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  2. fluid drive downshifts

  3. Where do you get the little springs?

    You can say that again. that's a benefit of living out in the country, more space. I don't have room for parts cars, but wish I had access to one! Marc.
  4. B3B suspension frightful experience

    I can simplify this for you.......tell your son in law to quit driving like slalom racer........lol.
  5. fluid drive downshifts

    i will check this parts if they work correct ! Has someone of you an explosion view drawing of the governor ? i have bought a NOS U-Drive Kickdown switch plate and will change it ! I Think it is better to see on the drawing how the parts are correct ! And i think my wiring is awful ! Does knows someone of you where i can get a complete wiring harness ?
  6. 265 Engine Color opinions

    LST? Large slow target.......lol. The motion is less on the fantail, but still enough to make you puke.
  7. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Hi all, starting this thread for those who have lowered or who like lowered Mopar cars and trucks. So feel free to post pics, and/or how you have lowered your vehicles can be from "mild to wild". I will post some pics on this topic too. I have not lowered my Fargo but plan to as well, how low will she go, I do not know...
  8. Front Suspension

    I was worried that you lost your......"fasteners".......lol.....I'jj go join Donald now, sigh.
  9. Has anyone used Mac's for a gas tank clean and rehab? I talked to them yesterday. For $200-275 they cut it open, bead blast inside and out, weld it back up, and coat the inside with some sort of liner.
  10. Welcome!

    I have one on the C body forum: https://www.forcbodiesonly.com/mopar-forum/threads/convertible-fury-1970.24740/
  11. Today
  12. What flathead is this?

    Wow, do you have any more information on Ontario Remanufacturing? How long they were in operation etc. Thanks for the info everybody that's good stuff. It's interesting to find this stuff out, about a bygone era where they actually rebuilt things. I did get around to measuring the stroke on the weekend, engine turns over fairly easily with a wrench on it, which is nice. Unless I made a mistake the stroke is 4 1/4" Which would make it a 237 (236.6). While I only thought there were two engine sizes at that bore (251, 265) it turns out there is a third smaller one, and that is what this appears to be. That's nice that it has a truck pan as I am looking to pick up a C-series truck soon. Andy, I did put up a few pictures on a thread probably a year ago. They should be here: Dean
  13. L-Head 6 valve removal

    s So tap the spring assembly not the top of the valve?
  14. L-Head 6 valve removal

    when compressed, you may have to tap the retainer to break the bond of the taper....
  15. B3B suspension frightful experience

    my wife gets frustrated at the drivers in the local area...they pull right out onto a posted 55 highway and go 15-20 MPH...then without fail will often turn with no notification left or right, per their mood or what I don't know. She asks why they drive like that....simple I say....they think they are still in the field on their tractors....we have farmers in the area that use both lanes when changing fields...very large farming rigs, it is to be expected......for the most part they are extremely courteous and mindful of traffic...only once in a while do you get behind or approach a blithering idiot. (a hired hand usually)
  16. L-Head 6 valve removal

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to remove the valves from my '53 L-Head 6 using a briggs removal tool. I cant seem to get the locks out. Whats the trick or is the briggs tool not going to work for me? Thanks in advance.
  17. How to keep the mice away?

    I responded at the time to "Of Mice and Men", extolling the virtues of shredded Irish Spring bar soap distributed throughout my cars in potpourri bags. A friend put me on to it, and for a couple winters I would switch out the bags with fresh soap. Then this summer I fount this in the trunk of my New Yorker. When I told my friend, he said "Yeah, but I bet they felt sick afterwards!" At least they haven't eaten the "Bounce" drier sheets - yet.
  18. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Jdee, thanks. I would also like to thank you and your company for your input and support of this lost art. I feel like all information whether it be a success or a failure can be useful. Patience and a good attitude go a long way toward success.
  19. B3B suspension frightful experience

