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    Head Removal

    With spark plugs in, ignition coil unplugged and all bolts loose, crank it over with the starter.
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    Running Hot valve Set. That was fun!

    Finally I got around to checking and adjusting the valves on my '53 Chrysler. I did a valve job in June. I set the valves best I could, cold. The car has been running well. Those in the know, say the valves need to be checked with the engine hot. Even better, while it's running. Well for me, this was a first. When I first learned about setting valves on a running engine, I laughed. Good Lord, why would anyone tell someone to sick their hands inside a hot running engine ? Well, I finally got some time to do it today. I took the car out for a ride. I got it nice and hot. Came back to a driveway with all the tools lay'd out in advance ready to go. Like a pit stop, I had it jacked up and the valves exposed in little time. I fired up the engine and I checked all my intake and exhaust valves. I did find a couple of exhaust valves were a little tight. As I expected, as they expand more as they heat up. I shut off the engine, made a quick adjustment, then fired it up again to check valves again. The hot, engine-running valve set enlightened me as to exactly why this needs to be done. You can really feel those feeler gages being pulled in when it's right. My intakes were all good, in spec. I made adjustments to my exhaust and I feel a lot better about properly cooling those hot valves while I am driving. After I was done, I put together a quick unedited, unscripted video for anyone interested in seeing how I did this. Sorry about trying the talk over the engine. It's hard to clearly hear what I am saying when my camera was so close to the engine. It feels great to do, and learn something new. I only burnt my left arm once near my wrist. Totally worth it! - Keith https://youtu.be/aameeYT7SXQ
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    Aluminum B2B Fuel Tank Project

    So finally after a work, here is a partially finished tank. I still have to put in a bung for the sending unit, drain plug, end brackets for mounting, and a couple of bars along the side to add more rigidity. A tig welder will be used to clean up the welds and repair any seams that fail pressure testing.
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    I wanted to share a tool I made today to adjust front drum brakes. Utilizing an extra drum from a 1955??? Dodge truck, I was able to press out the wheel studs and separate the hub from the drum. Then welded a couple nuts to the hub. Drilled a square hole in a piece of steel plate and inserted a ½" carriage bolt and nut to complete the tool. It's so easy to use. 1) lay drum upside down and set the hub tool on top of the drum hub. 2) turn the bolt in or out until the inside edge of the plate is inline with the inside of the drum surface. 3) turn bolt 1/4 turn in and tighten nut to hold plate. 4) place tool on spindle (with bearings and castle nut) 5) adjust lower major adjustment bolts followed by minor adjustments. 6) rotate tool and adjust until desired clearance is achieved 7) remove tool and attach drum, check for drag, and readjust if necessary. Worked for me, hope someone can use this simple tool design to adjust their brakes, enjoy!
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    Merle Coggins

    Pilot-House Friends

    Made a new Pilot-House friend today. Kris is new on the forum, but not new to Pilot-House trucks. I'll let him tell the story when he's ready. As he was reading and researching the forum he saw that I lived nearby (Only a few miles away) and contacted me via PM. I got the Ol' Dodge out today and went over to meet him and check out his B-1-D-116 Express. It's the first 116" 1 ton truck I've seen. They all seem to be 126" versions. Anyway, we had a good talk, cruised around in my truck a bit and had lunch at a local drive-in burger joint. All in all a great way to spend the day. Sorry, no pictures. Too busy talking about trucks to get the camera out. It's nice having other Dodge trucks guys so close. Now I know of 3 in the Fox Cities (Appleton) area. Mine, Ted's and now Kris'. With Todd B only about 45 minutes away, and Ed (from the FB page) about 30 min drive out of town, maybe it's time to arrange another Pilot-House party/cook-out. There's got to be others in the vicinity...
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    Got myself a 1947 Dodge D24

