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  2. New to forum

    Welcome! Car looks really solid. You're gonna love it here!
  3. engine year help

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  5. Flush convertible top cylinders

    I'd dis-assemble to be sure to remove all the DOT 3.
  6. New to forum

    I was wondering the same thing.... where do they all find these things???
  7. New to forum

    Welcome to the Forum As an owner of a 52 4 door I really appreciate yours.
  8. New to forum

    Welcome Terry. Looks like a great car for a rebuild.
  9. Kick panel resource

    I just found these guys. They're almost in my backyard. I may ship them my split door sill rubber pieces. See if they can build me some new ones. http://www.runningboardrubber.com/
  10. Flush convertible top cylinders

    My 55 Ford used brake fluid too so all I done was to take it completely apart and blow out the lines and moved the cylinders to remove all the brake fluid and reassemble,I never flushed with anything and its been 10 years and so far no problems.
  11. New to forum

    Picked up a "new to us 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook" for a steal. Did find old registration in glove box with same mileage currently on the car, so who knows how long it sat. Miraculously drained gas , rebuilt carb, changed oil, and battery and life returned. Does appear to possibly be the original 18000 miles, by the very little wear on interior parts. Could use some body and paint work. Will be keeping as original as possible. Been lurking around and figured it was time to introduce myself. Have found quite a bit of great information here. Thanks for your help.
  12. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    I may put those in Roxanne, only add some distressed paint effects
  13. New to forum

    Am I the only one that hauls rusted out hulks home to rebuild?
  14. New to forum

    Hello everyone..new to the forum. Will be taking ownership of my first oldie this next weekend, a 1953 Chrysler New Yorker. Looking forward to learning from this group.. thanks Terry
  15. Scare of my life.

    Precision parking without the help of computers, abs, 4wheel steering or any of that new fangled stuff they have com up with and used as marketing schemes in the last 50 years
  16. New to Forum: 1949 Plymouth Business Coupe

    I use Gmail and Google Images. It works awesome. Its free. Lots of online storage. The pics are easily shared between computers, iphones, ipads whatever. I have no reason to consider paying for online photo hosting services.
  17. Upgrading a 50 Chrysler

    Thinking about getting another 50 Windsor and if I do its going to get a 360/727 along with disc brakes and a modern rear end,are there anyone making mounts and a disc brake kit and what rear end would go in with minimal work. Also looking at 46 to early 50s Plymouths too so would it be about the same except for a shorter engine compartment.
  18. Coffee cup holders

    Stainless steel, boat style. Folds away when not in use. ...but I think Don might be on the right track.
  19. engine year help

    I looked at a picture, it has provisios for a hand crank. I know that could have come off another engine, but what year was the last fo that provision?
  20. 1 ton tires

    Yep both sides...
  21. engine year help

    Does the head on your engine have any numbers that would indicate the year? My 56 has a 55 number on the head.
  22. engine year help

    Are there any changes over the years that would point to a specific year?
  23. engine year help

    I am no longer looking for size as much as year. Are there any changes over the years that would point to a specific year?
  24. engine year help

    No 4 5/8 is 230.
  25. engine year help

    Ok, did the stroke change over the yesrs? Dave
  26. Yesterday
  27. Flush convertible top cylinders

    wow! great film. a lot i did not know, but now i do. thanks much. i will flush with just ATF. capt den
  28. To goop or not to goop that is the question

    Same for me - I recently used Permatex ultra black to seal the pan. No leaks.
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