    Our trucks were built in a different time.There were no highways and just in general the speeds that they were driven at were much slower. I wish I could find it but a while back I was doing research on posted speed limits during the late 40's and I found a page that listed them state by state. If I remember right the average speed limit was 45 to 50. Many states didnt even have a speed limit, it was more of a case of what speed was prudent. The roads were just not designed with high speeds in mind. Personally I have no problem with keeping the brakes, suspension and just my whole truck in general stock but I drive it the way it was intended. I remember what my Dad always told me when he turned the keys to his B1B over to me when I started driving.... "be nice to it, its a senior citizen". He let me drive it every day and it was my daily driver until I got my '69 Charger R/T. I think a lot depends on where you live and the conditions you drive in and of course what your looking for in your truck and how you want to drive it . I live in a small town and outside of town we get from place to place on Hwy 80 which for the most part has a 55 to 65 speed limit. Much of it is lower. We are surrounded by wide open space aka desert and the roads are pretty much flat and straight with a few slight hills and curves here and there thrown in. No bumper to bumper stop and go traffic My B1B has 3:54 gears and is more than capable of traveling 75 or more but but I just stay local. Mechanically it is very sound and all.I will drive to Tombstone or Sierra Vista if I get the hankering and usually no farther not because I cant, but because I think its better to drive my '94 Mazda pickup (Ford Ranger) that Dad left I just drive the speed limit and enjoy every moment of it. I drive it like it was intended and designed . I make sure there is a lot of room between me and the person Im behind which is usually pretty easy to do because Im driving the posted limit (55) and most folks dont. At least until the snowbirds arrive who generally drive 10 to 20 below the speed limit at all times. It is not uncommon for some to drive 25 to 30 in a 55 on HWY 80 . Grrrrrr . I can see why folks would want to update their brakes and front suspension especially if they live in a place or drive in conditions that make it better to have the updated components or just because they want to and can. Me.... Im lucky, the roads in my area aside from I-10 that passes by my town haven't changed much in the past 60+ years so they are just perfect for our trucks . For me a major part of it is the charm of driving it the way it was made right down to the 16" bias ply tires that go bump, bump, bump when they are cold hahaha. If I lived in a bigger city or regularly drove it in a congested conditions or at high speeds I might be inclined to perform some updates too. To me its all about your vision of what you want your truck to be and the conditions that you drive in. John
  20. Gotcha, when I worked at Minit-lube / Q-lube, we were introduced the "slick 50" products. We were supposed to sell (push) those products. I am a little leery of the "magic cure". maybe if I try it, I'll put it in the Ram
  21. B3B suspension frightful experience

    My rule of thumb is slow motion driving, I wasn't driving and will be very careful who drives it next. Will require a training session first.
  22. B3B suspension frightful experience

    I am working out the bugs on our flatbed. Drove it to a few local car shows this summer and it was all OVER the road! VERY scary! Put me in a "death wobble" Turned out the front bias tires have a couple bad spots.... I replaced them with two from the rear..... Bingo, no more issues for me with steering. Every time I hear a squeal from a tire ,one has been low but then again I don't hot rod my trucks
  23. 265 Engine Color opinions

    When I was a teenager, I spent many hours standing on my head detailing and painting several engines which would have benefitted from some internal work as well. Amazing how much better they ran ! In addition, there is that tang of burned paint and blow-by accented by whiffs of gasoline. I might have used it as an aftershave but somehow the young ladies I dated did not much like it.
  24. 265 Engine Color opinions

    Mine 1941 De Soto
  25. B3B suspension frightful experience

    I've never been scared in any of my trucks. They drive fine for what they are. I'm a careful driver especially in any vehicle I'm not familiar with. In a vehicle you are not familiar with go easy till you know how it drives and handles.
  26. rear main side seals, 230

    Something is wrong if you can't turn one of these low-compression engines over by hand using the fan and a tight fan belt, with the spark plugs out.
  27. 265 Engine Color opinions

    Many of the later mopar engines used a blue very similar to Dons. IDK about the Ford flatheads but weren't the Chevy 6s a more grey blue? This is the latest one I did.
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