    I found this car on Craigslist a couple weeks ago. For the price he was asking I couldn't let it go. The PO put quite a bit of money in this car: new tires, gas tank, brakes, interior, starter, generator,exhaust , radiator, I also got an extra engine with it. An extra carb and three extra generators. I replaced the head gasket because it was leaking coolant . The people who put interior in glues the carpet and foam pad to the rusty floor pan. I'm working right now on cleaning that mess up. Rebuilt carb because PO painted it and the paint got into the carb and gummed everything up. Seems to idle and drive pretty good. Need to fix auto choke yet. Paint isn't perfect and it has a few small spots of rust and will need new window rubber all the way around having fun with it!
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    1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    My plan was to rebuild the 218 into a 230, with all the nice pep parts ... headers, dual carb intake, hotter cam, etc. So I priced all this, plus the machine work my motor would need during this rebuild, and then this fell into my lap ... a fellow selling a rebuilt 218 from a 53 truck. 40 over on the pistons, hotter cam, langdons headers, offenhauser intake, new water and oil pumps, converted distributor from slant 6 with pertronix ignitor, mopar internally regulated alternator ... nice motor, for the price of buying the parts to rebuild mine. I'll use this with my stock 3-speed.
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    Woodgrain Thoughts

    Here is an example of the wood graining that I did while using the kit from Grain-it company. They have a metalplate willall of the various wood grains and then the appropriate base colors and then the top coats. The graining is applied with a soft rubber roller and is a simple process to do. This is an example of curly maple that was used on the 39 Desoto. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.comu
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    Back from my hunt early. See below. 62"
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    Head Removal

    An old friend of mine had the same issue trying to lift the heavy head off his engine recently... so he made himself some lifting handles from old spark plugs. He's always coming up with ideas for home-made tools, and he usually makes a second set for me to have at my shed too.
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    Winston B1D

    Pilot-House Friends

    Plan was to hang in the weeds a bit longer. Excursion and chatting with Merle (plus many forum posts) made it clear that this a “safe place” for even non-mechanics like me to be part of. Merle, I greatly appreciate your insights and offer to help. We’ve all got our history with these trucks - the stories shared have been fun to read. My history goes back a bit. I like the story, but its long - read as much of it as you want. The truck is a B1D – based on serial # it’s probably a late ’48 production date. It’s a custom cab model. Original owner is unknown. A farmer in Millervile MN bought it in 1960 and used it until he retired and sold the truck and farm equipment at auction in 1978 (photo). Note the green grain bin sides. If the title transfer is reflective of true cost, my Dad paid $300 and drove it back to Minneapolis. The plan was for me to use it and someday we’d “do something” with it. In 1979 I blew the motor coming home from work. I’d been taking the side streets to avoid rush-hour freeway traffic, but one night I worked pretty late and figured what the heck. Bad decision! With just the one (dim) tail light I didn’t want to be putzing along when everyone else was doing 65 mph plus, especially going through “spaghetti junction”. Motor couldn’t take it. Lesson learned! Truck sat in grandma’s garage until August 1980. I had gone to college, but Dad had a few bucks and had a rebuilt motor put in. (Photo of Dad). During the early 80’s Dad played with it and I used it for summer jobs. Tank sediment clogged the fuel pump a few times requiring repair, but overall it ran good. The brakes had “gone soft” and life events happen so the truck sat in grandma’s garage from the mid-80’s until 2003. In 2003 my wife’s job got transferred. For 20 years I looked at that truck virtually every week while taking care of grandma’s house and grand plans to “do something” with it never faded. I didn’t want to walk away from it. When we found a house with a 4-car tandem garage I smiled. We’re taking that sucker with us. A friend with mechanic skills and old cars helped me out. With a battery, points and condenser, a bit of fresh gas, oil in the cylinders, and a few sprays of ether that sucker fired right up. Ran for a few minutes – smoke billowing out of garage as the oil burned off – but then died. Sediment again! Moving company was being paid by the job and wasn’t thrilled to haul it from grandma’s and then from our house to Appleton, but they did it. (Photo). Life events happen. The truck sat again. (Photo). Fast forward to October 2016. Not having mechanical skills or tools, the plan was for a local shop to work on the truck. Only thing I had to do was put on spare tire so it could be hauled to the shop. A 3’ breaker bar in the hands of a novice is bad! (photo). Lesson learned …. read AND understand the shop manual – left hand threads. Took a couple of months to find a hub and then I waited until it got warm for the next step. In June it saw daylight for the first time in 14 years (photo). $2,000 in parts and $1,500 labor, the shop got it to run, steer and stop. A neighborhood tavern was my first stop with a friend (photo). Original color is green so I used graffiti remover to remove the farmer painted black. It looks a lot better (photo). Front tires were toast so I got new ones for the front and spare ($200 each – ouch!). Had I known how bad they were I would not have been driving it the little bit I did. Radials on front and bias-ply on the back doesn’t work. So plan is new back tires. BTW ….. I got left and right tires swapped out without a problem. When you’re old and have been sitting in a chair a long time, even a short walk around the block can be bad for the body. Same goes for the truck. Wheel cylinder leak plus some other items has the truck laid up for a bit. Hopefully I can get it drive-able by October when my Dad comes to visit. He’s happy that “do something” is finally happening and is excited to go for a ride.
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    Time for an overhaul...

