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    Just HAD to buy this one....

    This came up and I HAD to buy it. I am partial to Woodie Wagons so I was a goner from the get-go
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    couple more Tom's not afraid of no stinking mud puddle!
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    P15 at VHRA vintage nat's UK

    Hi all ,went to the VHRA vintage nat's at santa pod here in the UK at the weekend, was the only Plymouth racing got 24 runs in all very consistent 15.2 - 15.4 ET and a best speed of 89.80 mph, Won my class and fastest in class.
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    Its less than a week away....time to fill the gas tanks and load the ice chests brothers! With the BBQ almost here.... it always happens, a few forum names will come up....some asking questions like "wonder what he's like?" "wonder if he'll come out next year?" or "wouldn't it be great if that guy was here, I'd like to talk with him". It's what created the "Wish You Were Here Award". An award that reminds everyone on the forum, no matter where you're at, you're invited!! Past winners: 2008 Don Coatney 2009 Merle Coggins 2010 Hank aka HanksB3B 2011 Ed aka Young ED 2012 Bud aka Budstruck 2013 Tim Adams aka Plymouthy Adams 2014 Mark aka ggdad1951 and Davin aka Desotodav 2015 Joe Hanely aka 52b3 Joe 2016 Dave aka Dave72dt 2017 Rob aka Dodge4ya 2018 JBNeal This year, its a guy who has tried to get to the Q' a few times and has defaulted because of work or his family. We all can all get behind a guy like that, because that's what really matters most. But that doesn't change the fact it would be nice to see him here someday! He always has a kind word when needed, and helpful information if relevant. We all know he has owned the most beautiful semi-truck you've ever seen in recent history of these old Dodge Trucks. But, again, he choose family, when choosing a classic ride that would include everyone when it came time to enjoy the weekend. He'll get here someday, and I know that when he does, it'll seem like he's never missed a single one. • 2019 Todd B • Congratulations!!! Look for your trophy in the mail my friend. 48D
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    Had a few of the locals stop by and help ready the ranch for the festivities!! CYA THERE!! 48D Thank you Charlie and Jimmie!
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    sorry not this year..... but, if it helps I had my wife video my "walk of shame" as I pull off the trailer back home oh yeah, a little "pre- BBQ" test run...... (John-t let ggdad1951 and myself drive his truck this year!) T-5's ROCK!!!!
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    First, it's his car and he can do whatever he wants. Second, he is asking for help. If you have something productive to add, please join the conversation. Third, if you disagree with his approach you may state your reasons in a respectful manner, never forgetting it's his car and he can do what he pleases. Lastly, he is welcome on the site and to ask these types of questions. Maybe if you present a logical and respectful argument he will consider other option. Or you will get a better understanding of why he wants to follow a particular approach. Enough of this bickering, thread locked.
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    Jesus guys,....give'm a break! Get a life. Oldtime,...hang in there. Many in this group (especially those that comment a lot) get their shorts in a bunch at anything non stock. One even stressed about a water pump with a grease nipple where the stocker had none,....or maybe it was the other way around???? I would only add,....re the 8 & 3/4" rearend, there are many 8 &1/4" Mopar rearends available and cheap and many a direct bolt-in. Plenty robust and yields the same bolt pattern.as the front or Ford wheels. Just gett'r done and enjoy with your family.!
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    and yes ggdad1951 got to work on a truck after all this year... (assisting John- T)
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    First car Dodge D14

    Just got my first car, a 1940 D14 De Luxe, and I was just wondering if you had any suggestions for me? I'm a kid in Highschool. 👍🏼👍🏼
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    I think you and others have never read the logo for this site. Now you and others on this thread have successfully driven off a new forum member, it's a wonder this forum is still alive with posts like this. Perhaps you, and you know who you are here, should stay on the POC forum? Isn't that the zero tolerance place? If the guy wants to drop a SBC in it, that's his business. What isn't cool is some here just can't accept anything but stockers.... This site is for both!
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    Carburetor Jetting

