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    A friend contacted me to tell me he saw my Chrysler and I on someone’s You Tube channel. A person unknown to me had asked me a few Q’s at a car show in June. Here we are. Jump to the 2:19 mark. I had a few people talk to me who were really, really into my old Windsor that day. It was a good day. I kinda feel special now. Lol. https://youtu.be/NgrpR17TKNA
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    In a previous thread the discussion was centered around whether or not a bypass filter is needed and the best oil for our mature engines. Based on that discussion and pondering this topic for a few days after pulling the oil pan I decided to install a spin-on filter on my non-filtered engine. I've seen a couple of photos on the forum of filter installations but decided to offer a more complete tutorial for the benefit of owners who may want to explore a filter installation. I chose a mount and filter from Wix because they offer a mount and selection of filters that are specifically for bypass operation. Bypass filters are constructed differently from full-flow filters and provide a finer degree of filtration than conventional filters. I sourced the mount and filter from Rock Auto who have not only the filter I use but also the same filter in three additional lengths. I selected the next to shortest due to the confined space around the engine. Here is the mount, part number WIX 24755: Note the arrows indicating the proper direction of flow. This mount is only for bypass installations and has a small 5/8" nipple instead of the more common 3/4" seen on full-flow installations. It also has 1/8" NPT threads that allow 3/16" steel brake lines to be attached with only one 90* adapter. The filter is WIX 51051: The other Wix bypass filters that fit this mount are 51050, 51320, and 51704. A bracket must be fabricated to attach the mount to the engine block. I used 1/8" steel and drilled it for the mount and two studs on the engine head: The two fittings on the engine accept 3/16" brake lines with no modification. I found 12" lines to be ideal for this installation. Accessing the fittings and getting the threads straight deep in the engine compartment is kinda tedious....just consider it a character-building experience. Permatex #2 (non-hardening) gasket sealer was used on the brass fitting where they screwed in the filter mount. I've seen teflon tape used in situations like this but that is risky in oil systems unless you really know what you are doing. A small sliver of tape that breaks loose can create havoc if it plugs an oil passage. A couple of thick washers are behind the bracket to provide clearance for the heads of the bolts securing the filter mount. The threads in the cylinder head are common 3/8" and the nuts on the studs are 3/8" fine thread. One of the studs backed out so I replaced it with a bolt. Prior to installing the filter I filled it with oil. This photo shows the difference between a bypass filter and full-flow---notice the tiny holes through which oil flows in/out of the filter. Filling the filter was very tedious....if I had to do this very often I would rig up some sort of syringe to push oil into the filter instead of spending 1/2 hour adding oil a fraction of an ounce at a time. The filter accepted a cupful of oil before it was satisfied. The finished installation complete with a note on the mileage and date of filter change. The oil lines need to be formed for clearance so the filter can be easily changed. Yes, this is not for those who want a period-correct engine bay, but I like having a modern filter which can be easily sourced through common channels. If my engine is happy....I'm happy.
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    Merle Coggins

    Nice day for a show.

    I was struggling to upload photos from my phone while at the show. Now that I’m home, I’ll try again. Here they are, side by side. Got several comments about having them together. We talked to one guy that say’s he’s had a Pilot House truck for many years. It was a daily driver for several years back in the 70’s or 80’s. I don’t recall all the details. He still uses it from time to time, but didn’t feel it was worthy to bring to a show like this. I talked with another fellow that had come across a ‘50 that he was considering buying. He asked a few questions about parts availability. He also noticed my dash plaque from pilot-house.com. I encouraged him to check us out for more information. At the end I think he was ready to pull the trigger on the purchase. The only other Pilot House trucks there today was the ‘51 “Little Red Express” truck that I saw last year. We also spoke with the owner for a bit. And the Cool Bus... (too bad it has a Chevy engine/trans in it) I also liked this Power Wagon bus... Snow days? We don’t need no stinkin’ snow days... We have Power Wagons. We’ll still pick up the kids... LOL!!
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    New '49 Dodge on the block.