    And cylinders are roughed in and within 3 mil of being done (@3.147") so pistons can be ordered at this point. The cylinders were in pretty bad condition having a maximum of 0.015" taper from top to bottom. It's no wonder this motor ran so poorly.... Seems a ridge reamer had been used in the past, and Pat (the machiiist) hates to fix cylinders after a ridge reamer has been used on them. It makes getting the cylinders all perfect a real chore because the factory bore is no longer available to be used as a guide when the "ridge" has been wiped out. Still, it's just short of a finish hone from being done.
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    Leave it or paint

    I corosealed it when I brought it home it's kind of growing on me. I like the idea of bronze and black trim what y'all think
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    Hello everyone! I feel very fortunate to have a 1937 Dodge Pickup that my great, great grandfather purchased brand new. It's been in the family since day one and it's all original. My grandpa's best recollection is that it was last truly "driven" in the 90's. It's been parked at a property of ours since and started periodically. It honestly fires right up and will certainly drive but has no brakes so when I move it I just use the parking brake. Clearly brakes are most important but beyond that I'm trying to give it a little "life". No clue the last time the oil was changed, probably 25 years ago, so I'll do that but I can't for the life of me figure out where or even IF there is an oil filter. I've tried to look at images and forums but from what I see, I simply don't have one? Next up would be it smoking, when it's first fired up or really anytime you give it a fair amount of gas it smokes like hell, part of me says this is a combination of very old gas which almost surely doesn't have any lead in it, likely 25-40 year old plugs, an oil bath air filter (had no idea those existed!), super old oil that's likely worthless and more. What I hope is it's not terrible valve stem seals, oil rings etc. So, I'm planning to order all new wheel cylinders, a master cylinder (I figure it's cheap insurance vs one that's been bone dry for who knows how long), all new hoses, oil, considering water pump but not sure it needs one, oil pan gasket, spark plugs, rear axle seals (leaked on the passenger side when drums were removed). Any other ideas, suggestions etc? It seems the transmission leaks as well, I'll address all that once I get a better understanding on where things sit. Simply trying to see how close to road worthy she is for now, not that I'll be putting many miles on it, just don't want to break it if I don't have to. None of the tires match and all are bias ply and I must assume with a tube. What's the best route there? My guess is the wheels aren't really designed for a modern tubeless/radial tire? Shocks will be done amongst other things. I guess I'm mostly just looking to see if I end up needing to tear out the motor/trans and rebuild before I spend much time on the other parts. But, I'd love all of your input! Currently the plan is to order all of the parts from dcmclassics.com - Good or bad idea? I'm 100% open to suggestions Here's a couple videos of her running. Many months between starts (shame on me I know)
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    Pretty Dodge Brothers Coupe

