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  2. Crazy that Desoto interrupted that nice wooden "floor" with the spare! You would have thought that they could have hidden it underneath, or made a continental kit, or something. I love your upholstery pattern and color. I am planning to do a similar style on my '52 Suburban.
  3. Also found 2 great looking hubcaps for the project while at the junkyard with 48dodger and GGdad1951. Dug them out of 2 pallet sized boxes of random caps. I think even if I can't find 2 more I'll run them on one side of it! Liked them so much I even dug out a wheel to see how they looked "installed"
  4. Tim did get to see it although I can't say we actually worked on it...
  5. Is it a factory setup or aftermarket clamp on switch assembly?
  6. Nice grab. Did it win the award for best adaptive use of duct tape??? Do you know what transmission it has? When you get to tune up parts cap, rotor, points etc, you need to specify distributor number. On a plate on the side of the distributor, starts with three letters ,IGS, IAT or similar followed by 4 other 5 numbers. There are three or four different distributors that interchange but use different parts. Also on the front top drivers side of the engine is a flat casting pad with a number yours should start with s14 if it's the original to the car. Also the stock electrical set up is six volt positive ground. Good luck
  7. When I bought my truck the inside door handles were installed upside down. If you slammed the passenger door shut, the inside handle would drop down and self lock the door. When the passenger door is locked with the handle you can not unlock the door with the key. Luckly the drivers door was not locked.
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  9. Best Picture Ever.....those two guys were the best!! 48D
  10. Make sure you are checking clearance with the tire on the ground and fully loaded. I was concerned when I first got my P15 as the front tire was scrubbing as shown in your photo when turned full lock when I had it on the jack and checking out everything. But when it was off the jack the clearances were fine.
  11. Me and Todd are on the same page. "Fire Good!!!" 48fireDome
  12. I think my brother just wanted to get me in trouble!
  13. that first hole is nerve wracking. I started with e SMALL bit to make sure things didn't wander.
  14. LOL, Linda literally said "Todd likes to have big fires! that's a lot of wood gone!" I'll remember that for the luau! Payback!
  15. and my haul for the weekend. The chain brackets are for the bed on the 47 turkey truck project. The hubcaps will end up on that one too if I can find 2 more.
  16. Onward to the cars! Old friends and a "borrowed" hat. Sorry Merle and Tod looks like he's a Vikings fan Professionally installed sticker!
  17. I had to sleeve my yoke as well. It's a fairly easy process actually. I bead blasted the yoke to get it clean then put it in the freezer to shrink it a little. That step proved pointless as the sleeves are so thin the temperature difference disappears too quickly to be useful. Installation is simple, you hammer it on with a cup that comes with the sleeve that pushes against the flanged end. Then I buffed the end with a Scotchbrite wheel to reduce the burr. The seals are pretty old timey with the felt dust barrier. The felt serves only to keep dust out not lube oil in. I am certain there are better seals that would fit. Nobody uses that system anymore. I have the pumpkin out of the car for bearing replacement, so I am going to use a different procedure than you would for an in car seal replacement. After all the adjustments to the bearings are made, I'll take the pinion out, put the front bearing & oil slinger in, then press in the seal and finally the yoke. To keep the slinger from wondering a little grease will hold it. The pinion will go in last. Lots of trial fits first. I would use a modern seal if I had to do this under the car. The originals are way too fussy and too easy to damage. I got my SKF "Speedi Sleeve" from NAPA for $48.
  18. Don't understand "full wing and stick style".
  19. Just want it to be clearly understood, Tim is only available on loan. We know a great guy when we see one! Looking forward to April.
  20. 629 lbs turned into the butcher. Will feed us for a year. if that moose dressed out at 50%, then that was a 1250 lb animal. That is not s calf! Great rack. Why some full wing others stick style?
  21. This has me intrigued............does it scrub on both sides?......have you tried to adjust the steering stops I mentioned to see if that helps?.................does it only scrub when the car is on the ground....or only when off the ground.......or both?................does the car have an excess of toe in?............andyd
  22. in inches I suppose..? :-) so for our metric friends: EX: 0.25 mm IN: 0.2 mm Thanks for the info!!
  23. Last photos to help me with wheel and tires: 5th - picture shows a P205/75R15 on a 4.5x15 rim - Backspace of 3 3/8" 6th - picture shows P205/75R15 on a 4.5x15 rim with no clearance to brake line clip 7th - picture shows P205/75R15 on a 4.5x15 rim with 1/8" clearance to top arm assembly I guess I am kinda back to what wheel and tire (make and Model) for both that will work on my stock car. Then maybe all this math stuff is not required. I really need some help on this. Tks Randy
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