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This region is for P15-D24/Pilothouse members living in New England or New York. Goal is to provide a connection for locals to offer each other local assistance, diagnosis and support for problems, share spare inventory, sponsor cruises and meet ups, etc. The group is focused on cars/trucks from the 30's - 50's, but all are welcome.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Any other Plymouth Deluxe owners in the area? Just bought my `46 Plymouth Deluxe on Saturday.. found some switches not sure what they do etc.. anyone around (NH) have one of these i can bounce questions off of or compare side by side the cars?
  3. I did make it to Ty-Rods and offer the following pics of our favorite cars. The signboard for the '50 Doges tells a nice story of keeping it in the family!
  4. Sounds like a plan - bring me back a '66 Valiant Wayfarer!
  5. I posted this and then realized I'm headed back down to Australia on the 3rd, back on the 13th. So I'm gonna miss it! Lets put a date on the calendar in October and meet up anyway.
  6. Hi Mark - maybe we'll meet up this year! I'm going "modern" (look for the baby blue '57 New Yorker convert).
  7. Here's one that's always a good take and done well by the Ty-Rods club here in Mass. https://www.ty-rods.org/reunion.html
  8. Please post some pictures here of the cars this group is driving.

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