    I agree. I would rather see a old Mopar (or anything else) running around being seen and being enjoyed by both the driver and the observers,than not see it at all. None of us really own these cars,anyhow. We just have temporary possession of them. The next owner can do whatever they want to do with them,including restore them with the correct Mopar engine if that is what they want. They can't do that if the car was never preserved to start with. PLEASE note for the record that rat rods preserve nothing.
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    Some pics of oiling the tappets and cam....
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    Reg Evans

    Engine dies when I stomp the gas

    My 230 engine has instant throttle response even when cold. Sounds like your leather accelerator plunger is dried out. if you pull it out and soak it over night in some oil it might swell back up again and work properly.
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    I think another reason for the change to paper elements was due to the lower hood height which made having the oil bath air cleaners harder to incorporate into the design as all the oil bath cleaners I have seen have been around 6-8' in height...........paper element air cleaners are generally half that, around 3-4" in height.................the trend to less dusty paved roads, lower hood styling & design, the ability of car makers to espouse another "cleaner to use new product" and maybe an improvement in paper element effectiveness/design/reduced cost probably heralded the demise of oil bath air cleaners usage in normal passenger vehicles ..........their use in heavy machinery possibly continues/ed due to space and overall effectiveness at a guess................and I would be hesitant about using any lightweight oil in an oil bath aircleaner...........andyd.
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    Woodgrain Thoughts

    Please look at my first attempts at woodgraining some trim on my P15 business coupe. Contstructive criticism,suggestions and compliments welcome. I used Krylon Khaki as a base color and Minwax Classic Grey 271 for the grain. There is no clear on it yet, I'm just experimenting.
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    Reg Evans

    265 Engine Color opinions

    You would be bored......they are all Silver. I did do this to one of my 23" 230's just to mess with lookers.
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    Don Coatney

    How to keep the mice away?

    I have never been able to smell moth balls. My fingers are too big to get there little legs apart.
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    White Spyder

    Plymouth Truck

    I was over at a friends shop and he was working on this.....
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    Plymouthy Adams

    town sedan ??

