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  2. (Fargo, an octogenarian is not old, he has just lived 80 + years. What changes are the times one is alert and the length of such. It’s a new normal, not easily explained to younger folk. As a result, the exact time of day or night loses importance because the only difference is light and with decreased eyesight, that too is relative. So you younguns work hard, and sleep hard while us octies section and space out the two.
  3. Hi I'm new to this site can one of you members tell me if Can I bolt a 1959 Dodge power flight trans to a 1941 241 flathead engine Thanks Dan
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  5. I've got at least 3 of that or similar in the tool boxes, probably as well as one made from a button salvaged from a pickup back in the '60s.. And, pliers or screwdrivers have stood in at times. Still, it would be handy at times to stick my arm through the window and bump the starter without a trip to the tool box.
  6. Old retired guy like you should wait for kooler weather. At your age and stage of life is there some urgency....lol
  7. 2 litre pop bottle...lol Just go direct off fuel pump or gravity to or from a red plastic jerry can. Heck I drove my old 47 Chrysler like that for 1 summer...lol
  8. Jim aka Squirrel on the HAMB Hudson adventure, enjoy https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/the-hudson-adventure.1160465/
  9. If the fuel pump does not operate... Then gravity feed the carb. Make sure the can is high enough above the carb....the hose needs to come out the bottom of the fuel container to flow freely through the needle and seat... I've started many engines that way.
  10. Sam, did you go with the 1/0 or 2/0 wire?
  11. Not much hotter than a Texas Rattlesnake in a tire rut!
  12. I have an old pair of pliers for my wheel horse garden tractor?. Left foot on brake, Right knee on seat, right hand on choke, pliers in left! Sparks, noise, tractor starts.
  13. Thanks Robert. I had a feeling others had this syndrome also but wouldn't admit it. Hi my name's is Greg and sometimes I forget to turn the key...
  14. Very interesting thread. I have an identical problem in my '51 Dodge D39 business coupe. Loosening the pressure on the bolts holding the mounts has helped but still some vibration. Like you, when I depress the clutch at speed the vibration disappears. I'm hoping that with more miles and lots of heat down there that the mounts will soften up. Right now, even though there is some vibration, the car is certainly driveable.
  15. just not content with terrorizing California are ya...….
  16. THAT is a nice colour! To me whitewalls look great!
  17. That's all great info. Thanks. The fuel pump doesn't work so we'll have to do gravity. Thanks.
  18. I know my car is wired as per the factory. Push the starter button and nothing will happen. Turn the key to the on position and when the starter button is pushed the starter engages and the engines fires. Like Greg above, I sometimes jump in and push the starter and am disappointed nothing happens. Brain fart ends and I turn the key providing power to the starter and presto!
  19. I’m aware of the 54 pics, just couldn’t find a 53 coupe with the sea green color.
  20. you keep picturing 54 cars when you have a 53.....there are those that say for selling purposes they introduced the 55 colors mid year for the Plymouth....got no dog in that fight
  21. Better color: I have a set of those hub caps, but not crazy about white walls.
  22. That would be a nice colour choice, although the convertible looks a very nice blue to me. You could end up with a really nice car there! Lots of work ahead, but with a plan in mind, it makes it easier.
  23. Robert, I fully agree on this one. The original color was “sea green”, I believe. So green bottom and white top. Color similar to the convertible with the combination as in the second photo. I plan on driving it to Maine for my summa ca out there. Take the two grandkids, early June, 12 day drive. Take it nice and easy, drive when cool, stop early each day. 3200 miles.
  24. I repurposed a pair of crutches and part of an old industrial light fixture into a solar panel stand.
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