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  2. It's the 31000 and 32207 5/8 eye loop mine are like 3/4
  3. Don't have one
  4. I'm running the new shocks that were on my 52 half ton parts truck on my 49 1 ton in the front. I saved a bad one so that I could get the measurements in case I ever need to match them up if/when these fail. You guys have eliminated the need to do that! Thanks men. Mike
  5. I have a ford 9inch rearend it has large brake shoes the proportioning valve is gm disc front shoe rear.
  6. Did you use the Cherokee porportioning valve? Mine works great...but I am running a jeep diff in the rear too
  7. Today
  8. This is one reason I went with the TK5 Ford Ranger 5 speed trans, where I did not have to use an adapter. The TK5 front retainer had to be machined to match the bell hole, about 1/16 difference.
  9. I cut 1/2 inch off tie rod and tube and she lined up nice. the bummer was even with my new propocioning valve my rear brakes lock up way before my front disc brakes. so now I ether adjust my rear off a little or install a manuel rear adjustable pressure valve. anyone else have this problem if so what worked for you thanks. Neil PS Steve it was nice to meet you and your wife hope you can use the brake parts and good luck with your truck.
  10. Got a goody for the new engine I will pick up Friday that will clean up the engine bay and help with my charging. 6v positive ground, 1 wire alternator!
  11. Parts manual if nothing else
  12. 21 minutes, hows that for service?
  13. almost as easy as repairing the cross member on the frame isn't it
  14. Anyone have pics of how to hook up the return spring for the gas pedal...from pedal thur fire wall to linkage...thanks
  15. That American shifter kit was ok but 1000 parts and no support help
  16. Here ya go then...
  17. From I have read for years-you cannot go wrong with a shifter from Lokar. More $ than the other-But? They make some trans mounted and also cable operated to be able to put it exactly where you want it. I Did not look for 727 specific shifters both they are quite common for years. My 2 cent.. DJ
  18. I have a 727 trans in my 54 dodge truck what can I use for a shifter or kit got one of those American shifter kits...they are a joke what else can I do
  19. I agree. I honestly don't see why it's a big deal. It's not like it would be a cosmetic flaw or affect the structural strength. I'm done slicing my forearms,wrists,and hands on inner door access holes. Cut a straight line from one access hole to another and you get all that room to work and welding it back is no big deal.
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  21. If I had the room for it I'd gladly help you out.
  22. Thanks, I thought about trying some heat but couldn't bring myself to do anything that might damage the finish on this door, trying my best here not to do that.
  23. I have always just heated these a couple times cherry red before even trying to back them out...while not a wise idea for a freshly painted door assembly, it is just too easy to do when first working the panel. I also do not recommend a large tip when this case a 00 would be more than fine...a 0 tip could work also..just adust to a small neutral flame...this may not be or any use to you now that you have destroyed the end of the screw...a bit of info after the fact is not much help I know.
  24. You could also use a holesaw for access and just leave it. Paint the edges and it will look like it belongs and cover with the door card.
  25. I was going to say pullet powered but that's a rooster
  26. make sure and attach the negative side of your coil going to the wire going to the distributor. That will be negative ground.
  27. Thanks, Rich, but I have the basic library for my '54 truck. My problem is that I am trying to use a <53 bellhousing (they are about 1" shorter than the '54) for a T5 conversion.
  28. I looked again in better lite. It's a carter D6G . Does any of that make since ? Will the newer 50ish kits fit that carby? thanks
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