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  2. ggdad1951

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    you should have paid and parked...and likely had a larger group of people checking out the oddball vehicle than some of the trailer queens...when I go to the local MoPaRs in the Park, I enter in the "appearing as original" class...I've won it and it was fun to see the snobs with their (admitted) bought cars gets fewer looks than a big old red truck. NOTHING gets "those" people more hot under the collar than see things like that happen...preconceived notions and all.
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  4. ggdad1951

    Wiring Harness

    simple and easy...expensive but worth every penny
  5. Merle Coggins

    Oil pressure problem seems solved.

    That spring on the right looks to have a bigger wire and more coils. Also, the coils are so close together it looks like it wouldn’t take much compression before it coil binds. And the left one is certainly too short. Could you put a washer, or 2, between the original spring and the plug and try it that way? That’ll increase the spring tension for you and should increase the pressure setting.
  6. Reg Evans

    Wiring Harness

    They are well marked and easy to install. Just not cheap.
  7. Reg Evans

    First project to tackle

    The windshield says it's really a 1954 model. Must have been sold new in '55. Your truck also appears to have the back corner windows that I'm pretty sure were discontinued for 1955.
  8. Plymouthy Adams

    Kubalwagon build

    do something half way...expect haft the results.......it will only take a little effort to go all the way with this ting and do the job right......patina in a carb will block jets and passages
  9. Andydodge


    I know that this is on a different car, but on the 41 Plymouth I had I used 15x6 and 15x7 Wheel Vintique Chrome Smoothies and 195/75 x15 and 235/75x15 Coker Classic Radials and they fitted onto the stock brake drums and cleared both front & rear inner outer fenders and inner steering, suspension & body shell even tho the car was lowered with 1 coil cut on the front and 2" blocks on the rear, these wheels were a "standard" order, with the standard backspace which I understood to be "centred" on the rim........see pic.......the 40 Dodge has Oz disc brakes and an Oz Falcon diff with 6x14 and 10x15 mags and 2"widened rear fenders so its dimensions etc are even less of use to you........lol........andyd
  10. Since I've been driving the coupe I've had weak oil pressure readings. Really weak. I even changed the oil to straight 30wt as that's all that I could find here. I bought a new oil pressure relieve valve spring from Andy B and just installed it. It's now too high. Will have to change oil again. When warm I'm getting 30lbs idle at 450-500 rpms and when driving anything over 35 mph it's at 70lbs. The photo shows the spring that I put in on the right, the one that I took out in the middle and the short one is an extra that Andy sent since he said that it could take either. the original that I took out is shorter and looks to have been streched. Still didn't do the job properly.
  11. So this all started because it wouldn’t turn over with the starter. Thought the teeth went on the flywheel (had damage to them). Starter was rebuilt about 2 months before so didn’t think that was the issue. Pulled the motor and trans out. Replaced the flywheel. Put back in same problem it was the starter. Drive unit failed. So because of this and seeing the front clip gone got my mind thinking. Well now the head is off to mill down for more compression, new oil pump installed and I been working on a triple carb with dual header exhaust. Side note anyone in canada Canada looking for a stock intake and exhaust, a modded intake for 3 carbs, a 25” head for US motors? (bought a head to mill down, learned I had a Canadian block the hard way)
  12. Ajgkirkwood

    my first project car at 16

    Glad to see another young guy like me joining in on the fun. Like others stated focus on making it road worthy. Winter is a good time to upgrade (this is a case of do as I say, not as I do haha) make sure to take pictures to take us along on your build
  13. pflaming

    Kubalwagon build

    Greg, TKS, saw that and others. I think I will soak it, air out the ports from the top but not disturb the bottom. I only need to get the engine running, it won't need to be fine tuned. Since I won't disturb any settings, it should work. greg, been looking at the video, like it.
  14. Chris Wiehe

    Wiring Harness

    Are the riwire harnesses a simple plug in or a real pain the trace and adapt?
  15. Chris Wiehe

    First project to tackle

    I was told break line was replaced and master cylinder rebuilt. I did get a test drive in let go of the wheel at one 30mph and it tracked straight down the road. Said it was a hay hauler on a farm, I did find a few small patches but over all really solid. Did find few small bare spots on wires I need to address. Wasn't sure if there is a wiring kit or if I take a wire and run new myself. Pics to co me when it gets home.
  16. FlashBuddy

