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  2. Gday Andy I’m In Melbourne Vic mine is a 56 with a 2 speed auto also been looking to put a 4 speed behind it wondering what will bolt straight up
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  4. What did you use for the interior side panels? You have a great car.
  5. 1938 Dodge Other Pickups On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1938-Dodge-Other-Pickups/183929240166?
  6. The guy said that he hadn't fished much and didn't know what he was doing. I hope that he knows those huge halibut are full of worms.
  7. Good to know, I’ll be needing an interior kit for my 52 shortly.
  8. When I drive from Modesto or Elk Grove, I take 99 North to 80, East to Wells and then North on 93 to Twin Falls. East to Pocatello on 84 and North on 15. Jackpot,NV, probably has a good mid-week room rate and you'll have your hours of driving in, or push on to Twin Falls. I take the most North exit at Dillon and turn left at the light, and I'm on 41 to Whitehall. Where you get on 15 East bound. Stop by, if you got the time, you still have 3 1/2 hours driving to get to Billings. Not counting the time it takes for your picture's of Livingston's Main street.
  9. I see what you mean in the pictures. My car is all original,too. But it looks like I am missing those on my car. I have the bolts but no rubber bumper. Maybe they are somewhere in my car but I would have to look around.
  10. something fishy about that picture..
  11. Here are some pix. I wont be installing the new radiator until after I get the car running and am able to flush out the cooling system with the old radiator still installed. Until then, It will be boxed back up and stored in a secure place.
  12. The Imperial Club transferred my filmstrips on the MTSC Special kit A and A1 on the M-5 semi-automatic transmissions of 1946-48. But because I have DeSoto and Plymouth filmstrips that don't relate to Imperial, they won't transfer these. But I might still try to make my own just by running my projector and filming it.
  13. Sigh.... Darwinian selection at it's best Probably figured with the wheels on how far can it fall.
  14. These folks are near me. I haven't used them but just for information of another possible source: https://www.facebook.com/vintageautoradio/ https://www.vintageautoradio.com/
  15. What rear end wil fit on a "47 Desoto Custom? I installed a 318/ automatic to the original rear end. It works fine but I have no emergency brake, which is a problem.
  16. A lotta guys will get Tired of This Thread soon
  17. You are correct in that the tailgate is not supposed to touch the bumper.... Maybe the designers included this piece in case someone forgot to fold down the bumper. They were on my very original car and while I don't have my pictures with me at the moment (and can post better ones on Monday), I got these off the internet. 1st pic is supposed to say " missing" on the left and "there" on the right. Second pic shows the square hole in the bumperetts where it is supposed to attach with a small stove bolt
  18. Some lucky Texan caught this monster in Kodiak last week. Estimated at 499lbs. 96" long. Photos from ADN.
  19. Yeah 3.55 is a good gear. I re-read your original post sorry I must have skimmed the 1st time- I think if there is a residual pressure valve in the MC it will happily push past a 2psi valve in the proportioning valve. I usually do an adjustable prop valve to make sure the rears don’t lock up first. I have a ‘corvette style’ small diameter dual diaphragm booster and disc/disc MC in mine. It works ok but there is room for improvement.
  20. Makes sense, I have opted to buy a corvette MC because the vet has 4 disks already also bought the combination valve. But the jeep would be the best bet with jeep rear. Thanks I have the 3.55 rear as well does it work well highway and city? I hope so because its ready to put on.
  21. Lots of things can cause the "carb to pop" Carb is adjusted too lean Vacuum leak Timing issues So can you help describe what this popping is like, or when it is occurring? You say it idles nice, but still pops? Does that mean its only popping when higher in the RPMs or under load? I'm probably forgetting lots at the moment - but the bottom line is we need more details to help.
  22. Adding some choke to stop the popping would make me think you have a vacuum leak somewhere if it's happening when at idle. If it when you're trying to increase the rpms, it could easily be the timing. Get a light on it and set timing to spec. Check the timing at idle and also with some rpm added. The timing should advance with the increase in rpm.
  23. Love the patina, now Phoenix will have a companion.
  24. I'll be there, I missed this years since I didn't get all the paperwork sorted. I'm already now 😄
  25. I hope to see you at Tim's Clements BBQ next spring. 😊😉
  26. Filter.... Heard the guy who invented auto correct died last week. May he rust in pi$$.
  27. Could you post a couple of better pictures or explain exactly where these go. I have a 49 Plymouth Woody and I would like to compare what you need to what is on my car (or missing on mine, too). You stated that there is a rubber bumper so that the tailgate can rest on the bumper guards. This is confusing because the rear bumper is 3 pieces and the center section folds down so that the tailgate DOES NOT rest (or touch) on the bumper guards when the tailgate is lowered.
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