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  2. I recently ordered a Wilwood Master Cylinder Mount Bracket from Scarebird. This is my first time dealing with them. Part was ordered a week and a half ago and paid through PayPal. Five days later I'm looking for my part to arrive in the mail, instead I receive an email from Scarebird stating that they are moving and I won't have my bracket until early September. I'm not very happy about this. There was nothing on their website indicating that there would be shipping delays because they are moving. After searching the internet I can't find the bracket anywhere else. I'm not impressed.
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  4. Ha ha! Sweet! Would look cool on a blueprint sheet. Nope. Have never seen that. Not sure how much gains could be realized if you tried, but as you already know, completely unnecessary. This pump was actually rebuilt at Kellogg Automotive in Maricopa AZ. All they do is water pumps. And they did a fantastic job with a quick turn around. I suppose I could have tried it, but it would have been a first time, and I'd rather trust it to them. The whole guts have been replaced. They kept it Mopar with a NOS Chrysler impeller from another application and a different shaft to fit the bearing they installed. It turns beautifully, and now maintenance free! Of to my real job, but I'll be thinking about how to massage a water pump short turn for improved flow all day now...
  5. If is valid to Plymouth is too the other D C D.Can you send us this picture of figure 29?In my WWII 1942 Jeep manual have a figure that ties saying that #1 spark plug is in 0600 o' clock.
  6. I believe oil pump/distributor indexing is done only to make it easier for mechanics out in the field to make tune ups easier. If one understands how the system works the oil pump can be installed any which way and the engine will run well.
  7. OK, thanks. It's not mentioned in my B-Series truck manuals. I guess it's only important on Plymouths.
  8. My P15 manual mentions this on page 147 under Engine Oiling System also referenced in a picture caption for figure 29. There is also a section on adjusting the spark plug wires if the oil pump position is accidentally changed. Manual number D13251 covering p15 - p20.
  9. Thanks, I have one for sale but the man who wants it needs a 1/2 ton door. Mark
  10. survey said...............YES
  11. I used the 9n hose worked fine a little work to get on but fit fine thanks
  12. Does anyone know if a door from a 46 wf32 1 1/2 ton will fit a 1/2 ton pickup? Thanks Mark
  13. Where does this idea that "the rotor must point to 7 o'clock" come from? I just read through my Shop Manual and Operators Manual regarding oil pump installation, and distributor installation. There is never this sort of reference. It only mentions to align the rotor to point to the #1 plug wire when inserting the distributor, with #6 at TDC and exhaust valve closing. (This would put #1 at TDC on compression stroke). The only place I recall ever seeing this reference is here on the forum. It seems to get several people confused when their rotor is pointing at a different angle.
  14. Mine is pointing to 0400 o'clock.Many guys here said to me forget if my engine is ok.Then I forgot.But to me, if I want to put in 0700 o'clock(standard position) I only have first to put #1 piston in TDC,#1 plug wire turning both until 0700 o'clock(pulling up dizzy) and oil pump gear(pulling up pump) to the clockwise direction,number of tooth necessary.
  15. Still lots of single stage paint on the market if you look for it, but you will run into poorer quality paints, which sometimes mean less pigment in them and means more coats. My paint was single stage on my truck, but its issue was poor drying time....dry sprayed like a bugger, again...poorer quality in the single stage products.
  16. that's hard to say, Merle. I was going by what I had read on here that the #1 wire should be at 0700. I had to set it closer to 10:00.
  17. Good news... So, were the plug wires off one hole since the change? Or did they get that way after messing with everything else?
  18. index the wires to the now mis-located number one cylinder after improper installed orientation of the oil pump.....
  19. I got one room up in my house with a converted gas parlor stove, kerosene fuel lamps, wash table with pitcher and bowl and a thunder keg just in case my toilets refused to flush.....actually it mimics an earlier period in history but I still called it my Y2K room.
  20. Well, lets just say the new dash stayed new too long..the basic cluster was used through 54
  21. A car magazine once ran a feature article on a customized '51 Belvedere with a 1950 dash, so I guess it can be made to work.
  22. Y2K was a joke. As Maintenance Manager in a small food plant I had everybody report to work sober at 11:00 PM on new years eve to test every computer and every programmable logic controller we had. Nothing failed but it was fun hearing all the gun fire going on all over town and making guesses of what guns were being used from the sound of the reports.
  23. I have been watching the Forensic Files series on Netflix. It is totally amazing how it is possible to read gun serial numbers that have been ground off and or spent 40 years in a lake bottom by using the latest technology.
  24. I'm always in the dark anyway........
  25. You work in this shop so I'm sure you've seen a lot of machining.......has anyone taken the pump body after it is apart and done a port and polish like on a combustion chamber? Deburred, smoothed out for a better flow...that with your bearing mod would really improve the flow, or at least in my mind. And before one of you guys pipes up with thats not needed.....thats not the issue at hand. Thank you.
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