    Anxious wait while our new Dodge delivery is completed. Bought sight unseen from a FaceBook Marketplace sale notice , Travelled 1700km via Webtow, http://www.webtow.com.au Can't be happier, non runner but way better than expected. Original books and paperwork included , receipts showing 4 previous owners. Toyed with the idea of converting it to EV , but its too damn good, going to bring back to new .
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    my new 1939 P8 Business coupe

    Hi I have not posted in a while (but I am back). I just got another Plymouth (project). 1939 P8 business coupe. The previous owner had it since 1971 but for the past 22 years it was in his basement. Rebecca
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    13th ANNUAL CLEMENTS TAILGATE BBQ APRIL 4TH 2020 SATURDAY 9AM TIL WHENEVER EARLY TOW-IN BEGINS NOW AND LATE TOW-OUT ENDED YESTERDAY Show up Thursday or Friday and Camp-Out til Sunday or Monday, always need the Help! "Lucky 13teen" Its the best day ever! Old trucks and old friends! The car guys are part of the whole deal too, but man, I love the trucks! Its the place where the largest number of Dodge Pilot-House Era Trucks meet in the whole WORLD !!! (at least no one's proven otherwise ..lol) The people I've met over the last 12 BBQ's has made my life so much better. This time of year is so awesome because finishing an old truck actually has meaning to the crowd you'll see here! Fenders and bumpers to hang on, hoods to lift, parts to swap, and stories to tell! I look forward to it all. Every year is special with returning long distant travelers and new ones that are finally able to make the trip! I always look forward to meeting you all! If you have an old frail beater truck that is weak on the road.....trailer it here early! I'll keep it here on the ranch til show day and you can pick it up when you can.....save your energy for the best weekend ever! ITS A BBQ, NOT A FOO FOO CAR SHOW!! *what is a "foo foo"?* If you have a "Real Bitchin" Shoebox, Shovelhead, Stovebolt, A-Bomb, Backhalf, Barn Find, Basket Case, Chopped Up, Belly Pan, Boat Tail, Nailhead, Pancaked, Resto Rod, ........well, Bring-It-On-Down, me and my friends got a few Dodge Trucks for you'all to see!!! I love Hot Rods and Muscle Cars too.....it is an awesome time to show off the hard work we all put into these old rigs and no need to fuss, Its all Good! ...no mini coopers please...., yea, go ahead and bring one, they're kinda cool. It really is my favorite time of the year. Happy 13teen guys. "The car crowd is growing and more than welcome to come. I could easily call it "The Tailgate/Trunk BBQ"!" "I can't tell you how much I look forward to this every year, its a blast and for some, lasts a few days. Campers show up on Thursday or Friday and leave on a Sunday morning.....all enjoying late night chat sessions around the fire pit." "I hope new and old members alike are inspired to make the trip and maybe even drive their trucks the distance....you know we have your back! " "So many good stories around the fire pit the nights before and after the event. I can't tell how cool it is to have forum members stay several days and just relax....." "Looking forward to a great party! Now build it, and bring it!!!" "It was around 2007 when Bob Koch, Jim Shepard, and myself (Tim Estrada), went to Reg Evans' place to check out his "yard". While we were eating hotdogs, drinking cold beverages, solving international and regional issues....we thought "lets have a BBQ". "Get the wheels on, and the tanks full....its time to finish up and git to the Q! It ain't no beauty pageant of trailer queens, its a truck show...so flex your rust as well as your shine!" Tim aka 48Dodger
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    Michael Sams

    Dodge b series 1/2 ton.

    Guys this is what I'm going to be working with. But I guess you have to start somewhere. I will be the official second owner of this beauty. And have the whole history on this truck. It's going to be a long road but I'm in for the long haul. I can't wait to get it back up and running and start to drive it. Thanks for all the help so far and hope that I might be able to call on you all for some help.
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    Age 80, a new normal

