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  2. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Driven when weather permits and the urge strikes. Got it on the road in 1991 and we have driven it some every year since.
  3. Engine swapping

    I had the same experience with my '36 Plymouth. '58 Dodge 230 with a '48 Plymouth 4bolt flywheel, '36 bell housing, '36 starter. It has worked fine for 9 years. At the time, I was unaware of the 230 crank flange difference, so I just blindly bolted everything together. Patmac, post some pictures of how everything fits. My '36 bell housing looks just like bones44's.
  4. scarebird brake conversion

    Don...............you still have your sense of humor............lol.............sorry to hear about the tools tho' but as you said they went to good homes.........regards, andyd.
  5. Engine swapping

    This is the bell housing on a D5 and is different than the later 38's and up. should be no problem . but as Adam H said check and recheck.
  6. riding season

    Looking pretty racey with your Vette Don, win any triple dog dares with it?
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  8. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    218 or 230 in it now. How does it perform?
  9. Clutch replacements

    Hey, my 52 Plymouth has a 9.25" clutch disc in it. Can I use a Desoto 10" disc plate with the 9.25 pressure plate? The skylines and shaft size are the same. I don't know if the Desoto disc is actually 10inches or 9 something inches and it's called a 10 inch.
  10. scarebird brake conversion

    Me too. Combination of many ailments non of which are any fun. Much more fun to run a drill press than to clean up **** that missed the targeted crapper. Getting old is no fun. George Carlin nailed it in his reverse aging skit. Better to go out as a giant orgasm.
  11. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Just put a brand newly overhauled motor in this one. New wiring from Rhode Island should be here any day, got all new glass, rubber, channels, etc ready to go in. I put a clear sealer someone here recommended, (Owatrol, I think it was) and it will stay rusty but won't rust. It'll be about a month, it won't quite be a daily driver, but a frequent driver. And, it drives nice. Once I get my NOS 3:56 gears in, it'll be a long distance driver.
  12. '51 218 Rebuild suggestions

    Yes, absolutely the best way to go to improve performance - and easy, too!
  13. '51 218 Rebuild suggestions

    I would think any crankshaft change to increase displacement would be a stroker. The measurement is not difficult and would increase compression in a much better way than head milling. But with head milling you could get to a reasonable compression without risking valve clearance or hurting flow. From what I have heard, the stock 230 rotating assembly is around .020 to .030 below deck at TDC but I have never measured mine to be sure. Then you get the benefit of a longer rod and shorter piston. Also get the benefit of a modern ring pack. This is huge in a long stroke engine with high piston speeds.
  14. scarebird brake conversion

    Sorry to hear you cannot use the tools any more Don
  15. scarebird brake conversion

    To be honest the Lockheed drums worked well but I didn't have the adjustment tool so they were always adjusted close but never close enough. For the price of the tool, I could do disc brakes twice. I drive my car in commute traffic at 70+ mph sometimes so that where the disc brakes shine. They do slow the car better than the drums especially the 3rd or 4th time in a 1 mile stretch, so let's say a 25% improvement. I will NEVER have to adjust brakes again (at least on the front) 100% + improvement. The drums are only really good after they are adjusted, goes down hill from there, discs are always adjusted correctly. 100% improvement. They have been on for a few years now and I have not had to do anything to them in that time. Which reminds me, I'm going to check the brake fluid next time I drive it.
  16. scarebird brake conversion

    Drilling and tapping was a breeze. I used my large drill press and a hand tap. A few months ago I had a good friend in need of a drill press so I gave my big drill press to him as I can no longer use it. Then last month my son was here and had a use for my small drill press so I sent it home with him. Gives me a good feeling knowing that my tools will go to folks who will use them.
  17. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Thanks Lloyd! They are just good old work trucks....at least mine is. I made a few upgrades to handle modern driving conditions but it is basically stock. With a carefully thought out build or restoration I see no reason why more of these can't be used all the time.
  18. '51 218 Rebuild suggestions

    230 crank + 218 rods + custom pistons = flathead 6 stroker. measure carefully.
  19. '51 218 Rebuild suggestions

    I've mentioned this before and got poo-pooed but custom pistons are cheap! Have a modern piston made with a modern ring pack. Use the 218 rods with the 230 crank. Measure appropriately to get the pin height correct on your custom pistons for 0 deck. Balance assembly (any good shop should do this regardless). Probably cost a few hundred more in the end but its done right.
  20. scarebird brake conversion

    Adam, how do you compare your new disc brakes compared to the old Lockheed drums? Now I already know Lockheed drums when adjusted well and in good working order, are damn good. On my 55 Fargo, the front drums are stock, single wheel cyl, as the rears had dual cyls. I have modern 10 inch bendix drums on the rear. My brakes are good, but could be better, might do the upgrade, as although my front brakes are not old, the drums are just over the oversize limits... 10.63 and 10.82
  21. Engine swapping

    Easy to check / correct before assembly, much harder to check / correct after everything is together...
  22. scarebird brake conversion

    I used the large vice grips to lock the spindle in place for tapping.
  23. scarebird brake conversion

    Sounds good to me
  24. Engine swapping

    Don Coatney's engine was a Desoto, so a little different setup on the flywheel I believe....
  25. scarebird brake conversion

    It was super easy to drill and tap mine., did it on the car. I would not let that stop anyone from buying his kit.
  26. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    You can turn it off in settings but beware. I first used it then decided I didn’t like it. When I shut it off all my contacts, phone numbers, pictures— everything was gone. Never to be seen again. Seems it stores all your stuff on the cloud and nothing on your phone. BTW Jeff, like your 52 and the fact that it’s your only ride I like even more. Don’t know why, just do.
  27. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I pulled a Norm's Coupe. Drove to the end of the driveway and back into the garage. Does that count?
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