    Thank you - may I inquire as to who sells jets that I can buy a sampling of? I appreciate the idealistic approach to just using real gasoline, unfortunately that is simply not a realistic approach if someone wants to take nice long road trips and be able to get gas at readily available and convenient locations. Yes - I know there is something like 100 different gasoline formulations available in the US based on region, time of year, elevation, etc... will the state of tune be 100% perfect all the time everywhere - of course not, but it will be usable and good enough. I knew that Grose had passed on, but I have seen his jets for other carbs reproduced and was hoping there also an equivalent readily available for our Carters. I'm not surprised that there isn't. I'd love to get a copy of the D6G1 sheets if available. I have many others, but I lack that one and since that is what I have a pair of on the car, it would be nice to know what the stock factory parts are exactly. Also thanks for the center section information. I have not looked that closely at the carbs yet. I didn't think the jets were the same, but though my limited observations I found lots of 159 series info, little 224 series info. Yes I agree - carb bores ultimately control what the carb is capable of. That is the airflow control, the jets simply meter gas into the flow - and hopefully at the desired air/fuel ratios. You setup the airflow, then you adjust your jetting to get to a target. Ironically you state that I am factually incorrect, but then turn around and make my exact argument. Ball and Ball carbs are not as well supported in the aftermarket either for stock tune up parts or aftermarket vintage race tuning components simply because of the wonderful number of variations that are present. The built each carb to the intended application back in the day and it made it hard to simply take just any Ball & Ball carb and do x, y, and z to it and get the desired results like you could with say the ever popular Stromberg 97. Its variety in a way lead to its downfall in long term aftermarket support. There are at least 2 (maybe more) manufacturers making brand new 97 carbs today, I highly doubt anyone is considering tooling up to make a run of brand new Ball & Ball carbs. I'm not saying variety is a bad thing - I like variety as it gives a ton of options - but that also leads to lots of complications. Case in point - jetting - which this thread is about. I have yet to find a jet chart that lists all the part numbers, flow rates (and the info on the test conditions. ie gas at Xpsi over the course of a minute or whatever), and orifice sizes. A quick Google search and there is piles of documentation and PDF documents on tuning 97s. Yes - while my interest in documenting carb components is somewhat self serving (tuning my own carbs) - its documentation that I intended on sharing with the community as a whole. This thread simply started as a way of compiling jet information, and granted I asked about the cut sheets for carbs I own and lack the information on. The whole mixing and matching of carb parts to try and build something else came in later. Perhaps my car is tuned to the nth degree and its perfect. Perhaps not. In any case I still plan on compiling information to aid myself and assist others that want to make their cars the best they can be for themselves. No offense taken - I can only ask for help gathering jet information and attempt to keep the thread steered in that exact path. Mixing and matching carb body components is a whole different level and thread topic. And as far as being an expert - if you would like to discuss the multistate physics of atomizing an incompressible fluid into an compressible fluid - I'm game - its literally my job. Quite frankly for what I am after, writing a custom OpenFOAM script just seems like a waste of time when I just need to go a hole size or two bigger or smaller to achieve what I want. Perhaps I came off a bit harsh - but I really wanted to keep this thread simple and about the jetting. Enjoy your occasional, if unenjoyable, visit to this site. I'm sure that if this was a conversation in person it wouldn't go this way and it could be perfectly civil and rewarding for both over a beer.
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    Oh yeah, there was another one. I'll gather all the others up with a link as soon as I can. Got internet issues with 400 files from here ...
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    THANK YOU Tim, It’s a great honor to be on this list of great guys. One of these years I am coming. I am 53 and still never stepped foot in California. Have a great weekend boys and girls this weekend and appreciate your host and hostess, it takes a lot to put something of this caliber on.
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    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Tug is loaded on to the trailer for a weight check in the morning. Then I can finalize the DMV paperwork and get a new title issued. He did me proud and drove up the ramps and onto the trailer under his own power, good boy Tug.
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Cant seem to get a video up, but she is running and break in is completed. Now just to get her tuned in and a sleeve made for the throw out bearing.
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    Beer darts are for sissys. Time to step up!
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    Frank Elder

    Patina be gone......

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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    Thought I'd start a thread documenting fixes, improvements, adventures and maintaining the 48. First I'd like to thank all members for the everyday answers to people's questions about these old cars. Before joining the forum, I found answers to many of my questions as I got use to maintaining the 48. So, thank you all! My wife and I wanted to buy a classic car to enjoy while I restored my 58 plymouth since I wasn't going to have the 58 done in time for crusin the coast (2017). The plan was to buy a car, use it until the 58 is done then sale it. So, we located this 48 about 6 hours away and drug it home!
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    And here's ggdad1951 receiving his award, "Key to the Ranch" (wire cutters) I think for his many contributions with preparations and otherwise being a swell guy.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Easter Humor

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    I've been perusing around the forum for a couple of weeks while doing research on the 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe before I purchased it. My wants was a running and driving classic car that I could take to car shows, and I didn't want to spend a fortune on the purchase price. I ran across the Plymouth on Craigslist, went for a test drive and fell in love. Overall the car is in pretty good shape. The paint job and interior refresh is probably 10-15 years old, so there's some scratches and things in the paint and the interior has some places where the seams are coming apart. I'm currently going through and greasing things that need to be greased, added a little brake fluid, replaced the generator wires because the insulation was gone. There's some rust on the drivers side rocker panel underneath. Someone previously fixed some of the floor pans, but did a shotty job, so will look at that in a few years. The engine looks mostly original. It's still running oil bath air cleaner and 6 volt system with the generator. The engine belt has a slight tear, so I bought a replacement. The replacement looks to not be quite as wide, so I'll have to figure that one out. I bought the service manual off of Rock Auto, which helps tremendously. I want to keep the car mostly original. I love to tinker with things, so this should be fun. I'm sure I'll have tons of questions. Things Needed To Be Done Add seat belts Add turn signals (maybe just the rear) Oil filter (currently not one in) New engine bay wires (bare wires showing) Replace trunk lock Fix drivers door handle spring Fix drivers side lock Replace rubber brake lines with braided brake lines Go through and lube everything Door stop on drivers side (missing) New engine belt Things Fixed or Replaced Back window crank fell off, placed back on. Replaced generator wires New spark plugs
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    Here's a few more shots:
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    Carburetor Jetting