    I’m there, 81 in September so best to say some thankyous. (1) Names very difficult but Plymouthy Adams, Tim Estrada, Casper 50, Bob Riding quickly emerge. (2) Quick, unexpected passing of friends and relatives. Lost two, one with a six month illness, the other a 60 day illness. (3) personal note: my health seems to be good, only two pills per day, eye sight is fine, no apparent heart or lung problems. But do have a severe hearing loss, I.e., cannot hear without my hearing aid, and now struggling with leg strength (4) forum gratitude : when I started 12 years ago did not understand intake vs exhaust manifold, , the three essentials for an engine to run, the difference between an engine and a motor, negative/ positive ground, body vs chassis. This forum taught me mechanical skills, personal tolerance, better respect for alternate views, religion, politics, and profanity are toxic, the means and value of internet friendships. Few things have been as enjoyable, rewarding, mental expansion as what I have enjoyed this past decade. So then, my unreserved, heartfelt gratitude to each and all. I trust this post is premature, but better that than never. Paul Flaming aka pflaming
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Fed Up

    change your condenser...….inspect your points for signs of over current ie bluing....I bet it runs like new money out of gear....
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    Todd B

    Todd Build Thread

    You don’t know Mark very well.
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    Adam H P15 D30

    Got a new toy

    Got a new toy to add to the stable the other day. Not sure what the plans are yet but it's a 20 footer that needs a lot of work. 36 Ford Coupe
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    Dodge b series 1/2 ton.

    Michael - I have restored a B4B, long wheel base with Fluid Drive. Take LOTS of photos and expect frustration on a regular basis. When you rewire it, make the wires behind the dash longer than original - it will make your life MUCH easier when you put it back together or have to change a light bulb (I wish someone had warned me to do that). If you get stuck on something, I might have a photo that will help. Oh, and if you have the one year only plastic Dodge emblem from the dash (Brent's photo), be darn careful with it and not club-fisted like me. The little metal clips on the mounting prongs work great for breaking off the prongs, and clumsy fingers are great for breaking the script. On top of that, it isn't really made of plastic, its made from pure Unobtanium. Brent's photo is the one from my truck that I kinda broke twice, glued back together, painted the back white and got mounted in my truck. Photo is my truck at Luckenbach, TX. Good luck working on your "Time Machine." Bob
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    We and the Windsor 2018

    Was nice to get out for a summer cruise tonite. The old Chrysler is running very well. My ’38 is getting most of my time and attention this summer. Additionally, my wife is renovating so we haven’t been getting out cruising much this season. I saw tons of thumbs up tonite while out cruising. Even the girl at drive-thru for ice creme l was smiling and offered positive comments. I walked out to a parking lot to find a fellow illegally parked, his drivers door left wide open. He was taking 4-corner shots of my Chrysler. It feels good to see other folks appreciating and enjoying these old cars. I get a kick out of some folks reactions.
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    Bizzy coupes are cool. Had mine for 49 years.
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    Don Coatney

    Where were you? Apollo 11 1969

    When Apollo Mission Astronaut Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon, he not only gave his famous “One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind” statement, but followed it by several remarks, including the usual COM traffic between him, the other astronauts, and Mission Control. Before he re-entered the lander, he made the enigmatic remark “Good luck, Mr. Gorsky.”Many people at NASA thought it was a casual remark concerning some rival Soviet Cosmonaut. However, upon checking, [they found] there was no Gorsky in either the Russian or American space programs. Over the years, many people have questioned him as to what the “Good luck, Mr. Gorsky” statement meant. On July 5, in Tampa Bay, FL, while answering questions following a speech, a reporter brought up the 26- year-old question to Armstrong. He finally responded. It seems that Mr. Gorsky had died and so Armstrong felt he could answer the question. When he was a kid, Neil was playing baseball with his brother in the backyard. His brother hit a fly ball which landed in front of his neighbors’ bedroom window. The neighbors were Mr. and Mrs. Gorsky. As he leaned down to pick up the ball, he heard Mrs. Gorsky shouting at Mr. Gorsky, “ sex? sex you want? You’ll get sex when the kid next door walks on the moon!”
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    Sam Buchanan

