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  2. I've got 5 old rims from a 1948 Dodge convertible. I dont know if one of them would work for you or if the width and offset were the same. Not sure you would want to pay shipping where are you located? JT
  3. Can't you just buy a stock cable of the correct length on Amazon for that? Or is it a show car you need to keep original?
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  5. Well, I've gut plenty of old socks 🤣 I'll try that later today.
  6. I haven't installed my windshield yet, but this video shows how to properly install glass into metal frames. My vent windows and side roll-ups turned out perfectly. https://glass4classics.com.au/how-to-assembling-1947-1954-australian-chevrolet-pickup-1-4-vent-window/
  7. Won a trophy today at the Chrysler Restorers Display Day. Runner up in the 1955 to 1960 category.
  8. Two choices. Chevy Small block v8 or big inline six, perhaps a 292. Trans will be th350 auto. The SBC is narrower than the LS and should clear steering and exhaust and its length will clear the radiator. Big six is even better for side clearance but might be too long to keep the radiator in its stock location. We will decide next week when Dad arrives.
  9. Furthermore, will NOT effect the BBQ in April. LOL
  10. This truck apparently had vent windows at some point but someone took them out and bent the mounts out of the way. Work with what you got right? I thought it a strange place for the arm rests as well but that is where the mounting holes are in the door so that is where they are. This 53 B4C has had several things people have commented on as odd but in this case the mounting holes sure look stock and there is no other option. Maybe a unique arm rest location for this year and model.
  11. Surprisingly no. We were all talking about that.....no critical pts. no vents, no surgeries, no codes.....crazy quiet for that time of night...dumb luck. 48D
  12. Brought it in on a rainy day. Figure this is how i want it to look. Pretty much how i found it. I unsiezed it that day, unstuck the valves and resumed working on it yesterday, 2 weeks later. checked for spark,it has after cleaning the points. cleaned carb and put some gas in the bowl. It fires and runs for a few seconds,not bad for sitting since the 70's. so onto rad and hoses, a belt and try to keep it running for a few minutes. I used a slant 6 rad,it should be enough for this part. 12 volt conversion coming up,and time to start hunting for parts. Grille is gone, front engine isolator is broken, bumper is shredded.
  13. Not to nitpick but how come them arm rests are so low and centered horizontally on the panel...typically armrests are located towards the rear of the cab, centered vertically...
  14. I'm 2/3rds up the coast from Sydney towards Brisbane, so if you, Mark or indeed any forum members ever get to Oz and would like a bed or coffee feel free to let me know.........Andy Douglas
  15. I dunk an old tube sock in mineral spirits and rub a fist-sized area at a time
  16. That is probably an export car. Maybe Canadian. I can only look at US codes. Code 15 is Black...all 1946-48 US cars.
  17. If you remove the tag what color is underneath it? Maybe that is the original paint and would be the original color underneath. Also, what color are the door jambs and the bottoms of the doors? Sometimes a car may be painted but these places are not - leaving the original color intact
  18. One more pic just before we took off.
  19. Saturday October 19: Out for an evening cruise with the kids. They were really excited to go (as was I); fall smells were in the air and colors have been so brilliant lately. We didn't go far (just around town), but to have my kids with enjoying the moment is priceless. Warming up at home. It got chilly so we cranked the heat 😊
  20. Those are some fantastic photos! I like how he puts it all together. Thanks for sharing 👍
  21. If that isn't postcard material....
  22. Love my 48" deck Graveley zero turn..... 48D
  23. Looks way better with the extenders on! 48D
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