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  2. gramps1951

    Front spring bushings

    my new front springs came with the bushings already pressed in.
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  4. kendall

    3 point seatbelt in '47'

    Now to get my passengers to wear them. Instead of pointing to the instruction card in the seatback like your typical airline steward, I have them pop the glovebox and let the Captain have at them!
  5. I discovered there is only one place to install the belt hanger without rubbing and perfectly vertical as the mfr. required and that was in space. I did not want to weld so I fabbed these aluminum brackets. The 3/8" plate fastens to the doorframe w/ 5/16" hardened bolts. The 1/2" bar runs to the window surround, converting some shear to compression. I'll paint the exposed aluminum green to match in the future.
  6. P15-D24

    terms and conditions

    Looks like a broken link, should be fixed now.
  7. Worden18

    New 37

    Wow, sweet! Congrats on the purchase. Have fun with it!
  8. thebelvedereman

    1939 business coupe build

  9. thebelvedereman

    1939 business coupe build

    hey does anyone have the Chrome strip for the center of the grill for a 39, mine would need hours worth of work to straighten, it's mangled, it took quite a bit of work with a rubber mallet and some other stuff to get the actual Grill back into shape before I painted it, it was all pushed in in the middle
  10. hkestes41

    New 37

    Yeah the pictures do not show the color well, it is Mauve and a lot more pinkish than the pictures show.
  11. thebelvedereman

    1939 business coupe build

    I'm still not sure yet, but I think it's starting to grow on me, I just wish it would stop damn raining so I can put the rest of it back together and see what it looks like
  12. garyanna2

    Front spring bushings

    Thanks for info, i need to read my post before i post a question. I sounded like i hit the bottle before my question. Thank you Brent for reading between the lines.
  13. thebeebe5

    New 37

    Nice car. Interior looks fine IMO.
  14. don't know if is just me or what but I wasn't able to open the "terms and conditions" at the store on my computer or I-pad..... I am good with it just wanted to report it if it was needed.... or nobody else has mentioned it
  15. If their is interest I could offer a similar Beginner package for use here. The Intermediate package is actually a decent deal and I can't get close based on my ISP storage costs. No editor or Https however. Let me know.
  16. Brent B3B

    Twenty years. . .

    I think I was right behind ya.... I think I have recollection of communicating with GTK about the truck side being added to the forum but I was just a "stalker" until I could finally start to afford this hobby... (then I forgot my account info and signed up again so, there might only be 9,999 members sorry ) hummmm come to think of it in a way GTK might be responsible for my addiction! just kidding but thanks for the friends GTK
  17. MackTheFinger

    East coast vacation

    Might not be your thing but Wheels Through Time motorcycle museum in Maggie Valley, N.C. would be a good stop.
  18. pflaming

    East coast vacation

    Do not miss the Vietnam memorial! I've been there twice, a very different place, changes your mind on things. Strongly consider going to the monuments at night, much more impressive all lit up against a black sky. You won't be alone but not crowded then. And then there is the national cemetery and the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Enjoy, it is a little more impressive than Tims BBQ but not by much.
  19. Radarsonwheels

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    I have a title for the dak but it’s just for verifying that it’s not stolen parts. It is registered by the old truck vin
  20. Los_Control

    Molly Time!

    Think modern replacements have come a long way, no idea what the down time is ... We all have a certain level of pain we will endure before moving forward. I will pray for pain free days for ya thanks for confirming this, when I first saw the trailer back in Feb, we were just driving by and instantly at a glance was sure it was pilothouse era. I have been wrong before though Since my 49 is a B1C, would need to stretch the bed or shorten the frame to use it. Current plans are to simply restore it and use it as a utility trailer, may look pretty good being pulled by molly in the future.. Trailer seems pretty well built, am satisfied with the workmanship. Tongue is short and real pita to back up, will jack knife in a blink of a eye. Suppose I will get use to it.
  21. knuckleharley

    Why are parts crap???

    Nothing is wrong with it. I was just implying he wasn't going to stop working.
  22. casper50

    New 37

    very nice
  23. Brent B3B

    East coast vacation

    Julie an I have a "milestone" anniversary coming up this year (late September/ early October) we have planned a trip and booked rooms. We are going to SC to see/ drive the Blue Ridge Mountains and end up in DC for a few days. Any "must see" points along the route worth checking out? I know I want to see the National Air Museum but other than that...... hate to get back and learn we "should of.... " Neither of us care for shopping, (we are not very good at it 😋)
  24. hkestes41

    New 37

    Two years ago I sold my 48 Plymouth coupe. Began looking for something to get started on again. When I mentioned it to my wife she pointed out that I really don't have an adequate place to build another car and she was right. She also pointed out that with my work travel schedule I really don't have time to build another car either and she was right again I hate when that happens. So, my response was "then I will buy one that is already done". Of course that was not the reaction that she was looking for, but agreed. But, the joke is on her because as you know they are never done. Had two absolute must criteria for a purchase. 1) Car must be a Mopar and 2) Must have Mopar running gear. Those criteria limited availability of potential candidates. However, I think I found a good one. 37 Plymouth Business Coupe with a 360 Magnum, A518 OD, Vintage Air, Butch's Cool Stuff complete front suspension, Power Disc Brakes, Nice Paint and Interior. I'm not really digging the interior color, but it was well done and I can live with it for a while. Flew to Detroit to get the car and drove it back home to Dallas with a side trip to Joplin to visit my mom for a couple of days. It does need some transmission work, but other than that it ran and drove great over the 1300 mile trip.
  25. wallytoo

    Tappet Adjustment Cold

    that ^^ probably works well to set them initially. the "hot" adjustment is much easier than it appears; i'd never done it before, but i was able to adjust all on the running engine. tappet wrenches make the job even easier, but it can be done with a normal combi-wrench.
  26. On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/163063533487?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  27. I'm kinda wondering if this is gonna be another bait and switch deal for beginners: for a low fee, get started with 3rd party hosting and then a year from now BAM!! a significantly increased rate ...kinda like last year
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