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  2. You also have to disconnect the wires and remove the other screw on the fixed plate. They come off as an assembly.
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  4. hi Harold, i was not planning to do i my self, too specialized, but with checking the support and pin i ran into it. Perhaps cleaning the support with a high grain sandpaper is also enough. Dan
  5. I was stationed in Augsburg Germany working 3rd shift. Once a quarter we'd have to wear our gas masks for 3 hours while working. Well being 3rd shift, sitting down, and the mask restricts airflow it was very common for people to go to sleep. We'd take black ink and paint the eye lenses in the mask then we'd make a loud noise to wake them up. They could't see due to the black paint and wouldn't even remember that they were wearing a mask for a few minutes. Lots of choice quotes were spoken. A few would always fall over on the floor.
  6. What ever it is my guess is it has a clean butt.
  7. OK I will give that a try, the moving point is free to revolve must just need a little leverage to get it sliding up the post, WD40 type spray. Thought it was a bit stubborn and didn't want to force it, easier to first thanks.
  8. I really do not know WTH it is!...just posted it off Google for some good comments and fun!
  9. You only heat the bushing and support just enough to get the wax to met/l flow. Then let it cool some...remove bushing. Use a 3/4" ratchet or bigger if you have one.
  10. Thanks. I probably should pull off my door and take it over to compare. Mine was way over sprung at some point and the entire front edge and seam is bent, torn, and generally trashed.
  11. They are supposed to be tight. I think if you heat the knuckle support and try your impact wrench again it may come out all right. Then, with the knuckle support hot and the bushing fresh out of your home freezer or chilled with dry ice, run it back in with the impact wrench
  12. Here are the pics of Mike's tag. Thanks Mike!
  13. Thanks for the update. I understand the downtime.
  14. I got two on today I went wit 195 75 15s for one they were free from a local shop I will buy new ones when I get this thing road worthy
  15. More than likely it was whomever posted it to a social media site 100 years after the photo was taken..but, yes, I agree with you that they appear to be in WW1 soldiers kit.
  16. You bet I did! That silver stuff is the best! And I certainly will report back about how all this long overdue maintenance affects the ride. I'm hoping it will be a noticable improvement. These kind of specialized forums are great for getting advice and help with problems, but they are also important for us as a place to brag about our minor victories and lament our defeats. I have a good number of friends that wrench on a lot of stuff from harleys to 1/4 milers and street freaks but almost none of them have tried to pound a kingpin out of a dodge straight axle. Thanks for making me feel welcome here.
  17. If I get it out. no moving it with a impact wrench and I bent a bar that came with my socket set.
  18. Yes, I used an Explorer driveshaft, that bolted to the Ranger rear, working great...
  19. Passed the 4,000 mile mark on the engine rebuild.
  20. can you try putting it in from the other side to fix the threads?
  21. Has this happened to anyone else. Ideas, I been working with the set I bought from Berbaum the other bushing went in fine. I can only think that I cross threaded the bushing.
  22. Went out for a 50 mile cruise tonight (July 28th) with wifey. Earlier we took the dogs and kids with on a shorter trip. It was such an awesome evening for cruising. I just don't think it could get any better. Some pics:
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