    Hey Frankie, not a problem, Tell Emsey that I am dry today except for perspiration from working on the house. We are now again in need of rain. The ground soaked Erma up like a sponge....I had my feet wet many times during the storm going out to clear this or that..one time I took the chain saw down the street to cut huge oaks that had blown down across the road blocking both lanes. Lady told me as I walked back to the house that she had called the county, they came out, looked at the mess, the limbs still swaying in the breeze and got in their truck and left...I could never sleep at night knowing that was there and the possibility that an elderly neighbor may need emergency ambulance service and they had to find an alternate route to their house.
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    Well, finally I am back out cruising. It's been a very busy August and into Sept. I had my '53 out today for a heck of a great time. I wanted to check in here, update the thread and share the fun. I'll start by going back to August. My father passed away in August. Eventually brain cancer took him. He was 74 and diagnosed 6.5 years ago. He had 3 brain surgeries and we were grateful for the extended time we got with Dad. I spent tons of time with Dad, and he loved my '53 Windsor Deluxe. Things got crazy busy from there. Then our 2 sons left home for University. Both are gone. Now it's just Momma and I. This past week was our first grocery shop for 2 in over 20 years. It was fun, and cheap! Here's Dad and I back in June. This was Dad's last trip to visit our family in our home. Unfortunately my Windsor Deluxe was down for a valve job at the time. Dad cared little. He was very excited to get in and feel the luxury of the old Chrysler. From right inside the garage. Today the Canadian autumn weather was perfect. Sunny but cooler. I fired up the '53 and went for a few different cruises around town. I found 2 different excuses to head out, to go buy what I needed in the old girl. I meet so many neat people when I am out in the '53. (That's we call it, "The '53") Someone pulled up behind me when I parked, and he got out to talk to me. The fellow told me he saw me drive by about 3 miles back and chased me down. LOL. He had to talk to me about the car. He said, "I had to come talk to you and find out all about this beautiful car." He went on, "I cannot recall seeing one in many years. This is the first old Chrysler Windsor I have seen in this town." We chatted for about half an hour. He asked me what the fuel milage was. "I have no idea", I told him. I drive it for pure pleasure. I stop for gas and drop in $10 or $20 whenever I feel like it. I guessed, when I told him it got about 12-15 MPG. I said "A better gauge would be, How many smiles per mile does it get?" Most days when I take it out, I gotta be getting over 3 smiles, thumbs up, head-nods and waves per mile. From strangers. Easily 3, maybe more. I went in to a store to buy a gallon of brake fluid. I am preparing for the brake overhaul on the '53. I came out of the store to find this: A senior couple posing for a photo. They were total strangers to me. Their son with his iphone up, taking the shot. We met, they congratulated me on the car. We had a few laughs and they really enjoyed the car. Grandpa was looking at the chrome dash assembly and smiling. Grandma was looking in at the back seat and smiling. Lol. Maybe bringing back some memories. I cruised past a few new vintage-car friend's homes that I have met, since buying the '53. I enjoyed lots of good socializing and laughs. My last stop was at a local senior's home, who I also met through my car. He is down sizing and selling off lots of his stuff. I have bought a few things from him. He owns a 1955 Pontiac. Today I bought a vintage 1950's bake-lite tube, home radio from him. Also some 1953 to 1954 Popular Mechanics magazines. I went through a huge pile and picked out several with car reviews from the 1950's. I have a Desoto review article from 1952. One on what owners are saying about their 1954 Chryslers. Another Giant Supplement on all 1953 cars for review. A review on 1953 plymouths, and finally, 1953 - "The Owners Report On The Dodge". I am anxious to get started reading all these Mopar review articles. I plan to scan them all and upload them here for sharing. I will be sure to start new posts for each article that I scan and share. I was thinking there might be a few folks on here who might enjoy them. Here's my radio find. I will service this tube AM radio myself and have it working like new. Also here you can see how I solved my modern iphone charging problem. My iphone charger is in the trunk. It doubles as a booster pack for the 6V slow cranker. Mind you I have had no use for it's boosting power yet. My 6V electrical system is in great condition and performs flawlessly. The car starts no problem, even after sitting for prolonged periods. Finally here are the Popular Mechanics magazines. More to come on the articles. I continue to find great new things and interesting people through my car. I am amused at how it has enriched my life. I had no idea. - Keith
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    I have just received my vendor packet for this years Hershey Swap meet that will be held from Oct 4-7. The National DeSoto Club and I will have two vendors spots on the ORANGE FIELD ROW OAD Site 7 and Site 8. The Orange field is the field with the GIANT Convention Center. If you are standing in front of the center then go to the far right rows we should be about the 2 or 3 row in from the outer roard that would have the car corral. If you are at Hershey please stop by and have a visit and sit for a while. Good MoPar conversations will be going on all day. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
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    Mark D

    Car shows

    I've always had a problem with this as well, and with the exception of one show that uses the money for charitable purposes, and another that gives good value for the fee (food, entertainment, etc..) I don't feel it's fair. There's another local show that collects only from the cars and spectators are free, which I feel is quite upside down. Seven years ago when I bought my first p15 I attended a lot of shows. Nowadays I'm happy to take the odd tour with likeminded car friends, wrench on my cars, and drink beer or two in the Garage with my buddies.
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    Here is a picture of the sketch supplied by busycoupe with the 1750 tool he sold me. Also in the picture are the the parts produced by a machinist at my work. I don't need the Ford parts but the next owner (after I'm gone) might.
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    Replacing rear main oil seal

