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  2. peteandvanessa

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    I'll have to get some pics, but the other end of the cable fits perfectly in the factory support bracket that's mounted on the flywheel inspection cover. All you have to do at that end is to cut of the factory adjuster from the old hand brake cable, leaving about 4 inches, then use a cable clamp to fasten the new cable to the original factory adjuster. Sweet solution (and a bit of luck I guess) 🙂
  3. sser2

    new battery

    Battery itself may not be a problem. Battery condition critically depends on generator and voltage regulator condition. A little bit off, and the battery is either overcharghing or undercharging, both of them harmful. In addition, generator has low power output and practically no output at low engine speeds. Even if generator and regulator are in perfect shape, battery needs regular maintenance: keeping it fully charged all the time, do frequent top-offs with battery charger, measure electrolyte density, and add water as necessary. Regular flooded batteries are more suitable for 6V system than maintenance-free ones. With 6V, maintenance option is a big plus.
  4. desoto1939

    new battery

    The issue is that you need to get a 3 amp trickle charger that you can get at Costco that is a 12/6 volt unmit and keep the battery charged at all time. By having a trickle charge on the battery you willextend th elife and I got 8 years out of mine. The trickle charge stops the lead plates from losing the metal. We have talked about this issue at the annual AACA meeting every February in Philadelphia and there isa engineer that comes in fromPenn State to talk about this issue. So get a trickle charge and you battery willlast longer. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  5. HotRodTractor

    The D.C. P15 Update

    I finally got some time to spend with the car in the shop - kind of a birthday present to myself. Working on trying to figure out where to mount the new electric fuel pump and filter, I don't want it on the outside of the frame rail, so my options are kind of limited..... thinking about hanging them both right in front of the fuel tank..... but not sure yet. I had an idea for the headlight wiring this morning on the way to work that I think will solve my issue of how to have daytime running lights and everything working as they are supposed to.... I'll outline the details later this week, hopefully as I start implementing them. Nothing else really got done as I spent my time cleaning up a few things, and troubleshooting a fuel leak..... I finally started the car on the lift and raised it up to see exactly where it was coming from...... my brand new mechanical fuel pump installed last fall has a crack in it where the outlet fitting is...... I've installed lots of these over the last 20 some years and never had one crack..... popped it off the engine only to discover the inlet port is cracked as well..... either I don't know my own strength or this material just ain't what it used to be..... ordered a new one, making sure its an Airtex that should be here this week and we will see how that goes..... Parking brake is kind of boring to take a picture of. Here is where the front cable assembly mates with the rear cable assembly and gets adjusted. I know the front bracket looks a little crooked, it has to do with where and how I routed the front cable, but it works smoothly, so I am not too concerned about this slight aesthetic that is hidden on the inside of a frame rail. It still needs some minor adjustment, but I need to drive it more before I mess with it any more. The Lokar parts worked well and bolted right to the factory handle on the front and to the drums on the Charger axle out back. I only trimmed the rear cables for length and am pretty happy with the ease of the whole experience.
  6. Today
  7. The reference to how familiar are you with troubleshoot and repair as the does not seem to be a factory power distribution box for that particular model year. In this style setup, we have fuses feeding fuses and when bypassed and all same color wiring....going to get a bit involved not knowing exactly what the PO has done. This is also an OBD1 system , hopefully he has integrated the circuit (CEL) to monitor this system and garner the failure codes. It is possible he has a schematic drawn of his altered donor harness, do ask of this for certain. He may even have the book on the donor and would be an asset the new owner for certain.
  8. That truck has been for sale for months. I honestly debated on taking a road trip to go look at it, but in the end decided it was too far away with too much potential for being cobbled together - but I haven not seen it in person nor have I seen enough pictures to know for sure. If done correctly and if everything is in good working order - that would make a great driver. I would want a lot of pictures of the fabrication work before making the journey to look at it closer - I would also plan on some serious wiring cleanup. Battery terminals are not power distribution points (although we have all run a wire or two from them - I count at least 7 or 8 wires other than the main positive cable coming off the positive terminal).
  9. thebeebe5

    High oil pressure

    After rebuiling my ‘37s 201cid I get 60psi at speed running Valvoline 10w/30 VR1 oil. That drops to between 55-60 on a hot day/long drive. Idle is a tick under 40psi. I’d rather have a bit more than too little. Yours doesn’t sound too out of line.
  10. soth122003

    new battery

    Try Tractor supply. Has only a one year warranty but you can get extended 2 year for about 6 bucks. 700 CCA and 875 CA. Also because they are mainly for tractors they have a decent turn over for sales. That way they don't set on the shelf for a long time. You can usually get one that has only been there for a month or so vs AutoZone that has set there for about 6 months to a year or longer. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/traveller-1-6v-heavy-duty-battery?solr=1&cm_sp=SearchPreview-_-DidYouMean-_-Product&cm_vc=-10005 Joe Lee
  11. From the photos the wheelbase appears different - was there a complete swap including frame?
  12. TodFitch

    overdrive options question

    Friendly reminder: Offer of items for sale should be either by PM or placed in the classified ads area.
  13. vintage6t

    overdrive options question

    I saw one for sale on the HAMB the other day: https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/index.php?threads/1142201/
  14. Frank Blackstone

