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    I just wanted to say I'm sorry to the guys who have been trying to get parts form me this last year....I've been pulled from so many different directions and have had a few life changes at home. Before as a single man (a widower actually) I was able to drown myself in everything Dodge related, stay up really late and sleep in on my days off.....for years!!!!!! Since getting married, to a super fantastic woman who took the time to restore me, It seems like I have been reinventing myself. In a good way of course. But that has come with a few sacrifices, and hopefully I'll be able to play with my spare parts soon. After months of work, we finally sold her house. It was a huge undertaking involving several remolding projects and repair work, but it paid off. That of course led to a dream of mine to own a building in town (clements, ca) to have a business that deals with vehicles. She has embraced that dream too, and now we own a building I've had my eye on since 2009. It took some fancy foot work to get from point A to point B.....but all that paperwork, phone calling, meetings, more paperwork, sweating, more phone calling......etc. again, it paid off. We now own that building!! Today will be our first day with the keys. Its been a new beginning for me since the first time I laid eyes on my wife and I feel very, very fortunate! Digging through the yard parts, pulling suff that guys really need, is a lot of fun work......soon I will be back doing that, but right now I'm enjoying the changes in my life and hope it keeps going. After working more than 30 years for "the man"....it will be fun trying out the other side of the desk...lol. It will be a slow transition from my current job, but I'm looking forward to the adventure. 48D
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    Here are a couple of pictures of Dolly Dodge this weekend. We made a grocery store run, off to the feed store, and some other chores. I haven't had any more locking brake issues since replacing the front brake rubber hoses. She seems to be good and gold these days.
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    This is an excellent video in New Zealand of a modern day off road trek in various 1930's vehicles, including some repairs along the way. Worth watching just for the beautiful Kiwi scenery. And some bagpipe playing at the end! As a bonus about 3 minutes in is a short 1930's Dodge promotional video of a Dodge showing off its capabilities on rugged rocky off road "track".
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    (This certainly won’t make me any friends here . . .) Correct- this most likely isn’t the proper forum for a discussion about knee replacement, or any other medical procedure, for that matter. It’s the forum to discuss our common interest, ie: older Chrysler product vehicles. But, the issue has been raised, and I feel compelled to respond, so here goes . . . While I am a doctor, I’m NOT providing anyone formal medical advice. I’m only expressing my opinion, tho’, on the basis that others have expressed their opinions herein. It’s best to do one knee at a time, so the patient has the un-operated knee to bear the brunt of the initial weight while favoring the operated knee during physical rehab. Once the operated knee is up to the task, which is dependent upon the diligence the patient puts forth during rehab, then the second knee can be undertaken. As for this procedure (or any other procedure, for that matter) being handed out on a cavalier basis, surgery is risky, no one will argue with that. However, no surgeon will undertake performing any procedure that isn’t medically necessary. Further, in the litigious society we live in, patients seem willing to sue their physician at the drop of a hat. Keep in mind, there are NO guarantees provided in medicine. And also remember, medicine is NOT a science, but rather – it’s a scientifically applied art. Why is that so? In science: A + B = C, every time! In medicine – an example: give an aspirin to two different patients. One may have their headache relieved, while the other one may go into anaphylaxis, which at its most severe – is fatal. I didn’t spend 35 years in this field to see it demeaned and/or insulted. The colleagues that I encountered during that time were reputable individuals who did their level best for their patients. I’m now off of my soapbox. Sorry if I bored anyone, or offended anyone.
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    Top all hammered and dollied. Sides formed and tacked in. Now the stich tacks and in process dolly work to complete!
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    BBQ is almost here.... When the event is under way, a few forum names will come up....some asking questions like "wonder what he's like?" "wonder if he'll come out next year?" or "wouldn't it be great if that guy was here, I'd like to talk with him". It's what created the "Wish You Were Here Award". An award that reminds everyone on the forum, no matter where you're at, you're invited!! Past winners: 2008 Don Coatney 2009 Merle Coggins 2010 Hank aka HanksB3B 2011 Ed aka Young ED 2012 Bud aka Budstruck 2013 Tim Adams aka Plymouthy Adams 2014 Mark aka ggdad1951 and Davin aka Desotodav 2015 Joe Hanely aka 52b3 Joe 2016 Dave aka Dave72dt This year, its a guy who has every dang vintage tool for our trucks, big or small! I once said I wanted to make a plaster cast of all his tools so I could hang them on my wall and be able to say "yah, that's the tool I'm suspose to be using!!" Great thing about him is that he has the ability to share his knowledge. I can't say that enough about anyone here who takes the time to do that! Hope I'm lucky enough to me meet you someday! • 2017 Rob aka Dodge4ya • Congratulations Sir!!! Look for your trophy in the mail my friend. 48D
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    A point of view I am starting to appreciate more with each day that passes.
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    Some more pictures of Dolly running around on the weekend.
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    Just got a pic of one. They are the same as the '48-'50 B series truck with a slightly different face.