    Several years back I had the same problem. I found that my engine had the same kind of seal as yours and that I would have to pull the transmission and fluid drive unit to replace the top half of the seal. I did not want to tackle that at that time, so I simply replaced the bottom half. I also discovered that the bolts holding the top half of the seal were loose. I was able to snug up the bolts with a thin open end wrench. The new bottom half seal and tightening the bolts solved about 95% of my leak problem. ... Not perfect, but it has been A problem that I can live with.
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    Robin (UK)

    P-15 Convertible tacking strip

    When the vacuum system works, it's sweet. I shot this today...
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    Pretty Dodge Brothers Coupe

    My son and I took our P20 up the road about 3 miles to a car show on 19 August 2017. It was the first show we have taken our car to. Mopar vehicles were not well represented, but I know that to the be the case from other reports here on the forum. This coupe, while not stock was pretty nice. I talked to the vehicle's owner and his wife -- who drives it -- briefly. Not too talkative. His Ford truck won best in show. That is my wife on the left side Automatic and power windows are some of the modifications. The pink you see in this photo is the reflection of the car to my right. I dig these tailights. Mercy that backside is long. I'm guessing this would be a business coupe? Nice hood emblem. What year is this?
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    Knee day

    I'm home, kne is tight so I have work to do, thus not much pain, pauk
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    Southern AZ B2B Build Thread

    So here we are today. Paint is on. It is what it is for being home painted but we did it ourselves. I am waiting on my middle son to get the rest of my glass cut. I need rubber all around to seal the cab. I need the upholstery work. I am ready to send B1B Keven my gauges to get them restored. I have aluminum at a friends shop to build another gas tank. We are working on stubbing out the wiring this weekend.
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    I have one of those stencils across the top of the rear window on mine - "40hp - Just Go Around". Thinking of putting a mirror image on the front so it can be read in a rear-view mirror - "There, Feel Better?"
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    Grease..........is the word.

    You gotta pull the calipers to grease to kinbgpins?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rather have drums than do that!
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    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Today I restarted the engine, too hot in the shop, 101 at 1:00 pm, to tune it. I switched the intake and exhaust valves on cylinder # 4, thus zero compression. Head off, switched the two and now I have six cylinders at pressure within 5 # of each so it should run smoothly. I will tune it tomorrow and take a video. So now I'm back on track. Edit, I always keep the engine attached to a snug hoist, 900 #'s falls FAST!
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    Inspecting rebuilt motor

    Some years ago I bought a purportedly new military engine in its crate. I told the vendor that I would bring a head gasket and a torque wrench. If inspection after removing the head proved the engine was as claimed, I would pay his price. If not, I would reassemble it with a new gasket and go away. It was new .....but certainly the cost of the gasket was good insurance for me.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    48 Desoto Project

    On ‎8‎/‎21‎/‎2017 at 1:19 PM, 52b3b Joe said: I am still continuing to find some more darn mouse homes! I think the car served as an apartment complex for the mice! you got a rat rod and didn't even know it....
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    Well back then, all we had were Fords ... so we walked everywhere.
  40. 3 points

    Brake lights are stuck on

    Yep................takes some getting used to ........but we're tough in Oz............lol........andyd
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    The way I see it,unlike rat rods they are preserving the old cars and most of the styling that attracted most of us to them from the beginning. I'm all for anything that preserves them and puts them out on the roads for people to see and admire. Driving them around as recognizable old cars is what will save the hobby from extinction and keep the cars from being banned from anything but parades. People LOVE to see old cars and trucks being driven around and enjoyed,and a lot of times it inspires some of them to look for their old "high school dream car" so they can join in on the fun. Nothing but win/win for all of us. If young people don't see and become interested in old cars,when we die the old ones we worked so hard to preserve will end up at the crusher,being sold by the pound. The market for 40's and 50's cars is already weakening as things like 70's and newer Mustangs and Camaros take over,so I see any public exposure the 20's to 50's cars to the younger generations as nothing but a good thing.
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    Either you add oil there, or try to get it in the dip stick tube
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    The little old lady from Pasadina. Her other car...is a truck.
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    Bits of wit or jokes that backfired

