absolute must.
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    Young Ed

    47 Dodge Turkey Truck Build

    Still haven't gotten the new bed angles but I got started on the flooring
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    Did the deal on this one today. 1938 P6. Great known history. Solid car. Original interior. D24 engine installed but comes with original P6 engine needing rebuild. Lots of spare parts! Good runner. Test drove it. Looking forward to getting into this car. No plans other than make it reliable, road worthy and safe. Picked up in Victoria BC Canada. I will trailer it home next Saturday.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    Father's Day: I got to do some work on the '48 today. Got my lawn mowed too; which takes about 4 hours. The kids helped with some of that. 😊 Anyway, I removed the nasty headliner that somebody put in there which was just horrible, and those homemade door panels which were equally as horrible. I also took off the license plates because I'm going to run a year of manufacture plate. Found out that the truck really needs a tune-up badly; it just spits and sputters after you get to about 1/3 throttle. But I was able to drive it and shift all the way to 4th gear on the gravel roads by our house. I just had to be extra cautious because I only have the emergency brake 😁. I tried adjusting the idle on the carburetor but the truck really needs the choke closed about 1/3 in order to run somewhat better. Exhaust has a big hole in it as well. I'm going to get a pertronix kit, new plugs, wires, cap, etc.
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    Got a little help today which was really nice. The trans just fits under the truck lifted as high as my jackstands go, then it has to get slid on the jack while it’s under there. It fits up through the exhaust farther back then can get slid up into position. Then it sat on the exhaust for a second to get some boards between it and the jack for a couple more inches max lift. It mated up pretty easily to the bell then spinning it around was a pain in the butt while I started the flexplate to torque converter bolts, then again to torque them. Speedo cable, kickdown, properly indexed shift cable, and starter with a new blanket on it all went on without a fight. The old small pinion yoke needed some love from a propane torch before the impact started unscrewing it, then I forgot to put a pan under it when I knocked the old pinion yoke free. Only lost a pint or so of gear oil. Torqued the new one on with a dab of red loctite- made much easier with the crush sleeve eliminator kit in there instead of a crush sleeve. I still have to fill the trans with ATF before I set her down but I have high hopes it will all work! Happy father’s day fellas
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    B3B Replacement Master Cylinder

    I used Nickel copper lines and found them easy to use with one word of caution...bend them slowly and carefully as they love to kink if you even look away for a moment. They bend without complaint but if you move to fast they will kink. Also be careful when doing the flares as they are soft and again slow wins the day. Good Luck! Here are some pics of mine: ( note I routed the front behind the transmission and then up the frame rail rather than in front of the engine as stock)
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there! So the shifter knob that was on my 48 was not original, it was a big aluminum knob and with each drive, was getting looser. I though the previous owner told me he had the original knob when I bought the car. Luckily, he didn't throw nothing away. The car came with boxes of parts. Including a bunch of new parts not yet installed like a whole box of different wiring harnesses. Anyway, I dug through the boxes and found the original shifter handle. And found why it's not on the car. The threads were completely stripped out. pulled the aluminum handle off and it's not got the correct thread size. It was held on by wrapping the shifter with Teflon and other tape to make a tight push on fit. thought I'd try a heli-coil in the original shifter. Worked great! Nice and tight and should be better then new as far as holding force. took the 48 to the auto parts to buy the heli-coil kit Friday, then to the local cruise in Saturday evening.
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    I had to work today so no transmission install. Tomorrow is supposed to rain but we’ll see. I did get time to finish the door card installation with armrests cranks and handles. I had to drill new holes in the square drives to account for the thicker cards. It feels solid and looks right to me. Now I’m thinking matching kick panels soon and headliner later.
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    John Rogers

    EPA to ban some paint strippers

    Howdy all, I have been meaning to post this for a while now but I keep forgetting. A while back I was looking into which paint strippers worked the best. In the past I have always used Klean Strip or Aircraft Stripper so have most of the shops that Ive worked at but I figured I would check to see if there was anything new that I was unaware of that might be better. Anyway, when I did the search I found that on 3-15-2019 the EPA announced that they are going to ban strippers that contain methylene chloride due to deaths from "exposure" such as using it without protection and in enclosed spaces etc. It appears that the ban only pertains to retail consumers not businesses. Im not sure when the ban will take effect. Auto paint supply shops will still carry it though for those that have working relationships with them. Walmart only carries the reformulated type now but at least for now our local Ace still carries the stripper that contains methylene chloride as well as the "safe" stuff. The reformulated "safe" stripper works but not nearly as good. Im sure most of the folks here already know that the chemical stripper in question is some mighty strong stuff and that using common sense and taking the necessary safety precautions such as the proper type long gloves eye protection, clothing, etc and using it in a well ventilated area are of paramount importance when using it . Lets face it the "good stuff" can and will burn the heck out of you if you happen to get a drip on your skin or catch a good whiff of it. Anyway I wanted to pass this on to yall just in case anyone was planning to remove paint with chemical stripper in the future. If so you might want to grab some. John
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    New Car Day! 1938 P6 Plymouth Deluxe