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    Holy crap Brent-man! I attended my first show this summer and thought they might not let me in, but they did. I learned how important these old trucks are to others. One guy kept staring at my truck and finally comes over and tells an emotional story of his dad's farm going belly up and him moving the family and everything they owned in a truck exactly like mine to Colorado. Good thing they let me in. Oh, I met a lot of really cool cars and their owners too. Jeff & Evie @ Old Town Car Show
  17. greg g

    Kubalwagon build

  18. Brent B3B

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    WOW what a wake up call. that is a great point Greg! just about everything I went to last year was around $20. but it supported something. I was more interested in just hanging out with guys. I should be supporting my community and if I have fun doing it that should be what it is about. that will be on my criteria from now on. i'll bet that will take care of the "snubbing" thanks everyone for the support and encouragement! I knew something wasn't right
  19. Brent B3B

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    Rich I appreciate your view on entering regardless, I hadn't thought of it like that. never made it to the money part, it was park then check in lol, yeah I usually try not to get too excited over this stuff I was just surprised. I will admit in the back of my mind I kept thinking they have heard of me and know how many pancakes I can put away yeah i'll bet you haven't, I've seen photos of your truck you have a NICE truck! most the shows I go to are local to me and I thought "low key"
  20. raystewart

    50 Plymouth Transmission wanted

    Yeah, I've seen the posts and pics of the various shifters but nothing works quite like having a box to work with out of the car. I have a line on a 39 Dodge trans with a floor shifter that was also on the back of a 218 flathead, anybody have any idea if it is the same length as the 50 trans or would work (other than the obvious need to cut a hole in the floor)? I have some Motors manuals that go back to 40 but there isn't much in them on the trans.
  21. Kinda wonder where the 15 bucks goes, most clubs host a show to raise money for club expenses,some will tell you half the entry fee goes to a charity they might align with, some say it defrays the cost of the venue. Most around here are eight to 12 bucks. The Mopar group charges ten but it supports the local trauma burn center. The flyer should tell you what's going on.
  22. 59bisquik

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    I go to lots of shows and have never gotten that type of treatment. However, I normally avoid the high dollar shows where most of the cars are bought and trailered in.
  23. greg g

    With great inheritance........

    The D30 engine goes along with 49 Coronet or Meadowbrook for 1949. The Coronet was the upmarket model with the most standard bells and whistles. Does it say Gyro magic any where? Dashboard, rear bumper, on the trunk lid? Wheelbase should be 123 inches. Serial number, the identifier Chrysler uses for a complete car assigned sequentially as frame engine and body were all together on the assembly line should be a round or rectangular tag revited on one of the a pillars.
  24. desoto1939

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    Basic rues are if they take your money then they need to be gracious about your vehicle and put you in the proper class to show your truck. They do not have the right to snub you or your truck. They were willing to take your money so be polite to the owner. Cruise ins are usually free so everyone is welcome to attend rich Hartung
  25. desoto1939

    Best manual

    Always search for as much info that you can find for your truck or car. Also note that the manuals do not have to be original MoPar manuals. Copies are just as good as originals and usually are cheaper. When a car or truck is shown at an AACA judged event you see alot of owners show off inthe trunk area the original manuals. this is just for show and has no bearing on the judging of the vehicle. The books are there incase if the head judge has a question about some component onthe car and the owner then can so the head judge that the part is original or was an acessory item. Even look for part manufactured catalogs such as Autolite so that you can get the appropriat eelectrical components, etc. Anything is better than nothing and you willbe surprise at what you will leran from looking thru a manual. I have a 6 foot shelf of cross reference catalogs and manuals. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  26. pflaming

    Kubalwagon build

    Mack, back home and focusing on the Empi (Kubalwagon) to make it a barebones driver and sell it Aug 17-18 at a huge dune buggy reunion at Pismo Dunes, just two hours from home. It's 105 outside and will remain there all week, so only some morning hour work. I brought the carburetor in the house and I'm studying how to rebuild that. It is many times more complex than a Carter B3B. I may just soak and clean and not disassemble it beyond the top off.
  27. max

    Replacing window fuzzies/scrapers

    Thank you very much
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