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  2. Cylinder head screws - exact definition

    The bolts would be the same? Thanks
  3. Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor reproduction

    Hi Andy. You are most definitely right. But 6 Volt they are not, a three wire set-up they also are not. Not to mention my technical lack of understanding of defining which one to choose (I suppose they need to be in line with the cylinder set-up and the existing switch) etc. So I doubt this will be the road for me to be taken.
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  5. Flathead six identification

    This is great info. I will measure the block to confirm the size. Would a 230 fit in the ‘48 Pilothouse. I have the truck stored offsite, so will go measure to see if it fits, but thought I would ask to see what everyone thinks. Thanks for for the Help?
  6. Time for an overhaul...

    Interesting.....thanks for the pictures and explanations.
  7. Flathead six identification

    Chrycoman Posted 2013-08-26 10:50 PM (#393555 - in reply to #393329) Subject: Re: KDS6*I6432* Expert Posts: 1638 Location: Vancouver, BC d500neil - 2013-08-25 4:43 PM That would be a 6 cylinder 1957 Dodge engine block. K: 1957 D; Dodge S: Standard 6: whatchagot 16432: 15,432nd 6-banger cast (beginning with 1001) Actually, the S stands for DeSoto. The 1957 DeSoto Firesweep used Dodge's 325-cid V8 and the engine number prefix on the 1957 325 engine was KDS - 1957 Dodge DeSoto. When the 1957 model year began, the Dodge six cylinder engine number prefix was D72. But on January 11, 1957, the engine number prefix was changed to KDS6 at number 9601 when DeSoto began building six cylinder Firesweep 4dr sedans for the taxi market. The Firesweep six was not much of a success - total production hit 139 units.
  8. Flathead six identification

    Is the KDS6 engine 23" long or 25" long? Your existing 218 should be 23" long.
  9. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    I think it depends on the year. I have a 270 that came out of a car that does not have side mount provisions and came with a front mount. The 56 325 block came with a front mount, but also has side mount provisions on the block.
  10. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    ...cars used the side mounts.
  11. Time for an overhaul...

    Been away for a while, mostly due to health issues. Spend some time in a hospital, got out and feel quite recovered so I went to the shop Saturday and got the valves and springs installed. That's all I got done besides more parts cleaning prior to the rest of the bottom end assembly hopefully next Saturday. And had other cars to work on, so not too much Plymouth time. Installed NOS replacement valves and reused the springs that were in the motor as they were on the money per the manual. Lost one of the original keeper halves but had ordered a few extra in anticipation of, so all good. Shimmed springs 0.060" for about an additional 7lbs spring pressure in case we do install a turbo at some poont which is the plan. Anyway, not much progress is still progress. I'm getting there....
  12. 48Dodger, I also noticed looking at your pics that on the 1 1/2 ton, it has a crossmember that mounts inside the frame versus bolting to the bottom of the frame.
  13. Eureka, I found it...finally!

    Those are beautiful things!
  14. 8.0 earthquake

    It's down to a watch right now. News said that most likely nothing coming but strong currents and up to 1 ft wave.
  15. Clements, California Tailgate BBQ 11th Annual

    My apologizes! I'm usually pretty good about calling people back..... I'll PM you my number and lets try that again. 48D
  16. 8.0 earthquake

    They cancelled Tsunami warnings in Washington, Oregon, and California........which is good for us down here.....I think warnings are still in affect around Alaska. 48D
  17. Off topic hobbies

    So I take it that coke bottles are somewhat different in some regions? Question, do they resemble beer cans in Wisconsin and wine bottles in Napa Valley, CA? D.C. Bottles then must have two faces! LOL
  18. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    you can get them from RIWire
  19. Off topic hobbies

    Yeah, it got a little out of control for a few years, I'd find broken examples, then get obsessed with finding a good one. I have shelves to put 130 on display, but haven't put them up since moving to Maine. We have a bit more room here, so will probably expand the display a bit. I have a few national brands (we collect the Coke bottles for where we're at, not for as many locations as possible), but mostly unique southwest bottlers. Quite a few duplicates for trading purposes, but haven't gotten into the horse-trading aspect yet.
  20. 8.0 earthquake

    The water is receding in Kodiak harbor right now.
  21. 8.0 earthquake

    That's scary.
  22. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    It’s a possibility...
  23. My original CARTER fuel pump.

    Hi guys.I knew a news these days: "FUEL DOES NOT TURN OIL GREY,coolant does."
  24. 8.0 earthquake

    now saying 8.2
  25. Eureka, I found it...finally!

    Great info, this should be in the tech section or something. Thanks for sharing.
  26. 8.0 earthquake

    Just had an 8.0 earthquake. Centered 320 miles south of us. Not much to write home about.
  27. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Only one question: will we see this truck at Tims BBQ? That's the place where real trucks (eagles) gather and get authenticated. APRIL 14!
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