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  2. MackTheFinger

    I bought another old dodge !

    Yeah, but ID/OD doesn't have to be done by a state trooper. You should be on a first name basis with your local DMV office by now. They can get this done in about a minute.
  3. Dale Gribble

    I bought another old dodge !

    I live in Missouri and it has an Iowa title ... ID/OD verification is required to register. And again, I want to update the title to reflect the serial in the door jam , as I don't wish to try and explain to any officer on the side of the road how to decipher a frame number that's hidden behind the tire ... That is just begging to be towed instantly and have a nightmare begin ... Any patrol officer that opens the door of that car and the numbers on the plate are not consistent with what his computer is saying is going to immediately slap some silver bracelets on to me and some tow hooks onto the car ...
  4. austinsailor

    Why are parts crap???

    I'm going to bitch for a bit. It seems like at least half the parts I buy are crap. Either substandard, don't fit or other problems. Some can be used with mods, some either tossed as the come out of the box, or fail in shot order. New battery box cover for my B1B. Seems simple enough. What I got was a flat piece of sheet metal with 2 ribs rolled in it. No lip around it, no springs to hold it in place, isn't even trimmed to fit the opening. I have a bead roller, I could have done better. vent seal. "2 shorter than the vent. Why?? New gas pedal. - so poorly made, step down once and it bends. It just goes on, I could add dozens more. I'm sure everyone has similar problems. in fairness, my wiring harness from Rhode Island Wiring was exactly right in every aspect and well documented. The gas tank from Tanks, inc. worked well, although I wonder why the can't have a fill tube that requires no mods to the truck, since it is just a screw on fitting. ok, I'll calm down now.
  5. MackTheFinger

    I bought another old dodge !

    You live in Missouri and have a Missouri title that looks like it matches the frame number. There's no reason to take it to the troopers. Get the car insured, inspected, licensed, and drive it. If anyone ever questions your new title have 'em crawl under the car and look at the numbers. Keep a copy of the title you have now if it makes you feel better. Call Jeff City and they'll tell you the same thing. Been there, done that. KH, Missouri doesn't send someone to your place to inspect your vehicle if the numbers are FUBAR'ed or you're building one from parts you take it to a Highway Patrol office and they look at it and your receipts. If the paperwork's in the system, like this guy's, nobody really pays any attention to it.
  6. Don Coatney

    brake fluid pressure

    Make sure the pictured hole in your master cylinder is not plugged. The fill cap for the master cylinder is vented so no pressure can build up.
  7. Dan Hiebert

    I bought another old dodge !

    Why not ask your DMV before taking the car for inspection if there's a chance they'll question the numbers? You may need to speak with an experienced clerk or supervisor, as many only know about their State's requirements AFTER vehicle identification numbers were standardized by Federal law, or they may even have a clerk that specializes in such things, doesn't hurt to ask. If a change is in order they may give you an option which number to use, personally, I would opt for the serial number, easier to read, easier to prove...also because I have over 30 years experience in identifying false documents, in part by comparing numbers and letters, and that number in question is a 5, not a 6, so that number is not correct on the title. Neither number will "conform", and they'll have to override it anyway, every States' motor vehicle registration program allows for older cars that are still on the road. I've dealt with such things with the DMV in five different States, (including Texas, where my brother retired as a Trooper and is now a Sheriff's Deputy), some clerks wig out a little because it's outside the lines or their comfort zone, but I've always left with what I needed.
  8. Dodgeb4ya

    Crank Pulley Install Question

    I wouldn't be too concerned Mark🙂....I used to do them like that and never had a problem with premature end play on any engines I did. But I decided to have an easier more sure way of installing the pulleys and or damper type hubs. So I made the tool.
  9. kencombs

    brake fluid pressure

    First thing I'd check would be to make sure the return port is being uncovered when the pedal returns. To little free play between linkage and piston could block that.
  11. RobertKB

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Been there, done that.
  12. RobertKB

    I bought another old dodge !

    Gotcha. That seems pretty harsh! Where do you live? Why is highway patrol inspecting? Where I live (Alberta, Canada) if your car has not been registered in a long time or is from another part of the country or even a different country you have to get what is called an "Out of Province" inspection. This can be done by any garage that is certified to do them. If a car fails, the reason(s) for the failure have to be corrected and the car re-inspected. This to me is reasonable and the owner would never lose the car.
  13. Today
  14. knuckleharley

    I bought another old dodge !

    Yup,and as more young cops get a badge,there are going to be more cops that are enviro-freaks looking for any excuse to pull a old car off the road. Your only defense is to not give them that excuse.
  15. knuckleharley

    Brake and fuel line routing???