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    Hi fellas (& gals) My buddy brought an old farm truck up to PA from Virginia and we trade it back and forth every five years or so when one of us runs out of steam on it. It is kind of a heap and kind of super awesome. It's never been a good driver but we've always putted it around as much as possible. He christened it the Dude Magnet because it always attracts a crowd and there are never any women in that crowd! The last time I had it I put a rustyhope front disc kit on it. It stopped better but the underfloor setup was never perfected with the dual pot master etc. I'm about to put a power booster on the firewall and a cable throttle while I'm at it. The mechanical throttle just needs too much work. My buddy put a lot of time and money into her but with the sketchy brakes it just still wasn't a good daily driver. It also needs some wiring. He did a lot of neat stuff to it: fenton repop iron 3 into 1 dual headers, 32/36 weber carb, oil filter with pressure bypass, tremec 5 speed on the floor, rebuilt 230 flathead motor, 15 gal fuel cell under the bed, aluminum radiator with custom welded aluminum brackets/frame, and even a nice rubber floor. I am about to install power brakes, a cable throttle (current setup doesn't get WOT and is kinda beat) and I'm on the hunt for a new rear with more modern brakes. I'm excited to be on this forum- not a lot of these trucks are still around!
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    As long as you truckers won't make fun of us wagonneers (for crashing your truck party), I'm in! I do have a tailgate!
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    Shown is a USA good quality Belden H-Duty crimping tool used for all spark plug wire terminal ends...
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    Yes, as they've said, it doesn't matter what you bring. I'll be in a rental car. It's supposed to be a Jeep Grand Cherokee (or similar). We'll find out when we get into LAX, about 50 hours from now, as I type this. I'm finally caught up on things to get done before vacation. About another hour and I can slip into VACATION TIME!!! See y'all at the BBQ. Merle
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    Hey all, mounted a back up lamp, and installed 2 fog/driving lamps up front. All 3 are vintage stock from used tractors/combines. They work great, the back up lamp is awesome, and the fog lamps really work well with low beam. My driveway is very long and dark, I could see to back up very easy now... I wired these on 1 circuit, 12 gauge wire, in line fuse, 25 amp spdt on-off-on toggle switch, works slick....
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    This idea was later stolen by GM in form of the Pontiac GTO (goat tender ontop)
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    I agree, I also am green with envy. Beautiful car and Happy St Paddy's day to you. I was talking to a beautiful young nurse dressed in green scrubs at the VA Hospital yesterday. I asked her if she had any Irish in her. She said no. So I asked her if she wanted some. OK I will go sit in the corner for an hour.
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    Don't cut off the two oil pan end cork gaskets!
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    I make my own out of olive oil, scented candles, and pomade (I'm a Dapper Dan man.)
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    Powered by a Dodge flathead also. And they use the '48-'50 gauge cluster.
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    Landmark. Headliner went in today. Very hard to take a good photo with the limited space in a 3 window coupe. Really pleased. This is the first headliner that I've had installed that has no wrinkles at all.
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    It now is official. Don Jordon, 47ish Plymouth coupe, from the high desert, east of Bakersfield, John Riding, 46 Plymouth Woody, and myself with either my truck or my suburban are committed. We will hook up in Fresno, Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m, then travel to Tims via Jack Tone Road. There are a couple more that may join us. Then we will overnight in Gold Couintry on Saturday night and find our way home on Sunday. JOIN US. pflaming
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    Great meet - 50 degress and shunshine, took about 6 hrs to walk the place. Mostly Ford & Chevy stuff, but some interesting Mopars - here's the first. This panel truck had no dents other than those on the grill and NO rust - asking $5,000.
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    Got the center section all welded in and ground down. Some dolly work and on to the sides! At this rate in May I'll have the floor and firewall done too! Here's hoping!
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    A few years back my city slicker over protected granddaughter was at our place for a few days in the fall. Her grandma picked some green beans and ate them right in the garden. Our granddaughter couldn't believe grandma did not wash it first. Now she comes over and will pull out a carrot and wipe if off on her pants and eat it right in the garden. Another time I had her drive my utility tractor and she was to light so I put a jumper wire in the safety switch so she could drive it without the tractor shutting off. Her mom showed up and she had to show her how she could drive grandpas tractor all by herself. Her mom overheard me telling someone that I had to override the safety switch, mom just gave me a dirty look and walked away. The good news is that the parents have realized that the kids get a great education when they are here.
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    A lot of kids today are being turned into delicate little snowflakes by over protective parents and society. Bring them up wisely... then let em design their wonderful future!
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    I found this guide and the corresponding gauge on eBay back in '99...I used the information to calculate the cutting face width on my mower blades to maintain the correct cutting angle, making a disposable gauge rather than wear out the pristine aluminum gauge that came with this guide...as a consequence, the mower blades I sharpen for folks are easy to maintain
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    An older street rod built about 12 years ago. It needs some attention, but it's drivable, which I like...
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    A police officer riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle transports a prisoner inside a mobile booking cage, 1921
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    Our truck before we bought it........... After they painted it and how we bought it.....
