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  2. Radarsonwheels

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    Parts! Hopefully my custom driveshaft will be done soon but in the meantime I have plenty more chassis and suspension work lined up.
  3. Today
  4. Adam H P15 D30

    Dual Carbs on 218

    Your best bet is to keep the point ignition instead of Pertronix. Nothing wrong with points and if you have issues with your stock distributor such as a bad vacuum advance or worn bushings, you can still do the slant 6 mod just use a point distributor instead of an electronic. Adam
  5. 48Windsor

    A Good Day

    Dodgeb4ya - Beautiful!
  6. 48Dodger

    Emergency/Parking Brake

    I did two videos on the e-brake set-up. Maybe that will help you figure out what you need. Tim aka 48 Dodger Video One Video Two Video Three
  7. Plymouthy Adams

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    even after vacuuming the floor you can't get rid of the rat crap...
  8. shedhouselife

    Dual Carbs on 218

    Hi Adam. I am planning to stay 6v.
  9. Thomba48

    Worm gear replacement 1948 Plymouth

    Hi. That means that a 1941 version would not work.
  10. pflaming

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Free auto parts? Now here is a new way to fix a rusted out floor. Priceless!
  11. pflaming

    A Good Day

    ". . . have the large and heavy air cleaner to quiet the carb intake noise...does a good job too." so the carb is a source of noise, and a tall air cleaner is in effect a muffler? Interesting.
  12. Dodgeb4ya

    A Good Day

    That's a picture of my 1948 T&C woodie radiator....yes they do have a shroud as all staright 8 cars do and have the large and heavy air cleaner to quiet the carb intake noise...does a good job too. My Chrysler 3 passenger coupe is a 1946 NewYorker with the same engine and radiator but not so pretty... yet!
  13. Andydodge

    A Good Day

    Thanks Dodgeb4ya.......didn't know that they had a fan shroud........and that aircleaner and silencer.......a bit of weight in that.......I assume that these pics are of your 1946 Coupe.........that has to be one of the cleanest engine blocks I've ever seen..............who painted it ?...............andyd
  14. knuckleharley

    master cylinder upgrade to dual

    I suggest you do it.
  15. 51concord dual master cylinder upgrade suggestions needed
  16. Lloyd


    Wuts cursive?
  17. The Oil Soup

    Can we get a good Windshield Gasket?

    I used the Steele gasket, pricey but seems to work well (4 or 5 years) and fits correctly. Also file the pinch weld to remove any snags that can damage the gasket during installation. Most gaskets require some sealant to complete the job.
  18. Dodgeb4ya

    A Good Day

    Some pics or a 1941-48 Chrysler 8 Cylinder radiator...yes they are big and heavy!
  19. YukonJack

    Worm gear replacement 1948 Plymouth

    A parts book I have says 1942-54 are the same sector shaft.
  20. Los_Control

    Hound dog hauler

    No pictures today, put new tires on her and picked up the items needed to put the cooling system back together .... tomorrow have a apointment in Abiliene, wont be able to work on it at all. One bite at a time is best way to eat a elephant.

    Making smoke.... on purpose.

    Had a buddy in high school and we took his 48 Buick straight 8 and used the heat riser tube that ran into the exhaust manifold and ran a line from a can inside the car with a pitcock and filled the can with kerosene and we’d sit at a traffic light and turn the pitcock and that car would fill the intersection with so much smoke. Looked like john candy’s car in “uncle buck”. No fouled plugs only comments from people that our car needed work badly. Still laugh about all the people we freaked out
  22. junkers72

    P15 steering options

    Hope nobody missed Hubler13f’s post
  23. junkers72

    P15 steering options

    I tried it on “just cause” but removed it for a repainted original. It's from my dad so it is from That time frame
  24. Yesterday
  25. junkers72

    P15 steering options

    Full steering lock to lock, original plymouth pitman arm and tie rod arrangement, and bolted through original holes for original box . Note: I did not use rubber insulators. New steering box is bolted to adapter. Adapter has threaded holes for bolts through frame . I haven’t road tested it but am confident it will work as it should. Also the new steering box isn’t quite as tall so I had to use 2 joints in the steering shaft to avoid altering column angle from dash mount to floor exit. By the way I wonder what OP uglysteve come up with. Lol
  26. Dodgeb4ya

    P15 steering options

    That red sparkly wheel reminds me when I was 16... (1968) I bought the exact same wheel and adapter kit and put it on my 51 Plymouth.... my friends gave me a lot of unwanted comments about it.... sold it and the complete adapter and horn button kit for $10.00 at the Portland swap meet. Ha ha
  27. pontiacray

    P15 steering options

    To junkers72 how did your steering box conversion ever come out ? I have a 47 Plymouth & I am going to rebuild the front end with all the tips I've gotten here from springs to shock mounts thank you for any info
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