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  2. Hendrick's Shriner's Christmas for Kids - Best of Show

    Well done ,a beautiful Chrysler!
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  4. Three horse power tractor

    I always enjoy the mechanical creativity of folk who live outside the box. I've always admired these people.
  5. Hendrick's Shriner's Christmas for Kids - Best of Show

    Tom, nice looking car.......but we need MORE PICS.........lol.............interior, engine bay, nice close up grille pic.......lol..........more pics..........btw........congratulations, andyd
  6. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    nice ! i have a garage full of them ^^ you can get cx and xm for 150- 200$ running condition but for dsand sm it's more more expansiv
  7. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    please yes !! i still looking for this pictures by the way, this is the original color of my dodge, sea plane blue
  8. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    Familiar with the DS model, first became aware of them about 1966, neighbor had two of them. An acquaintance of mine has one in northern part of Georgia, very nice example might I ad and there is one under a tarp less than 50 miles from me but I have never seen it uncovered or moved from the same spot. My friend owned a SM while stationed in Europe and spoke very highly of its performance with the Maserati engine. I have often thought of stopping in and talking with the guy near me, he also has what appears to be a Golf GTI under tarp next to the Citroen.
  9. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    God that dark blue dodge is beautiful. Do you have a front pic of it or a 3/4 view
  10. Oil pressure relief valve

    I did one this way thirty years ago and it is still running so as haywire as it sounds, it worked :, I left the stuck valve where it was with its spring back in place. I then substituted the oil pump cover which has a relief valve built in. This was used on 53 and 54 cars with Hydrive or the torque converter filled by engine oil. Oil pressure is then regulated at the pump. The drawback is that a bypass filter will not work as intended.
  11. D24 Moulding Clips....NEEDED

    give Restoration Specialties a call...you can find their number and address using online search
  12. 1948 Dodge D24 - INTERIOR SEATS NEEDED

    this should be in the classified area. Also post your location. Those would be hard to ship. I've got some seat parts but they are plymouth and I don't think they'd fit
  13. 1948 Dodge D24 - INTERIOR SEATS NEEDED

    I'm searching for a set of SEATS - both Front & Rear for a '48 D24 - at this point I'll take either Deluxe or Custom seats as they will probably be recovered anyway. I have the front seat frame, however missing both seats/springs setups.
  14. D24 Moulding Clips....NEEDED

    In search of a source for new SIDE MOULDING CLIPS to use on my 1948 Dodge D24.......these are the square shaped clips that hold the door/quarter panel moulding on the car. I suppose I may be able to re-use the original clips, however they are rather rusty and will need a good sand blasting. Hoping there is a source for NOS or repop clips out there. NOTE - I've attached an image of the original clip still on the car.... Thanks, Brian - Cincinnati, OH
  15. From your comment about under drive. That would mean without moving the lever forward during operation the under drive would always be engaged? I was told not to pull the lever while moving I would assume that is not correct working from that theory.
  16. dashboard help please

    Try this
  17. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    Yes, the 1941 to 1948 Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler all shared the same bodies. The Dodge was on a 119½" wheelbase, DeSoto and Chrysler 6 - 121½ wheelbase and the Chrysler 8 - 127½". The wheelbase differences were all in the engine compartment. The Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler long wheelbase models were 18" longer than the base sedans. The Plymouth used its own, slightly smaller body, on a 117" wheelbase that was introduced in 1940 and used through 1948. The 1942 models received new exterior sheet metal that gave the car a slightly more rounded look.
  18. I have the linkage removed on the drivers side. I am servicing and cleanning everything while I have it apart. It all seams functional. The linkage you see on pasenger side is attached to pull out knob on dash. In theary that sould shift the car into high range when pulled out correct. It does move the lever at the transmission. Feel it is not secured as well as I would like. It is titled as 42 it has roughly 36000 miles on it, I thought it was a peach when I seen it. only being in my thirties. I am just learning about 1942 and the production stops. From what I know it is one of the last 3 produced in 42 and it is a nice az car no rust everything works including the under seat heaters. I would be happy to share more pics if you are interested in them. I am considering sell it as I don't feel like we are the care takers the car deserves. I just enjoy working on them and taking clueless people for rides. Jason
  19. Hendrick's Shriner's Christmas for Kids - Best of Show

    One more going out to ride
  20. Is the H.A.M.B. down?

    My son works on computer systems for a company that does invenory control. They back up very frequently. Some employee opened malware, thinking it was from someone within the company, and the compnay was faced with a ransom demand. My son merely restored the most recent back-up and deleted the data with the embedded malware, avoiding paying ransom. Further, he instituted a way of determining whether a message was truly coming from someone within the company or from the outside. Smart boy.
  21. Congratulations to you. That's a gorgeous car. Can you provide a few more photos?
  22. Got Best of show today in Concord North Carolina. Great Cars there - about 300 - 350 Cars
  23. dashboard help please

    Homer, couldn't open the pic of the little clips..........can you repost it as an attachment?.............andyd
  24. Overdrive frustrations

    You must be that guy from the old AAMCO commercials "I always wanted to be a transmission mechanic"
  25. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Dogs are good people.
  26. Steering Wheel Interchange

    Thanks, Merle, that's what I was needing to know. I had heard there was some issues about splines/no splines, and size there of. I think I'll go ahead and get it then. There are a few cracks here and there. It has to have mine beat, nothing left but the wire in the center. How does the horn ring come of it? for whatever reason the guy sawed it off the steering column.
  27. Brake drum threads

    There are kits out there such as Keensert that make threaded inserts. Do not confuse these with helicoils. If its on the left handed thread side, it could be tougher. http://www.marshallshardware.com/products/product.aspx?pid=2-411-203-191-501-6860&lid=1
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