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    There's a farm less than 10 miles from me that I drive by at least once a week. There's so many trucks and old semis parked around the property its kinda crazy. A lot of those trucks are Dodges. Today I made up my mind I was going to stop. Glad I did. The gentleman who lives there is a super nice guy and we talked for more than an hour. He allowed me to walk his property by myself to check things out. He has two 46? or 47 Dodge trucks that he's willing to part with. One of them you can see from the highway, the other I didn't know was there until I made my way out into the field. The blue one hasn't any rust that I could see, and actually has a nice interior. The other one is in good shape as well, but not as nice. It was an old wrecker and has a winch on the back. I think before too long I will own both, as I have been wanting this style of truck for 20+ years. I think its time I make it happen.
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    New "old bulls eye" headlights. Step 1: acquire an old set of Auto-Lite Bulls Eye head lights and CAREFULLY remove the lens. They are FRAGILE! Generally the glue is shot and they have turned black. Just use small pliers or diagonal cutters to roll the lip back just a bit. Too much will put pressure on the remaining folder over part and will crack the lens. Take your time and go slow. Once you are all the way around, the lens will be loose and will come right off. Step 2: Get a set of new H4 conversion headlights with smooth metal reflectors. Avoid the models with clear lenses and patterns on the metal reflector. I am not sure what that would do to the light pattern. The smooth metal reflectors look like the original ones and the pattern should remain similar. Mark the back of the headlight with an arrow for the top so you can orientate the lens later. Put in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes to loosen the glue and then remove the lens. I used a kitchen knife and they popped right off with very little effort. Step 3: Install the old Bulls Eye lens in the new housing and glue. Use a new replaceable H4 6V 55/65W Halogen bulb.
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    your truck originally had the hand brake on the transmission, what you show is the rear end has been swapped over to something newer. Need better photos, at least I cant tell what rear end you have by the photo you show.
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    If I were you,I would definitely keep the flathead V-6. Those boogers are REALLY rare.
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    Yes there is at least one plug in the rear. And per you picture one in the front. There is also one in the rear of the head. I prefer the brass freeze plugs as many here also, sometimes not always available locally put Can be had without to much effort. Have your machine shop remove all the freeze plugs And all threaded plugs everywhere- take some pictures all all around the block before taking it in for the work noting plug sizes and locations. Make sure the shop puts the block in a caustic type tank and does thorough cleanup with a steam cleaner type wash after. Reinstall all plugs with your preferred sealer/s. Best of luck, DJ
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    Sides all welded in, ground and dollied
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    It is difficult to tell from your description which lights are, or are not working. However, crazy patterns of lights not working are often due to bad ground connections. I would start chasing the problem by cleaning all of ground connections on the light sockets and checking that they are securely grounded to the body by using an ohm meter. Also check to make sure that the engine block is grounded to the body.
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    Good question!!!! Well that does it...I'm going!!!!:D 48D
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    Why would you want to braze it when can buy cast iron welding rods and do a better job? Like metals form a better bond that dissimilar metals. Besides,if you use the cast iron welding rods you will be able to get your exhaust manifolds coated or painted so they look "factory". Paint doesn't stick well to brass,and I am guessing the various high temp coatings don't,either. Cut the middle section out that has the heat riser. Either soak the two pieces in alcohol for a couple of days to release any impurities soaked up over the years,or use some other substance. Remember,you will be welding it,and .the fewer impurities,the better. Some/most people probably think the heat from the next step will eliminate the impurities,and they are probably right. I'm anal. Make steel plates that match the OD of each end of the exhaust manifold. Bolt each half of the manifold to a steel plate to prevent warping,and then either heat it in a oven or using rosebud tips on acetylene torches until it is light red,and then do the welding. Let each piece cool down to room temperature before unbolting them. Either use wet and dry sandpaper over a flat surface like a pane of glass or sheet aluminum/steel,and work it back and forth until the whole mounting surface of each piece is shiny so you know it is flat,or take it to a machine shop and have each half milled flat. If you use the wet anc dry sandpaper method,use kerosene to lubricate the sand paper so it cuts smoother and lasts longer. Use new bolts,washer,and exhaust gasket,and bolt it on.
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    It is possible to replace the Tanks Inc. unit's flange with the flange from your old sending unit
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    Thank you Dale for posting this. By doing this, someone may pursue this car where they may not have been aware of it otherwise. Helping each other out with vintage cars is what it is all about. John R
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    just for giggles I bought a 607 off e-pay (not quite a match) then I found a local guy that has some radios i made a cardboard cut out of the cutout in my B3 dash and matched it up. the 812 fits in the dash cut out (hard to hold the phone and radio) now, I just have to figure out haw to mount it although I am not really a fan of it against the white
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    Gotta love this kid....he's kinda iconic now. 48D
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    You are going to come to look back at that purchase as some of the best money you ever spent.
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    There is a strong possiblity that three or four of us from Victorville, Bakersfield, and Fresno may be driving together from Fresno north. We would invite anyone to join. Contact me if you have interest. We do not know yet if on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning early.