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  2. Yes, I guess that makes more sense. come to think of it, if the pedal lever slid through the pad, it would quickly wear out!
  3. I think that the flat part is under the toe board (and bubble faces down). If the flat portion were to be above the floor it would never seal as there are small wedges that would not allow it to seal .... ever. At least the other way, the holes will be sealed when not on the brake or changing gears 😲
  4. Essentially I’m trying to figure out why my Cadillac is vapor locking. I know this isn’t the site for that but it is a standard car issue and I have a ‘51 Dodge so I’m in the club but that thing doesn’t overheat anymore. I was reading the temperatures of the inner and outer radiator tubes and they are 209 and 185. To me that indicates that the radiator is cooling like it should. The water pump only has a couple hundred miles on it. The engine block was flushed. I’m not sure what would cause the heat in the engine like that.
  5. Now I'm also confused. I thought the brake, and clutch pedal shafts slid through the rubber pad and that the rubber pad stays put with the square part above the floor board and the bubble part below the firewall. But I could be wrong because right now my car is apart.
  6. Here's that picture you wanted from my 48 DeSoto Parts List.
  7. Yep....I had them installed above the toe board facing up and they never worked right. I saw a diagram in the assembly manual with them facing down below the toe board. They only seal when the pedals are up....crazy!
  8. Looks like a good job! Did not know Bernbaum had any more. The U-joint I bought from him was the other kind with the big hole through the cross. I wonder if the bat-wing style of U-joint are interchangeable with my type of of U-joints? did you do the replacement yourself? I've heard you need a bench press to press out the bearings, so I am taking mine to a shop. Marc.
  9. Yesterday
  10. What was your original reason for removing the steering column? Are you just trying to take the body off the chassis? Don't need to remove the column to do that.
  11. Yea he wanted mine too. any how due to the heat and my health problems ( breathing) I’m not going
  12. But we Do drive on the right side........lol......see this pic of some old fart caught driving my Dodge recently........he's sitting on the right as can plainly be seen...........lol..........andyd
  13. Put tranny in low gear, put a snipe on output yolk of trans and give it a pull, its been soaking long enough she'll prob break loose. Either that or the clutch will slip, if so, try a higher gear. (Low gear acts as a torque multiplier if you rotate the output shaft, you shouldnt have to pull very hard)
  14. Not saying I agree, but just for discussion. We would normally add rebar to the forms to tie everything together. What if the rebar was made of fiberglass? It is still tying the concrete together, is it possible it will last longer then steel rebar? I have no honest opinion, rebar has worked well for over 100 years ... is it possible fiberglass rebar is better?
  15. what size oil lines are used on by pass oil filter, and what are the the fittings used for the canister and block, i have a few fittings, but the holes in fitting look like it would restricted oil flow ? thank you
  16. every time sparky saw me and my 49 royal he would tell me he wants to buy my car. he was a great man
  17. here in the south they like stranded fiberglass in the mix...personally I do not care for it. as for fiberglass re-bar....I would think that would be good as the rust is not there and concrete will absorb from the ground.....moisture barrier is a plus for shop floor and to me the first 20 feet of a driveway as you never know when you may have to roll one out to do a job or not be able to roll it in....we have all seen the classic example of rebar busting out concrete with rust expansion...powerful stuff....and any small crack now allows more moisture accelerating cracks by freezing....
  18. Regarding possible (perhaps probable) causes of the engine being locked up, for what it might be worth, I have an extra engine and transmission which I could only turn back and forth a few degrees by wrenching the manual crank nut on the damper pully. On removing the head and oil pan I could see that the pistons moved up and down a very small amount but the exhaust valves were frozen in their guides and were the total cause of the lockup. Replacing those bad valves and their guides was all that was needed for the engine to turn freely. The bad part is that removing frozen valves in a flathead motor is no easy task.
  19. I have always had my concrete crews put in 1/2” re-rod 24” on center. Blocked up so it doesn’t lay on the ground. Just had a garage poured and they used a 3/8” fiberglass rod. Anyone have any experience with this in ground where frost moves things.
  20. I'd like to know when it was built. It would make a lot of sense if it was built about 40 years ago
  21. Use any dye or paint on the mating surface before sanding, that will help locate the low spots as you sand.
  22. I keep seeing other B&C series for sale with bowtie motors- I don’t get it- why install a motor that ruins the resale?! Is a 5.9 that much harder to find or more expensive? This is still the most festooned with bad ideas I’ve seen in terms of resale value- I think its target audience already spent their money on a harley covered in spikes and knives with angry skull paint. ...but like I said it does look like somebody was sure having fun!
  23. either way, The valve covers on the trunk lid are not 413, nor are they 426 .... who is to say they even go with the car? But they do look hemi related to me, who knows what someone did in the past on these old cars .... maybe there is a stash of parts, and the rebuilt engine is parked in another shed? Los is skeered to ask
  24. I am probably the only man on the internet that is not on facebook….I have no account to view the ad.....but thanks....the 413 with soniramic induction would be the cats meow on one of my 62 Polara 500's...BUT...other than looks I would have absolutely no use for an engine of that magnitude....
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