    The brake line is obviously going to run along the drivers side of the chassis,and you can mount it anywhere that is convenient to you. Do yourself a favor and mount your disc-brake mastercylinder and booster,if you use a booster,before you even touch the brake lines. The brake line can cross over to the passenger side under/inside,or even behind the crossmember where the rear of the engine/transmission crossmember is attached to the chassis. Inside the hollow is best because it is the most protected. Use new brake hoses,too. The gas line obviously runs along the passenger side of the car. I like to put a ethanol-proof gas filter to the line under the hood before it reaches the fuel pump,but that's just me. Make sure you use rubber gas lines approved for use with ethanol gas anywhere you need a rubber fuel line Do yourself a favor and use the new nickle-copper brake line for both lines. It won't rust inside or out,and you can even bend it with your hands without it kinking.
  16. ...of course that will vary with each state.
  17. Mark D

    brake fluid pressure

    Had an issue arise over the weekend in the process of shifting the convertible from the body shop over to the storage unit in waiting for the new interior to be installed. Had a starting problem that was turned out to be glazed points and a weak coil, and noticed the brake lights were on as it was being worked on. The car also has a very hard brake pedal and the brakes seem to be dragging. All four corners got new brakes and cylinders last summer, although the car has not been driven more than 100 miles since. One of my buddies thinks the fluid in the reservoir expanded and that was triggering the pressure switch for the lights. A good triple stomp on the brake pedal offered no remedy to the condition. I rebuilt the MC myself, but am thinking that the internal passage for the brake fluid return may be clogged. Anyone have suggestions as to a remedy before I pull the MC and buy a replacement?
  18. Dale Gribble

    I bought another old dodge !

    It's not a matter of if DMV will check the frame, it's a matter of highway patrol is going to be inspecting the car, and they are checking the frame. so every single piece of everything has to be in order. Or I do not get the car back ....
  19. Dale Gribble

    I bought another old dodge !

    Because the average patrol officer doesn't know anything about a frame number, and I don't need any BS from the local police department because they are a bunch of idiots. So by revising the title to reflect the serial number in the door jamb , if there's ever a problem there's no discrepancies .... trying to get the police or the city tow lot people to understand the difference between a serial number and a frame number is like trying to beat your head against the wall until your headache leaves .... Completely pointless
  20. ggdad1951

    Crank Pulley Install Question

    stock blocks would be the same between the two, only internals would be different.
  21. Well, here I am again after another dumb mistake! When we pulled out the rotted brake and fuel lines under the car we forgot to take any photos since replacements were on order and expected delivery in a few days. Unfortunately, you know what happens. The Scarebird front disc kit was delayed 5 weeks and my buddy cracked both my rear drums trying to press out the stripped lug studs. Now that we're ready to install the front brake kit we can't remember how to route the brake lines to the front wheels. Same thing for the fuel supply line but I think we can figure that one out. Anyone have a photo or diagram showing how the front brake lines attach to the brackets and where/how it crosses over to the opposite side and where the Y fitting where they meet is located? Always take pictures! Lesson learned... It seems like its one step forward two steps back with everything I do!
  22. Thanks for the answers guys...I need to keep this project going! The Scarebird kit took quite a few weeks to arrive due to his moving from one state to another. I will say that he responded promptly to my e-mails every time I checked in for an update. Also the kit looks very well engineered for anyone contemplating the swap over. I'll confirm this after the install but so far looks good! Matt167 - glad I could help, let me know how you're install goes.
  23. Jocko_51_B3B

    Crank Pulley Install Question

    Dodgeb4ya, I see that your B3D engine is bigger than my B3B 218. My 218 only came with a pulley on the crankshaft. Yours has a much heavier looking flange with six tapped holes. Why the difference? I'm just interested, that's all. Thanks. And thanks to all who replied to my original post. When my new pulley arrives, I'll rig up a tool to press it on properly.
  24. ggdad1951

    Crank Pulley Install Question

    hmmm...likely tapped FEF's on with a block of wood and a hammer....
  25. normanpitkin

    Big Jim's fender skirts

    i i used them for skirts for my 41 windsor ,they are really nice ,would use them again!
  26. Worden18

    Thermostat housing

    http://m.oldmoparts.com/parts-cooling.aspx#thermostathousing start here; might be the right one for you.
  27. kendall

    Familiar territory

    It's titled a 47 and the welds holding the dash to the cab look factory but the truck lived a long existence well before I met it so I'm left wondering on its history. I have found orange paint traces in some welds so maybe a gov. truck? If it were a 46, one would think the dash was factory installed with new/old stock. I do prefer the full waterfall's deco appearance. Thanks for the positive comments.
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