    Engine Mounts, P15; Caution

    The information in this thread is scattered over multiple threads with unrelated titles. For archiving purposes the info is condensed in this thread so future owners can more easily find it. The rear engine mounts in my '48 P15 were totally shot so I ordered new ones from Andy Bernbaum. They arrived promptly and looked like the mounts I've seen advertised from other vendors. The lower mount was thicker than my old set so longer, 4-inch bolts were necessary to install the mounts. The engine could be jacked up sufficiently to insert the upper mount into the frame crossmember. I noticed the new mounts were quite hard....it wasn't possible to press a thumbnail into the material. I pulled the bolts up snug and everything looked as it should. As soon as the engine fired for the first test drive it was obvious a large amount of vibration was being transmitted into the car. Matter of fact, it was really unpleasant. After the first test drive I backed off the torque on the bolts and tested again. Significant vibration was still present, especially around 40mph in third gear. The engine smoothed out at higher speed. I have changed to nyloc nuts on the bolts so they can be torqued only enough to hold the mounts and lower washers in place. There is still more vibration that I like....but it seems obvious these mounts are made out of a material that is much firmer than needed. The reason for this thread is to caution owners that hard mounts are out there.....and you don't want them! Posts on the forum have indicated that softer mounts are available and if anyone knows a source for softer mounts it would be greatly appreciated if that info could be provided. This is another case of replacing worn-out parts but ending up with a situation that is not what we expected.....old cars can be a character-building process.....
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    Merle Coggins

    Testing a ballast resistor

    When there is an open circuit (not a completed circuit to ground) there won’t be any current flow. Without current flow the resistor won’t drop the voltage. Hence you have the same voltage readings at both ends. When you add another load (ie. the coil) to the circuit and current flows you will be able to measure the voltage drops across both loads. Or you would need to measure the resistance value, in Ohms, and calculate the voltage drop(s) using Ohms Law. Voltage = Amperage X Resistance (V = I x R)
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    Note to self...."bring grass from California"......uh, wait.... 48D
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    Big Easy

    What is my pickup worth?

    I love the fluid drive, I wouldn’t swap it for anything. If you feel like being all “farmer brown” and stuff, you can run her through the gears... but if your working on a burger and shake driving her around town, it sure comes in handy. And synchro shmynchro... I feel very noble and at one with my late Granpa when I take ten seconds to double-clutch coax her into the next gear.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Tiny coolant line

    let me run my flag of qualification up the pole.....
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    Sam Buchanan

    Refurbishing Steering Wheel

    Frank, I selected an exquisite JB Weld product from the auto restoration department of Lowes. This stuff starts firing off in about 5-6 minutes so I only mixed up a one-inch long bead each time. My steering wheel was in pretty good shape, the only large cracks were on the back side. A Dremel was used to open up the cracks so the epoxy could be forced into the cracks. To facilitate that process masking tape was firmly applied over the epoxy repairs to help it flow into the wounds. After an hour the tape was removed. Even though the epoxy was a little tacky it sanded very easily with 120 sandpaper. After some quality time priming and sanding the repairs and entire wheel, it received several luscious coats of Rustoleum Gloss Black and the paint is curing in the warm shop as we speak. Reassembly is complete and the ol' girl should be back on the road and no longer insulting her driver by gifting smudged hands.
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Inspired by John and Adam, I taught my friend how to drive the old Meadowbrook. It was completely different to finally ride passenger in the car.
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    Dan Hiebert

    Refurbishing Steering Wheel

    If there are cracks, might as well fix them now. File them out in a V shape down to the base of the crack, even if it's to the metal core. Then fill with two-part epoxy putty. Pits and chips can be filled this way too, always best to rough-up the surface you will be applying the putty to, and don't apply it to a painted surface. The epoxy putty is supposed to stand up to expanding/contracting better than body filler. Sand, prime, paint. I used rattle cans. I used Krylon's "Khaki", much lighter than the original tan, but I like it better. I used rattle cans to have a ready source for touch-ups. Before: After: This has been through some serious freeze / thaw cycles since, with a couple hair-line cracks showing up that I really have to look for to find.
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    180 to 190 is an ideal temperature for your engine to run at.
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    8-1-19: I'm still here fellas! Been super busy at work and with the sale of our home. The closing is over, now I should have more time to do the things I really want to do, like work on the Meadowbrook and the 48 B1D. Anyway, tonight was another driving lesson for my daughter. I worked the accelerator while she did the clutch pedal and shifted through the gears to get us going. Then she traveled about 40 to 45 miles an hour for about 8 Miles and then came to a stop on the side of the road, pushed in the clutch pedal, put the car in neutral, and pulled the ebrake. She's doing better each time. She doesn't want to drive any of our other cars. Just the Meadowbrook!
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    Recieved the new cables, as suggested. I ordered 1/0. I had no trouble starting the car with the small cables currently on the car but cruisin the coast is fast approaching and I'll be relying on this thing starting when heat soaked.....for days. Just a little feel good insurance.
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    Rust free 40 plymouth sedan