    There is an old trick ... if you cannot find a jet and need to get it larger....one thing, do not drill it. Take a little piece of plywood. Drill a hole that you can mount the jet into. Have someone hold a funnel over the jet and pour water in the funnel. water will run out the bottom of the jet, through the plywood it is mounted in. Stick a cup into the stream and keep it there for exactly one minute. Measure the water in CC's. Then take a pipe cleaner and soak it with course valve lapping compound. Run it through the jet back and forth at 12-3-6-9 with a sea-sawing motion. What will happen to the brass is that you will open the jet while keeping the basic contour. That contour is important that is why drilling does not work correctly. You then measure again until you get the CC you want. Then do a final pass with fine valve lapping compound to smooth it out. Check one last time and use it. This takes some time, but you can increase a jet using this method. You can go into the engineering books and read on how the shape and the curve of a jet is very important. That is why drilling will cause issues. The above will work fine if you are careful as it will take an equal amount of material off the walls of the jet. James
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    Rinsed off the Hammond Rd dirt and mud and went to get some gas and ice cream on Sunday. Bumped into a Mopar Muscle guy at the ice cream shop - he was all excited when I popped the hood to show a dual carb'd flathead. I was going to take some pictures of the car in downtown West Liberty - but rain (and tornado warnings) chased us back home before that happened.
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    Look guys it’s all fine. I was not trying to open Pandora’s box with my asking some guidance from others who are more knowledgeable on my task at hand. my comment was the entire post since it obviously has caused an issue. But I’m fine with leaving it up. Doesn’t bother me. i was recommended to come to this website for assistance. In my spare time from family and kids I use my iPhone to look at hobby stuff so sometimes it’s difficult to navigate. Perhaps I picked wrong forum on here, or wrong site all together. But there are knowledgeable people everywhere As I said, I get it that everyone has an opinion and that’s okay. It’s just one thing to express your view and leave it at that. I thank the latest posters who had some helpful items to look at. and yes, my cousin has done some stuff like this to other cars so it will be done as professional as can be as he’s very good. thank you
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    I agree with some on the SBC I have a 50 Ply. with one . (I now wish I kept the flat six now as I probably would be driving it now instead of 75% finished after 15 years) . I do know and have watched for years now on this forum a small bock Mopar motor would be so much more welcomed on this here than the Chevy. I kno0w and understand his reason for this and some support to get another old Mopar on the road is Good. Adam, I hope you can somehow send him a Mailing of you last post and welcome back to this forum! I see both sides of this But no reason to bust someones balls over Their choice! JMO! DJ
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    This is the first of several upgrades..... 48D
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    Another great bbq as always. Tim and Steph a gracious hosts. Amazing sunsets and rises and view of the Sierras. Loved waking up to the sound of grazing cows. Here is a photo of apple orchards not far from the ranch. See you next year.
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    Tug now has his new shiny fuel tank installed. Our view from the cab. PS/ Yes, he's completely legal and insured for the road (well apart from the missing stop lights) 😂
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    1958 Dodge utility truck

    I found this in Kentucky; its a 58 Dodge utility truck that was retired from a local fire department several years back. Other than some rust here and there and a bad repaint this thing is solid as a rock and runs and drives really nice for a 61 year old truck. 230 inch flathead with a four speed. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet; the guy i got it from had it licensed and used it for a weekend cruiser. For now I'll probably just put a new factory floor mat in it, replace the dry rotted tires, find some matching hubcaps, and cruise it to the local shows.
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    Don Coatney

