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  2. Overdrive indicator lights

    Greg, Not in quite some time. Joe retired and moved to, I believe, Florida. He sold his Plymouth before moving. I haven't been to the Sully show in a couple of years and that is where I usually saw Rodney. Jim Yergin
  3. 1951 T&C Wagon stuff

    Andy, No more pics at the moment. I don't know if it's original but it is the correct bumper. It's a bit exaggerated by the wide angle shot btw. To answer my own question, according to my amateurish reading of the parts book, the inner and outer sill panels are the same as on a 4 dr sedan. So I'm in luck. Should be a relatively simple job to graft 'em on, he said naively.
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  5. I got mine here: https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chrysler,1948 My pan came off pretty easy. I used gasket remover spray and a scraper on the block . Worked well. Most of the gasket came off in large pieces. I am putting my pan back on soon. Just letting paint cure here.
  6. Body removal 48 Plymouth coupe

    Yesterday I cut the body loose from the chassis on my '53 Plymouth Suburban. The heads on the bolts were barely distinguishable so I cut the three from the front back with a cutting disc and used two new blades on my sawzall to reach into the frame from the rear to cut those two bolts. Eight bolts total. This body off is WORK and I'm no spring chicken! So looks like we both have a ways to go. I sure hope it will be worth it at the end!
  7. The end of our hobby?

    So that's what the internet is, truth... MMMM,,,, gimme some of that sweet Kool-Aid.....
  8. The end of our hobby?

    I don't intend to waste time worrying about it. Most of us who would really care won't be around to see it happen. All in all the younger generation isn't nearly as interested in automobiles as we have been... unless they're somehow connected to a game controller.
  9. Oil Pan Removal, Engine in Car. '53 Windsor 265.

    I am about at the same point, have the steering off anyway, looks like the pan should just drop out long Canadian engine there is some seepage from gasket at the rear, nothing serious . is a new gasket , easy install. or tricky , do not have one yet. it was rebuilt in late sixties or early 70s, and parked after 73, great oil pressure .just do it I guess , see if the gasket comes off in one piece. find one first , probably the best policy. ones I have seen shopping so far are not for Canadian motor . any brands to look for ?
  10. Keep right?

    I thought that painted area was where one could park when sleepy!
  11. You should be able to replace that circle piece with one that is splined and then get a wiper arm. Roberts would have both pieces. The circle adapter is part of their wiper kit.
  12. Brakes

    best bet is to see if a local shop has the means to reline these for you. If you have a local truck or fleet style repair shop check with them. E-bay on the average has numerous sets for sale. look in the links directory above and also may be of interest to you to read the brake section under the technical tab. compare..prices truly vary...good luck
  13. New Member: 1953 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe

    Digging around in my '53 tonight I found a piece of paper under the rear bench seat. It is a Vehicle Registration for state of Massachusetts. Dated 1969. A 1953 Chrysler Sedan. Owner was Bert H. Webster of Bulkeley Road, Littleton Mass.01460. Registration fee was $6. I googled Bert to find his obituary, date 2009. He was born in 1929 and seems he lived most of his life in Littleton. He served 4 years in the Airforce during the Korean conflict. After his service, he worked as a truck driver his whole life. Pretty cool to find this...
  14. 48 Plymouth dash removal question

    Just a suggestion when you do remove the dash is to paint the rear of the dash a light colour, white or similar or if you intend to sand blast the whole dash then primer and paint the front then leave the primer on the rear as its near enough to white to make life easier when looking at the rear of the dash when upside down........lol...........its also worth wiring up a small light on the firewall facing the rear of the car thats wired ideally direct from the ignition and/or a power take off..............I haven't had any experience with a 48 Plymouth dash but apart from the various wires the only bolts & screws etc on my 1940 dash were the ones under the front screen garnish molding, a pair on either end of the dash at the cowl side and the steering column and dash/firewall brace..........don't think there were any more.........I left the instruments and chrome moldings attached to the dash and undid them once the dash was out of the car................dunno if this helps.................andyd
  15. Motor Mounts

    The tube washer assembly is pushed down and into the original factory type replacement upper rubber mounts. Replacement offshore mounts might be made different. Another pic of an assembled mount in my vise....The factory way these tube washer assemblies are sized/made prevents over compression of the rear mounts and also helps prevent engine noise and vibration issues. Too hard of rubber is a no no to on mounts.
  16. Motor Mounts

    These top mounts have metal washer type things in them and the new ones don’t. Does this metal part get removed and put onto the new mount?
  17. Seat Covers USA

    Mostly just stained. And a little worn. Structurally sound as far as I can tell.
  18. 1951 T&C Wagon stuff

    Greg51........don't suppose you have any more pics especially a full side on shot and is that rear bumper an original?.............regards, Andyd
  19. Motor Mounts

    The 3" washer is actually welded to the tube and is not supposed to be separate.
  20. JC, did you have Mac's do it? if so, how did it turn out? I was calling around to have my heater core looked at, I think I might try Superior radiator in Oregon City..... partially because I work in OC
  21. vinegar bath

    wow now that^^^^^ is rusty yeah, I sprayed it with the PB blaster for a couple days with no luck. it's that silly shallow little, slotted set screw...... I am afraid to strip it out just yet. I set it in the bath this morning, blades down........ fingers crossed if this doesn't work, I might try to cut the slot deeper (some how) and try a "new" screwdriver ....... was your E tank a "kit" or home made?
  22. Manifold studs... sealant or not?

    I used Teflon tape on all manifold studs and on all head bolts.
  23. I’ve been hunting for a wiper arm for my 1937 Dodge ME32 for some time. It only utilizes one arm on drivers side above windshield. The drive portion on the motor shaft is smooth so it somewhat confuses me as to how it grips/drives the arm. I’m guessing maybe just clamps? The OD of the part pictured is approx 1/2”. It is a 6V Dyneto wiper motor, not sure if original or not. Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  24. Motor Mounts

    This might or might not help.
  25. Brakes

    Looking at ordering brake shoes for the front and rear for a 1949 Plymouth special deluxe. Does anyone have a part number for the brake shoes? And a ball park price Thanks in advance
  26. Motor Mounts

    Took the motor out of ne car and. Droppped it into another. Both P20 cars. the front mount is loose enough for me to set a jack under the bell housing and lift it enough to remove the old set of mounts without any trouble. Right now it’s sitting on one of the old sets of top mounts with a bolt running through it to keep it from slipping. so I have to remove the washer type metal piece from the old mounts?
  27. Hey Brent B3B. Well, he can be a "HE" if necessary, but I still pamper it like my baby girl. 5% not original, let me see. Tires are not Military tread. A 1952 M37 would have been more flat brown than flat green. I've installed a non-factory heater under the dash. Still looking for the proper canvas bed cover. Our truck was in service with the United States Army and should have a canvas top, not a hard top. (Most hard tops went to Canada.) I added a "gun mount" inside the cab for a replica M-16. I fabricated the lower stock mount myself. Still do not have my window wipers installed. Actually that's about it. It's a work in progress, but we take it out and enjoy the heck out of it in parades and Military displays.
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