    Quick update. I hosted a BBQ for some car buddies that came up for the big Deuce Days car show held in Victoria, BC and now I'm finally ready and revved up to get going on putting this engine together. I spent some time this weekend l trying to lap the valves and see how they're seating the conclusion is that I'm going to have to grind the valves and seats. Pictures Pictures 1-3) BBQ held at my place for some car folk (Green Fargo belongs to dpollo and black 32 with the shower cap belongs to mrwstory) Picture 4) valves after an attempt at lapping (the best ones shown) Trip to dpollo for seat and valve grinding in the near future Picture 5) some assembly required Picture 6) switched off the too small white walls for white rims and black walls
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    I'm going to chime in because I live in the foothills of Northern California that are full of rattlesnakes. My property is semi remote so I can use guns when necessary. When we first moved in 23 years ago we had rattlers every spring. Having small kids at the time, I had a "the only good rattler is a dead rattler" policy. My wife and I killed many, and now we don't have them. Maybe 1 per year. We have gopher snakes, milk snakes and garter snakes to keep the rodent population down. The bite from a rattler can be deadly but is also going to rot the flesh around the bite area (see google images). I'll spare you my snake stories because it's a car site. I have not yet run one over with the p15 yet, but, I will at the first opportunity.
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    The tiny circle in the middle of the headlamp switch lites up when the hi-beams are on. I had no idea. This car is totally foreign to me. The old concepts totally new to me. I don’t know anyone locally with a car like this. Lol. Those crafty Chrylser engineers....They are schoolin’ me 81 years later. Getting back on track now cleaning up more wiring.
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    Cold Blue

    Changing Ground Cable Location

    When I got my car, the ground cable was attached at the front head bolt. But I moved it to the factory location at the generator mounting bracket bolt. I just didn't like the looks of it at the top of the engine, and I didn't like tightening a head bolt with the ground cable end under it. Probably makes no difference, but makes me feel better. Yes, it's a bit of a pain to install it, but how many times will I have to replace the ground cable? Hopefully years from now or never? Just my 2 cents worth....
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    Merle Coggins

    I bought a ‘58 COE

    While roaming around the Appleton Old Car Show today I spotted this COE and decided I had to have it... Best $6.00 I spent all day... 🤣
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    Plymouthy Adams

    new way to use old stuff...

    this turned out pretty good....
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    Broke my car out of storage today. Pulled out of the storage unit in 2nd gear and shifted to 3rd when the speed was right. Never left 3rd gear all the way home. stopped for 8 red lights and 2 stop signs. Never used the clutch. Easily kept up with the speed of traffic. The car had not been started sense January 21st. Had to use a 12 volt battery pack my son borrowed from work and it fired off directly. The 6 volt alternator went to work and the oil pressure and temperature came right up. Once I knock the dust off of her she will be good go.
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    New Car Day! 1938 P6 Plymouth Deluxe

    I do see where someone brass welded-in a patch on the drivers side. They did a good job. It’s interesting to me that they brass welded back in the day. Poking away is so very fun and rewarding...As it sits tonite.
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    While awaiting carb kit to arrive I’ve been picking away at other tasks. New emergency brake cable is installed and working well. Front brakes look new. Adjusted. I was working on dash wiring and decided the front seat just had to come out. Pain in the neck getting down under there. Front carpet is in a very bad way. I removed the front section. You can see here what I have to work with. I’m pretty pleased with the floorboards. Moslty appear like new. Some rust near driver corner on screw-in floor access cover. Not much. I won’t complain. Now I have to deal with the need to store large removed items like the seat. Here you can see the uncovered treasures of the floor. Not bad for a 1938. I’ll get to wrapping up the 1/O battery cables. They are a tight fit to get back down around the battery box.
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    1950ish Dodge Panel van

