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  2. A few months ago, a got a '50 Desoto Custom, and I've been a lurker here since, looking up info and finding answers to common questions. I've got one I haven't found an answer for. My head has a "feature" I've not seen before, a hole In the #6 combustion chamber which goes into the water jacket. It lines up with a pipe plug, which I've removed. You can see daylight through the hole. Seems to me, water would pour into the cylinder. Is there supposed to be something there?
  3. whether one likes the blending of the models put aside....the colors of the truck along with the polished camper section clash like you read about.....those often over polished airstreams need to be removed from the highway as a reflective hazard to the general driving public..
  4. I have a spare one, will take a look at it tomorrow, I think it came off my 56 engine but it was the same as the one one my 46. It has a bit of wear but the springs are all intact and the release bearing contact shows no gouges or damage.,
  5. Search "Toronado Airstream". I saw it live, years ago at the DreamCruise. In my humble opinion, a rather inelegant juncture of the low car and the bubble trailer. The Dodge Airstream above looks a little better.
  6. no matter where you advertisement, do the community a favor and RESPOND to those that inquire.....of late it seems local ads, craigslist and even fb marketplace...only 1 in 12 will reply to their ad when you inquire. Classifieds here cost a nominal fee but you reaching a dedicated interest group...
  7. thanks for all the thoughts and comments! I'll dig around and find the actual model on the frame as mentioned. thoughts on best place to attempt to sell something like this? ebay? where do "barn finds" get sold like this?
  8. looking for a 9 1/4 pressure plate for my 51 plymouth ,the one that in it now is a borg and beck #1577 stamped on it , this is the only number on plate ,looks like it may have been and old rebuilt , i.m not sure if it is the correct pressure plate for my car . no i never drove the car so i don't know if it worked properly , any input would be appreciated
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  10. I just got off the phone with my friend as he is taking the vehicles down south. The owners name is Phillips and he has a few other rigs there that led my friend to believe that it is indeed the one and the same. He told my friend that he is no longer doing the exhaust manifolds, and just before my friend left yesterday he brought in the last manifold that was made. I am now the owner, talk about fortunate.... My friend traded it for a tow. I will be going down in the next month or so to run the last trailer down, and will probably be giving my friend some money for the manifold set as I don't like owing (or feeling like I owe) my friends. I will have to do a little more work on the manifolds as they were an unfinished cast. If I get a chance to talk to Mr Phillips I will, but I get the feeling he is in the retired mode. The first rig my friend moved was a really nice (to me) Dodge Carryall project, that has newer axles and some serious tires along with a hefty motor and extensive brake work. Oh to be able to have the ability to build all of my dream rigs.... Having served, I have a soft spot for Duece and a Halfs and old Power Wagons.
  11. I rarely mow before 9 myself but the heat dictated else wise. I was stationed in both Norfolk and Virginia Beach I'm guessing the humidity/dew is similar? During the pine tree pollen season was pretty awesome yellow everywhere and so hot when it got done raining the roads would steam!
  12. The brake shoes are not that hard to get. I have serveral cross reference catalogs that refer to brakes, wheel cylinders, transmissions, autolite electrical and tune up parts speedometer cable. Send me your more email and I will send you my catalog listing. Also would suggest that you get a service manual and alsoparts manual for your car they tell you a lot of great info on how to keep the car running. Rich hartung Desoto1939@aol.com cell 484-431-8157 live near Philadelphia PA
  13. there are many BUY IT NOW kits swap to disc mentioned here from various suppliers, there are a couple DIY from items you collect at the auto salvage yard or if you wish across the counter for same application as found in the yares…. As you are new, it would be a very good idea for you to do a search of the forum on disc brakes and read, read read and get an idea of what is involved in work, initial cost and proven workable mix and match of components....they are also many and various...other will more than not chirp there findings to assist...but again...not all kits are equal, but most are very doable upgrades....the search will bring you up to speed rather quickly I think.
