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  2. Varnish the heck out of it?? It worked for Town and Country's.
  3. I’m thinking of doing the same thing. Though my trunk isn’t as nice as yours ( it was free). I’d like to figure out a way to “treat” it to keep it from deteriorating in the weather.
  4. busycoupe

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    My car had pinholes in the gas line over the arch. It would run fine, but when it sat with less than half a tank of gas the gas would drain from the high point in the line and then the pump would suck air and not pump the gas. I had to pour gas into the carb to start it. Don Coatney told me to look for a leak in the line and when I pulled the rear wheel I could see that the line had been seeping gas, not enough to make a puddle. I replaced the entire line and in the process found a couple of more pinhole leaks that were buried in grease and gunk where the gas line goes under the front of the engine to the pump. Since replacing the line I have had no starting problems. Check the rubber line connecting to the pump also.
  5. Jocko_51_B3B

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    Here's what a fuel sending unit looks like inside. This post also shows why they can have problems...
  6. I bought a brand new fuel gauge sending unit from one of the well known Pilothouse suppliers and decided to check it out with an ohmmeter before installing it. According to the supplier, the ohms for Pilothouse trucks should range roughly between 10 and 100 ohms as the wiper arm slides along the resistance wire. But all I got were completely erratic readings or no reading at all on my ohmmeter. I had purchased the part two years ago and the supplier wouldn't take it back so I decided to take the unit apart and see why it failed. There were two problems. First of all, the brass wiper arm was turned 180 degrees around and was making no contact with the coil of resistance wire! I turned the arm around to make contact with the wire coil. Second, the resistance wire was so loosely wound around the white nylon insulator that when the wiper arm moved up and down, the wire would move around with it! Because the resistance wire would not stay put, of course the resistance readings were totally erratic. Here's how I fixed it. First, I poked around on the loose resistance wire to try to space it out more or less evenly. Then, in order to prevent the wire from moving around, I got some crazy glue from Ace Hardware and dropped a bead along the bottom of the wire coil (opposite where the wiper arm contacts the wire of course). After that, I retested the unit and now get smooth variation from 10 to 86 ohms which should be close enough. I am not sure if most sending units work this way, but if they do, poor quality control in manufacturing can definitely cause erratic fuel quantity readings from brand new sending units. Is anything made with quality in the good old USA anymore?
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  8. Just an update guys...finished the first of the machining on these bad boys . Starting to take shape and ready to test them soon
  9. Merle Coggins

    Twenty years. . .

    If you click on the "Store" tab in the header of this page it will bring you to a link for making donations to the forum.
  10. Dan Hiebert

    Twenty years. . .

    My hearty appreciation to the Webmaster for setting this Forum up, and more so for maintaining and sticking with it. I don't recall exactly when I first stumbled onto the site, it was while we were living in Carlsbad, NM, so it was before 2003, and you'uns have let me tag along through four States. Lots of good people, information, and stories here.
  11. Todd B

    Twenty years. . .

    I think it’s time for a pledge drive. Post your mailing address and I will start it off with a $50 donation. Thanks for the site.
  12. pflaming

    Springtime In The Midwest!

    Packing houses are packing peaches out here. Early peaches sell good, but I don't eat peaches til mid June.
  13. pflaming

    Wi-Fi Security Cam In My Garage

    Wow! But can it detect cats? ! ! !
  14. Ranger

    Vehicle ID Tag Numbers Upside Down

    "If you can read this....turn me over!"
  15. billschwindt

    Door latch spring b2b

    check Joes Springs on E-Bay. I've had luck there. Good luck. Bill
  16. keithb7

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    I sure am interested in what fixes this. I have had similar instances where I show gas in the tank, but ran out. Fixing the fuel pick up tube flopping around in my tank, I thought solved my problem too. Until 2 weeks ago when I again ran out of fuel with a 1/4 reading on the fuel gauge. I have yet to fill the tank right up and see how much it takes. My fuel cap rubber seal is old and dry. Sloshing fuel will leak out if my tank is over 3/4 full. A new fuel cap is on the way now. Soon enough I will fill mine up and see. @busycoupe, if there were a pin-hole in the fuel line where it goes over the axle arch, would if not drip fuel when left sitting parked? This is new and interesting info.
  17. Young Ed

    Twenty years. . .

    Yes I too joined after I had my truck but before I bought my p15. My original user name was dodgepu1946. I got my truck in 2001 guessing I joined up here in 02 or 03
  18. Young Ed

    New chapter in my life.

    probably the best thing for back seat space is a lincoln from the 60s that used the retractable tech. The top was taken out of the trunk space that way.
  19. Jerry Roberts

    Light Bulbs

    ebay has lots of 6 volt bulbs .
  20. bergy

    Transmission Advice

    Hi to all, Got a 53 b4.putting the small block hemi 276 in. I have a 3:55 ratio diff . Need a suggested auto trans w/ overdrive to use . Would prefer staying with mopar manuf...Read several posts suggesting Dakota trans. Not familiar with any of these trans. Would appreciate any knowledge related to this. Thanks
  21. busycoupe

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    Check the fuel line, especially where it goes over the rear axle arch. If there is a pinhole leak there the car will run as long as the level of fuel in the tank is above the pinhole. But when the fuel level is low the fuel pump sucks air through the pinhole and won’t pump gas.
  22. Grdpa's 50 Dodge

    New chapter in my life.

    Lots and Lots of beans at the BBQ and the mileage will be terrific!!!
  23. Ancient Jon

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    "Ran out" of gas again. 11 gallons filled it up. So there is roughly 6 gallons in the tank when it goes empty. I'm thinking the entire fuel pickup has come loose inside the tank.
  24. 41P11Coupe

    1946-1948 Plymouth parking brake

    Any pictures?
  25. BobT-47P15

    New chapter in my life.

    Proabably need something more like a Chevy, Olds, Pontiac or Caddy convertible.......big ol boats.
  26. desoto1939

    Brake issue on 39 Desoto

    yes you are correct. RichHartung
  27. Yesterday
  28. matt167

    Light Bulbs

    really? my local autoparts stores carry 6v bulbs. Tractor shops also
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