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  2. No booster, manual brakes. The only way I see that you could do a booster is if you went to a hanging pedal. There is a little custom fitting involved with swapping to a modern MC but it isn't too bad.
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  4. if a two wire you will have only 28-32 ohms across the two terminals of the sender...AND this is divided by the wiper (ground) to post 1 and 2......if you have 10 ohms on 1 you will have 20 ohms on 2 This action needs to be smooth and linear as it divides the resistance....this gauge is designed to pull the needle in both directions at the same time..
  5. Mine is the two-wire sender, I have a very early '48.
  6. It appears I have an original bumper jack and wrench...also have the license plate bracket. Thank you for the historical info.
  7. Let me know when you are coming through Fort Collins Colorado!
  8. And here's something I just found. This is file stuff, the fact that they made an adapter. The search said 1953.
  9. @Old CWO did you put a booster on as well? not sure how/where that would fit in. any issues with the mounting screws?
  10. I need to start working on either shining up that oxidized paint, or trying to get down to the original paint. Yeah I know, that would be a hell of a project. I also have some ideas for distressed lettering for the doors that I know is going to be really awesome. I'll do it myself. šŸ˜‰
  11. Bigger ball under the slotted brass screw plug... little ball in the pump plunger well.
  12. My son wanted to put the license plate on, so I let him do that.
  13. I also removed the dome light from that mess of a headliner. I had unhooked the wires yesterday. I have no idea if its original or not. The lens is missing. šŸ˜
  14. June 17: My son and I took a quick spin. I was going to go by myself but then I seen him running down the driveway in his socks haha! So then he ran back and got his shoes on and we went down the road. He made a comment that the gears sound like my John Deere loader. Pic 2: somebody's homemade exhaust patch job. I'll be pulling that apart soon.
  15. on the 48, you should be a two wire setup....the second series (p15 carry over into 1949) could have the single wire....which one do you have....?
  16. I appreciate your confidence...but to come to Jersey.....not on my bucket list at this time......best thing is bring it to GA....lol The next two phase of the trunk pan incorporates repairing damage to the rear cross tie at the back of the trunk....on each side. The floor pan overlay is your tip off to damage, looking beneath you see the rot....then you also have damage to the trunk extensions. All in all quite the process to cut out, make the repair sections, weld each section in proper order. This side is ready now for the application of some primer and then I will weld the overlay that will fix the floor pan that side..
  17. My 218 has a very similar looking crack in almost the exact same place. I just got done fixing it this evening with JB Weld Extreme Heat that I had leftover from fixing a hole I made in the exhaust port.
  18. Lol, just think of the experience you've gained. Hard won but won nether the less.
  19. This picture shows that this started off well, but I think we learned a lesson the more experienced on the forum already know. We won't post the following pics. We got lucky. The Plymouth Doctor let me and my dad pull the right spindle assembly from a parts car sitting next to his shop. Reasonable price too. Actually great price. Thank you Mr. Brandon. Advice from the Doctor, "Press, don't pound." Now we need to get access to a press. Dad had advised I tap not pound, but who hands a teenager a three pound hammer and say's tap don't pound.
  20. How do I know what scale to make this tool from the pdf ?
  21. this pic is for you...ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦..
  22. Mike's Carburetor sells them. He also has a nice tutorial on how to rebuild them on YouTube
  23. Rebuilding them is simple. I got a kit from the Carburetor Doctor. Everything was there and then some. Beware, the two balls are NOT the same size. Be sure you get them in the correct location.
  24. Thanks tbh Iā€™m still trying to figure out how to navigate this forum
  25. In the blogs section at the top of this page, there is a topic and pictures of various floor shift conversions.
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