  14. New around here but I bought a 49 plymouth special deluxe the other day and now am now starting to dig into it with the goal of getting it back on the road. Car was a project that the owner lost interest in for about three previous owners, so hasn't been on the road in some time. Right now the car is basically all original with the flathead 6 and three speed. I have been tearing into the brake system lately and it needs a complete rebuild. Haven't taken the rear drums off yet, but the front shoe lining just crumbled and appeared to be stuck to the shoe with double sided tape, and one front drum has a huge groove in it probably at least a 16th deep, front wheel cylinders rusted, about what i was expecting. The master cylinder and wheel cylinders are no problem, local napa can get those. Found the shoes online (expensive but available) or i could figure out how to reline them but seems like the front drums are hard to come by and likely really expensive. This brings me to a sort of impass. My intention is to drive this car a lot, year round and I live in Wyoming. Not exactly a parade car, so I really don't want to have to always worry about wearing out hard to find brake parts. Preferably i would rather keep it original but due to parts availability I am contemplating other options. Seems the wheel bearings are pretty standard sizes so disk swaps are pretty common. Are people around here running the front disks with a manual master cylinder? Im normally not a real big fan of disk brake swaps or power brake swaps but disks may be the easiest. Likely will investigate adding a dual master cylinder and building a bracket to remount the pedals anyways. Also been browsing through various car wheel bearing sizes and brake parts to see if maybe a later cars drums could be adapted (may be able to adapt bigger or wider brakes). Seems it could be possible however it would require a lot of trail and error to get parts to fit right, adapting the backing plates and a lot of other little details that would take a long time to figure out. Just looking for opinions on whether finding stock parts is worth it and how well the disk set ups work without adding a power booster.
  15. I bought off the shelf at Napa for my B2B. Cheap and easy. Bothers ends fit perfectly t. It is tad longer than stock, but works fine.
  16. Have you verified the red statement with a compression check? If so and it's OK, read on. Rislone is a very thin oil additive. Not at all like the STPs of the world. Uncle of mine used to sell it, wholesale supplier. One of the demos was using it to lube a polished angled plate. Let a steel disk slide down and compare to stp, oil, stp/oil mix, Rislone/oil mix. Much 'slicker' than oil. I'd add a quart to the oil, pour a couple of ounces into each spark plug hole of a warm engine. Let it sit without the plugs for a couple of days. Crank it over to clear any that may be on top of the pistons, put in the plugs and drive it! Change oil soon to your favorite stuff. Since your breaking carbon loose, hopefully, you will need to change it often to prevent bearing damage. Or, do the same with ATF, my favorite penetrating fluid. Can't hurt, may help.
  17. That’s where I left that truck😎
  18. Don't power wash....air hose it off. The roof on the panels can suffer rot inside of the seams at the roof line. If you get through the metal it'll make a mess inside the panels etc.....if you plan to sell it or keep it...it's best to hold back on the water at first. There's a lot of good truck there....I'd keep it and have some fun. 48D
  19. Yeah, I've restrained myself to not mow before 8:30 am. Even at that time, I'm concerned some neighbor will gripe. But, I can't really do it until about 9 anyway, to allow the morning dew to evaporate somewhat.
  20. Looks solid and all together great panel to get back on the road. Hope it finds a good home.
  21. Mine was at a machine shop for a year and a half. I tore it completely apart, so they just had to machine it and assemble it. I even left the shop manual. All that they got done was cleaning the block and head, decked the block, and rough honed the cylinders. I finally picked it up and dropped it off at another shop who had it back to me in two months. It wasn't a fancy modern race engine or a SBC that they could do with their eyes closed.
  22. Like he said. Panel vans are popular.
  23. Drop me an email or call or text. Mark@rdusaclassics.com 978.333.0758 cell It’s funny I just passed through Manchester a few minutes ago headed up to Northwoods New Hampshire to pick something up, and then I’m headed back
  24. So far so good! i have put about 1600 miles on it since i bought it. just driving around. I am waiting for the drive ins to have movies i am interested in before i go there with it. right now they have had all the new disney movies or the new superhero movies. Hopefully they will have like an action/comedy combo or a comedy/horror combo (The drive ins does two movies back to back). I would be happy to meet up with you! we can find someplace in the middle hopefully others will be up for a meet up too.
  25. If you are not going to restore it I don't think you should even clean it. You should not have any trouble selling it just the way it is. It is a very nice 52 by the looks of it. Very intact too. Move it along to someone who really wants one. Jeff
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