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  2. Coffee cup holders

    Stainless steel, boat style. Folds away when not in use. ...but I think Don might be on the right track.
  3. engine year help

    Will have to check
  4. 1 ton tires

    Yep both sides...
  5. engine year help

    Does the head on your engine have any numbers that would indicate the year? My 56 has a 55 number on the head.
  6. engine year help

    Are there any changes over the years that would point to a specific year?
  7. engine year help

    I am no longer looking for size as much as year. Are there any changes over the years that would point to a specific year?
  8. engine year help

    No 4 5/8 is 230.
  9. engine year help

    Ok, did the stroke change over the yesrs? Dave
  10. Yesterday
  11. Flush convertible top cylinders

    wow! great film. a lot i did not know, but now i do. thanks much. i will flush with just ATF. capt den
  12. To goop or not to goop that is the question

    Same for me - I recently used Permatex ultra black to seal the pan. No leaks.
  13. 1954 Chrysler Trim Clips? Help!

    I have a 1954 Windsor I want to part with. You can have the entire car for little money. I can't find an engine for it and I have thrown in the towel. I need the space for my 1937 instead. Please PM me.
  14. engine year help

    The stroke is a must. Despite what the block reads, you never know what's inside.... I found a 218 converted to a 230. This is just one good example.
  15. Visited Brian's junk yord

    Please PM me with their address. I need to locate some parts. Thank you for sharing your find.
  16. engine year help

    believe on your other thread on the engine ID it was suggest to verify the stroke....
  17. I made some mount extensions and moved the crossmember back to its regular place. I think this is pretty close to where it should sit. It clears the shifter and sits pretty level in the frame. I think side mounts will be the easiest and they will be hidden anyways with the size of the hemi heads. Not to mention how much fun it will be to find a stock front mount.
  18. engine year help

    If I can not rely on the engine serial number for ID is there any other way of narrowing down the year of a 230? Dave
  19. D24 Original front and rear track.

    Leary..........as mentioned I have an EA/EB Falcon Wagon Borg Warner diff, complete disc to disc......the Falcon wagons are semi elliptic so it had the spring plate and they were a perfect fit on the Dodge rear springs..........one U bolt on each side fitted on the Ford spring plate and I had to drill holes on the other side of the spring in the spring plate to suit the other U bolt......the Dodge springs are 1.75" wide but the Fords are 2.5-3.0" wide so the Ford spring plate was wide enough......even the pinion angle was o/k............some of these diffs are LSD's and have a tag indicating same.........I run 10x15 Magnums with 275/60 T/A's and have widened the rear guards 2" each side( see the 1974/75 pic with the F60 & L60 Gates Renegades tyres, lol) , occaisonally they touch the inner body going over a driveway but not in normal driving/cornering.................what rear suspension does the car have at present?...........curious why the Watts linkage idea......don't get me wrong, they are a great arrangement but not normally seen on a semi elliptic sprung suspension.................andyd
  20. Finally a day above freezing

    It was around 50 and sunny here today so I topped-off fluids and vacuumed our three daily drivers. It felt good to be outdoors doing something auto related.
  21. Coffee cup holders

    Just sits there.
  22. 1 ton tires

    After watching that I saved my nap credits for 3 days and my sleeping pills for 4. See you all later maybe....
  23. 1 ton tires

    yeah sorry about that .... I tried to slow down the vid (unsuccessfully) funny thing, the drivers side of that B3D has 2" studs and the pass side is 1.5" (didn't even know that was an option) do you have the cooper 7.50 x 16 on both front and rear of "the green machine"?
  24. Being a hotrodder I decided that my 41 Plymouth needed a Beehive Filter, I bought it originally to install when the 230 was put in the car but seeing it didn't have any filter anyway I decided that it certainly wouldn't be a problem on the stock 201........as it was polished and with fins I think it made the car go faster.......or maybe not......lol........sold the car so can't help with what filter canister fitted but it came with a list and cross reference to about 6-8 brands.............andyd
  25. 1954 Chrysler Trim Clips? Help!

    Thanks for the leads. Very helpful. I will get started on some searching tomorrow.
  26. Newbie Introduction

  27. I found this on line today . It's a mopar filter giving equivalent filter numbers for the full flow filter on De Soto and Chrysler. I don't know if the numbers are available today but it would be a place to start if you have this filter. This type of filter was only available in the 25" engine and will not fit a Plymouth or a Dodge.
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