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  2. Andydodge

    Headlight Switch

    Well what I'd do first is get a few wires that you can plug into those sockets and just check the circuits..........I just followed and typed what the wiring diagram indicated..........lol............I'd still not connect it up thru the cars circuits till I was certain that it works as per power in-power out ............doesn't your 49-52 Shop manual have the wiring diagram?..............I know when I wired up my car, the 40 dodge I still use the original ignition switch, starter button and headlight switch all with a home brewed wiring job, I cut the armoured cable that these mopars used from the ignition switch down to the coil and attached a new wire, Oz cars due to the RHD had used a dash mounted starter button for years and the headlight switch just switches, I havn't told it about the 12volts running thru, tho' I did pull it apart, clean & reassembled it and its been working fine for the past 45yrs.........lol..........BUT......I still recommend that you test everything first.........wiring is a black art, best done after whispering nice thoughts to the various pieces and vehicle.............lol............andyd
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  4. stan's52

    Removing Cam

    I have a engine that is already put together. I decided to go a different way on my 52 Plymouth Coupe. I am removing the cam to have it reground to a better performing engine, along with duel carbs, and headers. This action may not agree with some, but that's my decision, and I am sticking too it. Stan
  5. belvedere666

    Headlight Switch

    That’s a lot to take in... I’ll get out to the car again tomorrow morning to check all that out. My manual isn’t the 46-54, it’s a 49-52. so, with my EZ harness, I don’t need to run through the curcuit breaker to powe the radio because fuse box has a dedicated circuit. so I add power to the top plug. Dash light to the “I”. tail light to the “t” headlight to the “h”through the dimmer switch. parking light to the “p”. and leave the screw/nut unused?
  6. Andydodge

    Trans Brake for a 48 Plymouth

    Yep, thats the way to go, connect up the GM handbrake stuff..........BTW tho'the old mopar drive shaft handbrake if properly adjusted will pull the car up from 60MPH.............lol............ask me how I know.........lol..............a bit of smoke and WTF!!! is happening but they DO work quite well but sounds like you're good to go..........regards from Oz............andyd
  7. Andydodge

    Headlight Switch

    Nut is power out to a 30amp circuit breaker that feeds power to the Glove box lamp switch, power to the stop lamp switch and on the other side of the circuit breaker to the radio and back to the ignition switch................. the ........H is headlight power out down to the dipper switch which switches it to hi/lo beam........P is for front parking lights............... T is for rear tailights................I is power to the Instrument lamp switch, which I think is the toggle switch under the dash.........power goes in from the starter & ignition switch to the topmost pole,ie, that one between the P and T sockets..............this is directly from the P19 and P20 wiring Diagram on page 299 of the 1946-1954 Plymouth Service Manual published 11/53 in the USA..............now some of these connections I am a bit iffy about,so at the very least I'd be just doing a test of the circuits thru the switch by using a trouble light and seeing what send power where...........as for the number of parking lights etc...........you only need in theory ONE parking light wire.....just split it up front/back/left/right as it becomes parking at the front, tailight at the back...........as for a stop light, you run constant power to a separate stoplight switch( ie, from that nut which should I think have power coming from the topmost pole........but check.....lol)) as they have to work irrespective whether its night or day..............anyway hope this helps...........andyd
  8. I have a lost dog for the moment.....didn't have a dish handy....or did I ? 48D
  9. The 54 Plymouth had the same spline count as my 55. However, the Plymouth axles are shorter than the truck. I have read about people swapping out the spider gears with success. Mine was a 4.10 to 3.73 swap.
  10. Dennis Detweiler

    Disc Brakes

    I installed a Scarebird brake kit on my 39 Plymouth. Bolted on with no problems. However, my car already had 15 inch wheels on it with radial tires. The spindles are one inch wider spacing. My rear end is stock, but already had wheel adapters. My next and final project is to install a dual master kit from from Wilwood 260-7563 which has remote reservoirs, 1 inch bore and line connections on the bottom of the master. I'm looking at Scarebird master adapter which looks like I'll be able to drill and mount to the original master mount. This master adapter is made to mount the Wilwood master. I should be able to keep the original brake pedal.
  11. The chrysler I mentioned earlier, hemi/PF, was a 3.55, I'd hazard a guess that the Desoto would be the same.
  12. drpreposterous

    An Immodest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)