    Today is Vietnam Veterans Day

    Welcome home all Vietnam Veterans and thanks for your service. Don Coatney, US Army Vietnam Veteran 1966-1968
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    new guy with a new toy 1953 Dodge Coronet ... barn car 33 k original miles came with a parts car
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    Well the day actually arrived, "Tug" is moving under his own power for the first time in about 20 years 🙂
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Just picked this up; 58 Dodge utility
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    Here are the rest, you know who you are:
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    Something to keep in mind with "bolt in " 8 3/4 rear ends. The cars from the 60's and 70's may have wider leaf springs than the 30's-40's-50's cars, so the "feet" or whatever you call the part that sits on the springs may need to be changed to a narrower part from an old rear. This was the case with my 39. Don't try using the newer wide feet on the narrow springs. I did, the U bolts didn't hold properly, and it sheared off the top of the bolt holding the leafs together. The rear shifted back on the spring, and I was lucky to be close enough to home to drive it back crabbing down the road at an angle. Get the proper sized part for your width of spring. A final point to make in regards to all the fuss over modifying a car. If my 39 coupe hadn't been hot rodded some 45 years ago, it wouldn't be around today. 45 years ago there was little interest in an old Dodge, and even less when Iacocca was making K cars. Ford guys used to call us the ugly cars. Whatever is done to a car can be un-done. Check the HAMB for 32 ford projects using cars pulled out of creeks, or one down under pulled out of an orchard. A v8 equipped car can easily be made back into an inline 6. There is a lot of sheer talent out there, and even more determination. As long as we like them and take them out and drive them, 4, 6. 8, doesn't matter. brian
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    greg g

    Duel carb idle adjustment

    You need to set the idle speed speed to as cllose to 500 rpm. Then using the synching to to assure that bother carbs are dreaming equal voulumn and that when you advance the throttle they draw the same though the rpm range. This is acomplished through adjusting the individual linages to put the throttle plates at equal angles. This can be a verry fiddly process caillng for methodic and patience. Once the throttle plates are synched you can then adjust the idle air screws to smother out that balance then reset the idle speed for 450 to 500 rpm. When that if finished recheck your timing and check the volume with the synch tool again. Once they are set you shouldn't need to mess with them gin unless the linkage loosens up over time and use.
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    1955 C series assessment

    You're probably not going to need that spare tire carrier on the side - how about shipping it to Colorado?!
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    Carburetor Jetting

    1) yes 2) just changing jets is not a solution to running ethanol tossed into gas. Using real gasoline is the solution. 3) no Ansel Grose died, and no one has produced the jets since nor will you find it easy to find them. 4) I am sure I do, but a d6g1 which is a 1 9/16 throttle bore 1 ¼ venturi carb is not an island on to its own. Your center sections are more important that the top which can be and is often changed around. As taken from a document I have from Tim Kingsbury - 3 bolt – center section is 660 for Plymouth – starting 1950 2 bolt – center section is 635 - 1949 only 2 bolt – center section is 370 - 1939 – 1948 Answer - no they are not THe carb you have purchased has 1 11/16 throttle bore and 1 11/32 venturi. The main and other jetting can be changed but there is no getting around the throttle bore and venturi size as I think 55Fargo was eluding to. Sorry your last statement is just factually incorrect. Carter ball and ball made carbs for specific purposes and specifications and they provided carbs based on what their customers wanted. A stromberg 81 or 97 were carbs that the carb maker said - here is what we have.. its great, it will do what you want. sounds like another automotive guy - Henry Ford.. If he had. The three carbs you reference number in them are the cfm of the carb. In the case of carter ball and ball they not only ranged way lower and way higher in cfm but they also addressed various torque curves and transmission options that manufacturers would come up with. his way a model t would still be the only car you would need and its color would be black. I see so this thread went from you were documenting carb components which i had some interest in digging out all my carter ball and ball books, to your the expert and your using this to tune your dual carbs this summer.. rofl.. I also see you have bought Don C car which I am sure must be tuned to the nth degree because it was dons. Thanks for the laughs folks.. It reminds me why I dont spend much time on this site anymore. No offense and best of luck
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    February 7, 2019: Loaded up the Meadowbrook with household items for the trip to our new home. It's only 1 hour from our old place. Drove 65-70mph on the interstate. Got a few waves on the back roads. I finally have some nice outbuildings. The shed in the background is 48x80.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Photos of my toys 55,56,57 doing a quick update to my 56 dully so I can tare into my 55 and do it correctly. The photo of the 57 is a camera mess up but it looks cool.
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    Yeah, I think the load "dwarfs" the trailer... it is actually a 14k. tongue weight, photo must be deceiving, hardly touched the overloads. anyway, he is at home, we are in Gold beach, caught a glimpse of the gray whales migrating..... like Kenny Rogers said " got to know when to fold them" 😊
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    My weather report is no rain...just clouds....hope hope hope. Oh the first Truck showed up today....the yellow panel in the flyer. I mentioned the weather. He looked at me and said "I don't care...it's a truck...it'll dry off." 48D
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    I'm coming for sure next year! I promise.....it's in print now!!!!
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    Frank's 49

    Oil Filler Tube is Loose

    Mine also had about a 1/2 inch wide metal strap that wrapped around the oil filler tube, and then one end extended over to where the coil mount is bolted to the head. The section that went over to the bolt had a notch in it. The notch slid into place under the bolt, along with the bracket holding the coil.

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