    The temptation to order up every part I want ,and get going on this project is terrible. My goal is to enjoy the experience and take things slow. Currently I am still waiting on a call from the Starter Rebuilder, to get my starter back. I've also been shopping for a MIG Welder. So far I'm leaning toward the Millermatic with Argon/CO2 tank. I've got a long winter coming. I'll be happiest in the garage working on the car on weekends and evenings. Not if I rush and get most things done this summer! Really fighting the urge to tear into this right now.
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    The wife and I was running late to the cruise in due to weather so we put the 48 on the interstate with the 3.55 gears. Something we wouldn't attempted with 4.11 gears. We run 62 to 65 mph, not to bad, stayed in the right lane and actually passed one car! Ran into light rain. One thing I didn't document yet, the windshield, vent windows and some of the window weatherstrip was bad when I got the car so I had the windshield and vent windows replaced with new glasses, the weatherstrip for the windshield, vent windows and weatherstrip on the rear glass replaced with steele products rubber. There's still a little water getting in from the window laces, guess that's next. The 3.55 gears are proving to be a good move. It's getting hot down here in Mobile! Looks like quite a challenge to put ac on a 6 volt positive ground car! Gotta hurry with the 58 plymouth for this weather! Once the sun went down it was nice.
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    I've used this stuff, available at HD.
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    Brent B3B

    B4 interior

    thanks! yeah, it is "award winning"
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    Steering Wheel Puller HELP

    These steering wheels can be very hard to remove. Solid steel to steel is the least frustrating way to remove these wheels. If you have to rent some tools...another way to pull the wheel easily... Use good tools pull it off straight..quick and easy.
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    Good luck with the picking up and towing home. Be safe! Post lots of pictures!
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    New Car Day! 1938 P6 Plymouth Deluxe

    I called Murray this morning to introduce myself and update him on his car. I thanked him for taking good care of it since the mid-60’s. Murray sold the car in the fall of 2018 he said. To a local fellow. This fellow go it running again then listed it for sale. Which is when I entered into the scene. Putting a few puzzle pieces together I have somewhat of a time line. Original owner bought the car brand new. In Victoria BC in 1938. Owner had at least one daughter. Fast forward to the mid-60’s. The original owner passed. His daughter listed the car for sale at that time. Murray Noel bought it then. Now, we know Murray graduated in 1960. So he would have been about 17 years old then. Add 5 years to 1965 , Murray bought this Plymouth when he was about 22-23 years old. He kept it all these years. Recently having to sell it due to complications that come with age. Next, I think I can track down the original owner’s name. Sounds like they should likely have deep roots in the Victoria area. More to come on that. Murray said he had a “splash’n dash” paint job put on the car some time ago. He needed to store it outdoors for a while. He hoped the paint would help protect it. It must have helped some. Murray was nice and answered all my questions. I think he feels ok with the car in my hands. I told him dpollo sent me his way. He laughed. Sound to me like dpollo is well known in those parts of the island. A new chapter begins. Saturday we depart at 5 AM for the car’s next journey to my home. I cannot wait to get it home.
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    Bulletproof a 1954 Plymouth Savoy

    A well maintained old Mopar, in my opinion is pretty bulletproof. Whether its 1934 or 1954. Me? I’d likely go through everything, top to bottom. All the original wear and salvage specs are available. Put everything back to spec. Points and condenser need not be updated to solid state. A strong powertrain throughout. Top notch electrical system. Good Tires and brakes in top condition. It can look old and tired, yet be a solid reliable car. Best be sure to educate yourself and get dirty. Car owner mechanical experience, skill and confidence goes a long way here. Yes you can pay others to do everything. It’ll cost a ton. When/if the car does let you down you may find yourself stumped and waiting for a tow truck. That’s my experience.
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    Bulletproof a 1954 Plymouth Savoy

    My general impression is that Mopar mechanicals had a pretty solid design from the mid-1930s on up. So to make the car a strong, reliable driver that you can take everywhere should just be a matter of putting the car back into good working order. Getting a factory service manual for the car is a good first step. I prefer to go over brakes and suspension components firsts as I really, really, really don't want a failure there while driving. The only concession to modern conditions that I think is required is to replace any rubber fuel system components (flex line, fuel pump diaphragm, etc.) with parts compatible with the additives in modern gasoline. If the car has been driven significant distances in the last 20 years that may have already been done. Some people will insist on changing to 12v. I find the 6v system on my old Plymouth works just fine though I did hide a 6v+ to 12v- converter under the dash and I use it to charge my cellphone, run a dash cam, etc. And some people believe that you need to change the brakes to disc. My feeling is that this is not necessary: The main issue with drum brakes is fade. Unless you are going to be racing/rallying the only place that might be an issue would be on long mountain downgrades. For that you can down shift and use engine braking to keep your speed under control.
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    I went to WI and retrieved my coupe from storage last thursday. Hooked the battery back up -fired on the third try. Clicked off 120miles no problem.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Found this 1950 Dodge May 19th 2019.....sitting behind a barn in my local area since 1979....I'm going to see if I can get it running.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    Got it running and pulled it outside 👍
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    Me and the B-1-D

    May 15: Been a while since I seen my truck. Was able to get into my friend's shop/shed and snap a few pics. Not very good ones, but it's something to look at anyway. Next visit I'll be bringing the rebuilt carb and a new battery and cables. I'll get it fired up and hauled to my new place!

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