    By the way, Dr.Doctor, my nickname is not intended to mislead. It's a pseudonym from my days as a writer for a teen science magazine. One of my assignments was to write a column on unusual inventions called Patently Preposterous.
  13. 9 foot box

    seat track

    I'm looking for headlight buckets and right door garnish and wing for a 48 Ply.club. The guy's in MN have Windy Hill, French Lake and John' Auto Salvage in Cabool. Desert Valley Auto Parts, in Arizona, has an old 48 Bus.cp. And are specific to year when searching. Two other sites for vintage salvage yards are - theoldcarguys.com and oldride.com .
  14. The Bernbaum catalog lists the same differential carrier gasket for the Desoto as the Dodge trucks so this confirms the bolt pattern is compatible on both. I’ll get the Desoto differential and see how complicated it looks like to swap the side gears. My differential is 4:1 ratio. Don’t know what the Desoto differential is until I get it up in the air enough to look. The Desoto had a Hemi V8 with a Powerflight trans, can anyone predict what the ratio might be? Thanks for the help.
  15. allbizz49

    Disc Brakes

    Rusty Hope, keep your factory wheels if you want to.
  16. HotRodTractor

    Source of front shock mount

    I've read in passing about using them - I assume its stiffer (as I think that is what it might need, but I really want to drive it more first). I know I am going to swap in some F100 shock mounts - that might placate me for handling.
  17. belvedere666

    Headlight Switch

    I have a manual and I mention in the post that it isn’t very clear because im adapting the harness to the switch.
  18. drpreposterous

    An Immodest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)

    Guys, thank you! This is precisely why I posted. I needed to know if I was traipsing through Oz or in the real world. As I understand you, even an apparently solid, well maintained P-15/D-24 is likely to jack my tentative budget. I still dream of coming across one those wonderful perfectionists who has one project too many, or come across their dream car and need to unload a really fine turnkey at a loss. Unlikely, I know. Of course, I also prowl around FCBO and FABO forums. Mopars of all vintages don't tend to come cheap (except maybe FMJs), but perhaps I can get away with this if I find a ride that already has disc brakes, 12 volt, etc. Not counting anything out yet. I might be able to stretch my budget to $15k, too. Let's see what we see come spring!
  19. NiftyFifty

    Oil Pan Installation

    I always trim mine a bit and use Ultra Black on the crack between the gaskets, but never on the contact surfaces, as stated above...aviation gasket maker or high tack is best for holding in place, but I only use on the pan...very hard to get off the block if you need to remove again
  20. Russell Winje

    Heater duct and stuff

    Thanks to your pictures I was able to find the heater box with heat radiator. There is not a duct yet, but again with the pictures and description things are looking up. Kind regards
  21. dndrodshop

    Bench seat mounts

    Consider another option - I'm using the bench seat from a regular car Dakota in my 48 Plymouth sedan delivery. Tips forward and has a center arm rest.
  22. desoto1939

    Headlight Switch

    my first question to ask you is do you have a car manual for your car that handles the repair of your specific model? Most of these factory manuals did have a wiring diagram included in the manual. This would provide you with how the car was originally wired and then you might know some of the answers to your questions. I am not trying to be smart about replying back to you but the service manual is th basic manual that every owner should have in their personal libray to support your car or truck. I would think that the single taillight wire would then feed back to a connector in the truck area and then would feed both right and left taillights. The manual would show this information. rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  23. sleepy

    Let's see your other rides

    Got a few Mopars and a Chevelle. 33PD coupe, 31PA 2 door, 89W150. The Chevelle was my first car at 13, owned since 1983 Brian
  24. clarkede

    Disc Brakes

    I have a 48 Plymouth and I'm interested in doing this. I see that there are several places to get these kits from. Some require proprietary calipers and pads,while others sell the brackets and you get the calipers and pads from an auto parts store. What do you guys think about Scarebird? https://scarebird.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=64
  25. dndrodshop

    engine swap

    Sedan Delivery project - 5.2 EFI Mopar motor, 5 speed manual, air ride suspension , Dakota front clip, 4-bar rear suspension
  26. 37silverstreak

    Oil Pan Installation

    According to my service manual, they tell you NOT to trim the ends of the gaskets. They are supposed to protrude 1/8 to 1/4 inch so they can compress when the pan bolts are tightened.
  27. Plymouthy Adams

    Those that do interiors

    my friend who is a professional sewer with his own business stopped by and tried his hand at the machine, while he stated it is a nice machine, the clutch was a bit "uncontrollable" and had no real advice at taming the beast other than a reducer pulley setup or the servo motor. I really do not have a space to dedicate to the sewing operation at this time. The room I had it set up in I remodeled recently and moved the machine to storage. I have nothing to lose at trying the Vaseline for certain.
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