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  2. Not installed yet. The 218 I found had a Wilcap adapter installed and was in a running '50 Suburban. The owner of a local street rod shop, a "50 Suburban collector, with 4 of them in various stages of repair, said it worked fine, but didn't have enough off the line power, so he swapped in a V8. In order to maximize power, I'm going with a shaved head, Langon split exhaust, HEI and 2bbl Weber, in addition to not installing the stock cooling fan and going with an electric. I've heard the parasitic load on the stock fan alone is 8-10 hp. We will see if it all works!
  3. Frank Elder

    wanted 1933 dodge OD transmission - I need more speed.

    How is the auto tranny treating you does the car have a enough ooomph to motor along?
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  5. Prior to putting up the business up for sale, he was VERY helpful for me. The pending sale may have lessened his interest.
  6. That part is why I went with AAJ and Scarebird instead. Doesn't seem to customer friendly to me.
  7. I suggest you use this information for your particular needs. Please include the year/make/model info for your vehicle when you contact RustyHope with any questions and when you place your order. ALL SALES FINAL – NO RETURNS – NO REFUNDS NOTE: All prices quoted include shipping to US addresses. International shipping is higher, inquire to olddaddy@rustyhope.com for shipping quotes outside the US.
  8. Bob Riding

    Easy way to convert front drums on 53 belv to disc

    Didn't think so...too good to be true, even for a fellow Forum member...got to stay in business!
  9. I recently found a Borg Warner R10B 1R W-2 A11C overdrive on eBay thinking I would use it in my "52 Suburban project, but then decided to run a TH2004R automatic , behind my 218. I was planning to put it up for sale in the Classifieds section, and will sell it to Forum members for what I paid for it plus shipping. PM me if there is interest.
  10. Plymouthy Adams

    Easy way to convert front drums on 53 belv to disc

    I believe his site state you get a shopping list to be filled at your local big box store...I do not think there is any way he can buy the rotors and calipers himself and pass a savings on to you in doing so and on top of that you have to pay shipping from his place.....
  11. I drilled and taped them myself. I will look for the list.
  12. keithb7

    Give em a brake

    I shared some of my experiences doing some of these jobs last summer. If interested see here: https://youtu.be/E4FiF6h5mtQ?t=2 https://youtu.be/UOni7Udv7jU https://youtu.be/2TlQvMxLeEY Thanks to the input of several members here, they helped me through my questions as I go through this job.
  13. Bob Riding

    Easy way to convert front drums on 53 belv to disc

    Paul- also did you have them drill and tap the arms or did you do it yourself? I don't see a place on RustyHope's website for purchasing all the other parts- rotor, pads, etc.
  14. BobB- Revisiting this older post to see if you have made any progress on the one ton. I just finished installing a Dana 60 dually rear end in my 47 and am curious how much wider it is that an original 47 with duals. I believe is it about 4” wider (measuring to the outside of the tires). If you have a chance, can you check to see what yours measures. Mine came original with single wheels but I like the looks of a dually.
  15. I present this...…. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/pts/d/chrysler-imperial-1963/6786100993.html
  16. Radarsonwheels

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    I whipped up a little throttle return spring bracket this morning before work
  17. Russell Winje

    Give em a brake

    Good input. I will be checking these various things as I progress. Did change diff oil and pinion seal last fall. The Booster system is in place and will be checked.
  18. Dodgeed

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    What an adventure; yes, it was worth the risk, at least to us on the Forum. Glad you were able to get out of there w/o any consequences. Also glad you thought of us enough to post this thread within minutes of its occurring. Isn't modern technology wonderful? Here I am, an ocean away, and yet I see where you were, just minutes after the fact. I love the internet. 👍
  19. D-24 Gauge Cluster GLASS Template View File Hope this comes in handy if your dash gauge GLASS is missing or broken. Submitter Conn47D24 Submitted 02/23/2019 Category Instructions, Manuals & Templates  
  20. Papeenun41

    1941 trunk key latch cylinder removal

    Disregard. Mission accomplished.
  21. Twist nails are what belongs there...abour 1/4" long nails with a square profile that twists.
  22. PT81Jan

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Location: Very South of Germany A quick prestory to the pictures ... Today I went to the Lake to go for a walk with the dog and taking some pictures of my 1939 PT ... But first a quick jump to the last weekend. Winter suddenly has stopped, rain had washed away the salt from the roads over night. I went to the lake early in the morning. Sun was just before rising up. I could see a yellow orange stripe along the horizon, super clear water, swans slowly waking up. What a panorama !!! From our side of the shore you can see the mountains of the Swiss Alps, if the sky is clear. That morning they where super clear, white shining snow on top. Simply perfect ! Unfortunately I neither had a camera nor my PT with me. So I decided to come back the next weekend ... Today morning , Feb. 23rd, 2019 something between 6.00 and 6.30 a.m. Knowing that there is just one access to the shore and it is strictly forbidden to enter it with a vehicle, I arrived a bit too early. Drove in with a slight bad conscience. Nobody was there. But today, no mountain view, just a grey haze. No swan just some scattered ducks. No orange horizon. Damned. Since I took the risk to get serious trouble, I yet decided to take some quick shots with the camera and quickly sneak away off of the shore. Jumped into the truck, wrooom, rear wheels scrabbled in the sand, ooops. A bit less throttle, but too late. Rear wheels went deeper and deeper .... then a man walked by, he was looking a bit wrathful / surprised. I probably like a caught little boy. But hey, that was a colleague from work !! I quick explained my situation, he just: ohooohhh. Now to make it short. He rushed to his home, came back with his car and a rope. (Still nobody else came to the shore - biiig trouble, if the sheriff or a conservationist would have appeared). Hooked in the rope and towed me out of my awkward situation. Yesss !!! I asked him what he wants to get, but he did refuse ... "hmm, maybe a ride in the PT !?" he said. So yes, I gladly will take him to a tour along the lake !!! So here some adventure pics I shot, although they are certainly not perfect: Was it worth it ? For me YESSS !
  23. I've never seen any factory Chrysler bulletins on this unusual transmission. Especially odd being a 1949 up M6 with the old R7 OD unit...why not use the more modern R10 ? IDK what Chrysler was thinking. The input shaft and bearing retainer looks to be for a Fluid Torque Drive converter too.
  24. Brent B3B

    Manifold Stud Replacement

    nice job Matt! thanks for the update, sometimes you just have to roll up the sleeves and do it.... oh btw, we will always "give you a nudge"
  25. Dodgeb4ya

    Front Bumper Guard Question

    Two grille guards were the option for 1951-53 instead of three as used on the 1948-50 trucks. $4.44 was the cost for both in January of 1952.
  26. I've seen front bumper guards in sets of three on 48-50 Pilothouse trucks, but the front bumper on my 51 has a license plate stamping in the middle of the bumper which eliminates having a guard in the center. Did the trucks starting with the 51's still have a factory option available for only two guards (one guard on each side of the license plate stamping) thereby eliminating the center guard? What year was the last year bumper guards were available as an option?
  27. Dodgeb4ya

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Roger1 ...2% is not stock?
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