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    rear end swap

    great ,thanks for info
  3. I was assuming you want to keep the 47 body mounts as much as possible and the 47 pedal setup but if you can splice it under the floor where the 2 frames are fairly flat, that'd be the easiest, if the width difference don't get in the way of reattaching the body.
  5. what tire pressure are you running with radial tires?? same as the shop manual 25PSI???
  6. You'll need to measure each frame from a common reference point and see how well they match up. Set the car up on Jack stands, mark reference lines on the frame to use later. The reference I used on the Dakota clip I did was the front tire centerline. Before cutting, you'll need to take plenty measurements. Including rotation of the donor truck clip so you don't end up with a caster problem. I built in 5 degrees of positive caster in mine but I'll be running radial tires and power steering. If you are going to use bias play tires, you probably want closer to 0 degrees. There is adjustment in Dakota clip obviously but you want to have a target. I spliced mine right about at the firewall on a 58 Plymouth. Also, keep in mind clearance for the full lock tires when choosing the splice location. If the 47 frame is wider, you definitely want the splice aft of where the tire might hit at full lock. Best advice I can give, When you think you've got enough measurements, take some more. 3 measurements to each front sheetmetal attachment points from a solid point on the car body to triangulate the points will help when fitting the sheetmetal back on.
  7. I've come to the conclusion that the original style pinion seal is not a seal at all. It's a cruel hoax perpetrated on the poor hobbyist! I am putting together a spare differential (with an alternate ratio) for my Suburban. OMG! This is the nastiest seal I've ever tried to install! Pinion seals should not be that hard to install. Modern stuff with silicone outer rims are designed to go in with a little more than thumb pressure. There is no way you can get an original in while on your back under the car. Yet that is exactly how most pinion seals are changed. So after a frustrating failure I went to my local NAPA looking for a modern seal. The counterman was in no mood to re-engineer a 67 year old Plymouth so what I got was the listed seal for my car. The outer edge has the dry sealant coating and there is no felt dust seal. It's tap-in to fit in the housing and a reasonable thumb push fit for the yoke. You could easily install this seal while on your back under the car....if you could get the old out! The NAPA part number 18880 price $20 so for $70 (with the "Speedi Sleeve") you can be assured of a leak free differential and you won't be frustrated.
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  9. MT-90 is rated as 75W90 and MTL is 75W80. I suspect the lower viscosity is why MTL is recommended for street use where transmissions are often not up to high temps. Thank you for the datapoint....sounds like the MTL is a long-term solution for my car.
  10. I finally installed a set of the 21" Monroe 34803 shocks on my '51 B3B and was very happy with the results. My previous shocks really only had issues with worn rubber bushings. Liked the ride improvement, so I think I will order and change my rear shocks with the shorter 18" Monroe 34904. Both model of shock go for around $27, after discount, at Rock Auto.
  11. Thanks Andy I will Try all those things and let you know. well I did as you instructed when i took the pressure of with the jack lifting the lower control arm I did get grease in it was coming out around the cup on both sides .And yes they are loads of fun ,thanks to the people of this forum I am able to do some of the work myself Thanks again
  12. Dad, Your Ol Bessy has dancing shoes and LS motor/trans is out of the way.
  13. Is the new trans a 46 RH or 46 RE ?
  14. ...just my opinion, and not meant to pick on you but............if you have to ask then you probably are not up to the task.....
  15. hi is the choise of AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR® Synthetic Extreme Pressure (EP) Gear Lube 75w-90 for the transmission is too much weight???? should I used sae 30 oil,, 1951 dodge crusader (coronet)
  16. update, S10 frame has been stripped, sent to the blaster, black epoxy primed. Have started and almost completed installing all of the new brackets. Will say its pretty cool how they have figured it all out. installed finger tight to get the overall picture. Its easy to see now why you will need the wider rear end and either new upper and lower a Arms, I went with the spacers. Abandoned the 318 motor, missing too many of the brackets. Bought a magnum 360 and transmission out of a 97 3500 tradesman van. Having the motor rebuilt, will then install motor and transmission, mount the cab and front fenders for fit. While waiting on the motor I am going to rebuild the s10 front end. Pictures will be coming soon.
  17. Redline has for years made gear lubes that performed. We used them in off road racing in a car that had a notoriously weak transmission and never had a failure. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that thicker lube isn’t always better. A thinner lube can run cooler and if temperature is killing your bearings as in our case, thinner is better. The factory recognized this and went from 90 wt to 75 wt which is like water, then settled on 30 wt motor oil. I have always tried to drain a transmission and replace the lube with ATF before pulling it for repair. A few hundred miles with ATF in them makes the rebuild process so much easier because when you take them apart the inside is razor clean. I haven’t figured out how to clean the outside as easily yet. Redline lube gets my endorsement whole heartedly. I know the Overdrive gurus are fixated on GL-1, but my experience with ball and roller bearings, brass syncros and sprag clutch freewheeling makes me think there’s a Redline product that will work fine.
  18. lepic56


  19. I looked at your classified ad and I think that's a great car for someone new who wants to get into old cars. A lot of good work has been done and the car is reliable and drivable as it sits. I hope to see a starry eyed younger person pick it up and keep the momentum going. These are so perfect for rookies, for many reasons. Easy to work on and great to learn about cars. In my opinion 4 doors are more fun for cruises with family and friends. Loads of smiles per mile and many memories can be made. I see no downside at your asking price. Good luck with the sale. Hate to see it leave you capable hands but...I get it.
  20. Yes there were some factory grill guards available and different styles depending on the year. I have always been partial to this one with the "D" in the middle of it. Only pic I could find quickly, sorry its not the entire thing - I could go out and snap a picture later, but I think you get the idea.
  21. Thanks @Merle Coggins. I see what you are saying. I guess it's not do simple to active the ground point through a headlight switch. I'll find some 4 pin relays to use.
  22. It's been a while but yes, they lived about 4 hours from anything as I remember. Use to be only a few lines back then. The switching station was out in the middle of nowhere and had the station building and two houses with two families assigned to run and maintain the station. I hear now there are pipelines everywhere and no buildings -- everything is automated. Use to be just beautiful landscape as far as the eyes can see. Attached painting is one my grandmother did in the mid 60's when she lived out that way.
  23. Took the car to meet the wife for supper after she got off work yesterday. Some guy pulls up while we are inside eating, walks around the car before coming in. Reminded me of a thought I had in the past about owning one of these old cars. If you don't like talking to people, you don't need to own an old car. Good thing is everyone who wants to talk to you about your car usually is very friendly. Some guy at cruisin the coast asked me if it had a hemi. I told him it was a flathead hemi. Of course, we were both joking around, I wasn't being a butt hole.
  24. car club meeting last night so I tossed the big boy fender extensions on...
  25. Rifle Colorado, been there! The view is to the north, and part of the Grand Hogback is seen in the distance. Date: 24 March 2017. Photo by Jeffrey Beall The city of Rifle gets its name from a local story, that a trapper had once left his rifle along a creek in the region; from then on, the city has been known as Rifle. See if you can spot your truck?!
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