    I'm not really a car guy and probably not really gonna fix this thing up but need some help: Backstory - I bought a storage facility (not a unit, the whole facility), and found this is one of the units. I've poked all over it, aired up the tires (the tubes still hold air(for a while)!!)and rolled it out into the sunshine for some pictures. I can't find a "VIN" (too old) on it, just the number shown in the picture. Basically, it's in decent shape, got a few "whiskey bumps" (as my grandfather would say!) on it, but in decent shape. Numbers all seem to match, but I can't figure out what it is? Any help would be appreciated. Also, I'm thinking about power washing it a bit to see what it really looks like under the layers of dust, as long as I don't blast hard, is that a problem for being a "barn find"??? thanks in advance!
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    John Rogers

    Where were you? Apollo 11 1969

    I remember it like it was yesterday. I was barely 6 and I was glued to the TV watching it in wide eyed amazement and admiration the whole time. I knew that this was something very special. It never occured to me that something could go wrong. All I knew that men had landed on and were walking on the very same moon that my Dad and I stared at while laying on our backs in the bed of Dads truck with my head resting on his arm. If it wasn't a school night I would ask Dad "Can we go lay in the truck and look at the stas". I had not learned to pronounce the R in stars yet. That following year at school they had a couple of astronauts come to our school to do a NASA presentation for the 6th graders. I remember my teacher came up to me one morning and said she had a surprise for me. She took me by the hand and led me to the auditorium and sat me with a 6th grade teacher. I was in 2nd grade and I was the only non 6th grade student there . At the end of the day before as the bell rang my teacher asked me to stay after for a minute. I thought I was in trouble. After all the kids had left the room she handed me a box. Inside of it was a model of the LEM and command module that the 2 astronauts gave her to give to me. She asked me to to tell the other kids because it was a secret ad I never said a word to any of them. I walked home holding that box tight with both hands. I was so proud ! I went home and told Mom and Dad all about it . It seems that my teacher realized how interested and amazed I was by all things Apollo 11 and NASA so at some point before she got special permission from the principal and my parents for me to join the 6th graders that day. Oh and I drank Tang for years and years without fail. "Tang, its what the astronauts drink" Wonderful memories !!! Every time I think back on watching Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin climb down the ladder and walk on the moon I get chills. Sorry for babbling, John
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    What better way to spend a Saturday than with a bunch of old cars! Flint creek water park in Wiggins ms. Not a car show but a car appreciation picnic. This is just a portion of the cars.
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    Big Easy

    What is my pickup worth?

    Thanks Todd... that’s like having the hottest girl you ever had a crush on but were afraid to ever approach, tell you a few years later, after you’re unequivocally not allowed cause you’re all married up and stuff, that she use to “want you so bad” a few years ago. In both instances, I could have lived without the “few years ago” reflections. (Wow! Did I just really make that analogy for my hood emblem?!? That’s just not right!)
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    Tiny coolant line

    😉 Climate change ?
  46. 2 points

    Todd Build Thread

    done for now, primed and painted...what's next on the list?
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    well...if you use PM it is not that hard to stay pretty much on top of it and deleting old stuff is just how you do that....where's chat when you need it???????????
  48. 2 points

    Short block first start

    I agree with Plymouthy and Don 100%!
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    Frank Elder

    Where were you? Apollo 11 1969

    I was 7 years old and we had stopped for gas at the DX station and wondered why no one was coming out to service the car, so Dad ran over the bell line a couple more times......Karl came to the doorway and motioned us inside. There was about a dozen people already crowded around his old Zenith as we entered the office, He said no gas until this is over you may stay and watch or pump your own gas.....we all watched except for my Father who was a very impatient man. He went out and gassed up the Plymouth and missed all the excitement as the module landed.
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    I've found puppy training pads to be a nice addition to the shop when working with old vehicles that aren't completely housebroken: They can be cut up into smaller pieces to catch drips and dribbles when an oil filter is changed. I keep one under the P15's transmission that insists on marking its territory in spite of my training efforts.... Also works for me if I'm in the middle of a repair job I just can't turn loose of !!?!! 😆

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