    Looking for '48 quarter glass rubber

    What do you consider a fair price for the whole window glass , inside metal frame and the rubber gasket?
  15. Maybe someone on the forum is close by and would be willing to offer eyes and ears, test drive, etc. That is a great engine - did he say how many miles on the original service Jeep? Someone did a lot of work making it all fit - fire wall set back, hanging clutch and brake pedals, radiator. The question is, did they do it right? Pictures of the drive train would be helpful, but a test drive would tell a lot more.
  16. Pipe wrench marks can be very sharp. I wonder what kind of pipe dope they used?
  17. I don't see any insulation on that shifter so I would be concerned it would freeze up in winter....
  18. I can't help you but I can say I'm going to use that shifter handle someday!
  19. Plymouthy Adams

    Ruined.........48 D-24

    I mentioned this in a PM to Frank...painted trim of body color will not adequately reveal the body lines. I stated also that chrome will eat your wallet like a snicky snack. However, I am a firm believer that IF YOU MUST paint the trim, chose a complimenting/contrasting color to again, define the body lines. The WWII blackout cars were such vehicles and were tastefully done then and is can easily be mimicked today...also...most chrome shops will tell you that painting it will help seal the pieces against some further deterioration and prefer this over some amateur restore.
  20. Dan Hiebert

    new battery

    For whatever reason, 6v lead-acid batteries don't last overly long in the first place. If you get 5 or 6 years out of them, you're doing about average. I migrated to a NAPA commercial battery, forget the number/group off hand, and have a bit better luck with it, has the best cold cranking amps as well. I had been buying Auto Zone (none even remotely close to where we live now) Duralast with good results, albeit with less CCA. All that said - The Optima looks like the way to go, only hold back on my part is the cost, which is probably moot in the long run since they seem to last just about forever. For what we've spent on lead acid batteries, I could have bought a couple Optimas.
  21. kencombs

    Ruined.........48 D-24

    I mentioned earlier that I liked both, for different reasons. You sort of touched on the big one. I also like the chrome. But, if it were mine and the chrome was in bad shape I'd opt for the monochromatic paint. I just think it looks better than bad chrome. And it's just too expensive to rechrome that many pieces at todays' prices. Good chrome? Shine it and show it!
  22. 1940Century

    1936 Desoto Airflow engine

    Thanks to everyone, I now have good info, to hopefully come up with a motor. 1940Century
  23. The shift lever is unique! That era Jeep engine is excellent IMO. Looks like he also converted to suspended pedals, late radiator etc. Depending on the quality of the work that may be a very reliable daily driver. the body does show some life experiences though. As Plymouthy says, price and the results of a close inspection determine the value.
  24. Ashleyschaeffer

    Stuck flywheel

    Guess I'm just gonna pull the motor, any tips for pulling these big boys?
  25. price price price...condition condition condition- location location location....wow you have a very loaded question here....one that would be very hard to answer overall.....how much of a desire do you have to own this in the given condition per pics and description and how experienced are you in the troubleshoot/repair of the modern EFI and controls. At what level do you think the work was completed and how SAFE will it be not to mention reliable. I will not take a whack at anyone's workmanship...just want to advise you that a up close in person inspection is warranted in this case. At worse you walk away after a drive out of town. I would if serious request what I refer to as a FIRST REFUSAL in that if the vehicle is as advertised and I arrive on my scheduled view date as stated in my gentleman's agreement, I will either purchase or refuse based on inspection in person. Anyone that far away, knowing you are in route should never have a problem with this type arrangement.
  26. casper50

    new battery

    I bought Optima. Have no 2nd thoughts or problems about it at all.
  27. Hi Pilothouse Fans I have sold all my old trucks and cars and Willys Jeeps to this past year...I have been looking for another project to tinker with...I found this one on the HAMB sorta...the fellow had sold one and this one he was going to sell...so I am getting first dibs on it. He swapped out the flathead and the original transmission and put a drivetrain out of a 1990 2 wheel drive service Jeep. He says it starts hard (vacuum leak maybe??)...so it has a more modern running gear complete with a 5 speed and the Jeep rear end is also in it...he doesn't want a ton of dough for it but it isn't dirt cheap either...it is over a 1000 miles from my place so I would be buying it site unseen...other than pictures... So I humbly ask for any insight as to would this be a good deal or not?... MikeC
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