    Our ofc.mgr was openly lamenting her impending 40th bday for months...I overheard a couple of the guys conspiring one day and much to their delight, mentioned to them that I had in my attic a wheelchair from the 60s (chrome rims, frame, and footrests, blue vinyl seat and armrests), so I lugged that filthy hunk out and gave it a thorough cleaning. On her special day, we swapped out her chair, and they set up their pranks, as she normally arrived at work over an hour after us engineers. Much to our surprise, she got mad, being very quiet and in control, just simmering under the surface judging from her clenched jaw and gritted teeth while asking her fave ppl where her chair was...they produced it, and she pushed that old wheelchair quietly down the long hallway to the lobby while the guys quickly dismantled their pranks planted around the office...I took that wheelchair out of the building when no one was looking a few hrs later, and the mood in the office for a couple weeks was tense with everyone on eggshells around her...less than a month later, I got laid off for dubious reasons, during our busiest time of the year while I was quite involved in multiple projects...weeks later, me and some of the guys wondered if that was the straw that broke the camel's back, as I had inadvertently stepped on quite a few toes during the course of doing my job for 6+ yrs, and she had a LOT of sway with the engineering manager, the company VP and the company president...and as circumstances have unfolded over the last 6+ yrs, that was the last office prank I pulled, as every place that I have worked since has been populated with ppl who do not have a good sense of humor...se la vie
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    I'd save the tranny oil to mix with acetone (50/50) to battle stubborn rusted things...use the SAE 30 for the oil bath. Just my opinion
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    My guess is the damper was not properly installed sometime in the past. That is why one bolt is missing. Whom ever did this they did not align all 6 holes correctly. That would throw the timing marks way off.
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    From one Paul to another Paul, I have known George and Tim for around 20 years now and did have the opportunity to meet Eddy Kingsbury at Chrysler Carlisle in 2009. Classy, professional and all of them were off the chart smart and some of the modest guys I have ever met. Like you I 1st met George and Tim via the telephone. That was great, but nothing like meeting them in person. If you ever have the opportunity, I would strongly suggest it should be on the top of every true Flathead Mopar enthusiast bucket list. Just don't wait to long as George is getting up there and Tim's Dad who I intended to go north to Canada to see the following spring, passed away that fall. That is not to take away from Tim although there is nothing like talking to guys who were there in the early days, or at least the 1940's , 50s and 60s and in the forefront of Performance Flatheads back then. My apologies for the speech but I just thought it was appropriate when two good guys who maybe don't seem to know each other quite as well, might just have ran into each other in the back wood, both thinking the other had their guns drawn! Paul M
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    Hey Paul - Its not the Kingsbury or Asche style to go bashing people and because it is our blog, I would prefer to exercise some tolerance and flexibility when in my mind its clear someone just wandered down the wrong road. As well the idea of floor shift concepts isn't a bad idea for a topic so I will start one. But no apologies required. Now lol, if it was a chevy part, or t5 suggestion, well I would likely be suggesting your in the wrong church!. Have a great one and good luck on the knee surgery. Tim & George
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    Great truck to start on! I have seen a lot of cool one tons at car shows recently! Now as for the 315, I might know a thing or two about the cost of rebuilding one. Put it this way... I could of bought a new 6.4L Hemi crate engine from Dodge for quite a bit less than my 315 Hemi project. However, for me I am trying to shoot for period correct and am trying to clone a D500 315 Hemi. If you are not interested in period correct or staying original, a more modern 318, 340, 360 would probably be the best bang for the buck for HP and modern parts. Also, you might be able to recoup some build costs by selling the 315 poly. If you check Craigslist and eBay, they can go for a good price. They are getting pretty darn rare. And the last of my 2 cents... stick with a Mopar engine of some sort if you decide to swap and keep the original frame.
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