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A club for 1-1/2 ton and larger, medium and Heavy duty trucks, C.O.E and busses!

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  2. i like it. not so rusty to us easterners, either, at least from that picture.
  3. Picked up this 1.5 ton yesterday near the Seattle area for $1.00 (one USA dollar) I named him “Buck” LOL “Swung” by and played “what the heck?” with Dodgeb4ya (what a blast!) This truck is SUCH a rust bucket!.....,. “challenge accepted”. I don’t know who I feel sorry for more, my neighbors or Julie….
  4. Here are pics. There are no stops for either. It looks like for the engage/disengage there is a natural stop so no stop mounted on the floor boards and it didn't hit the floor. For actuating the dump, there are no stops and in one direction it will hit the floor but not in the other direction. I also included a picture of my dash so you can see where my speed-O is :-)
  5. I will check. The PTO on/off lever doesn't touch the floor it seems to have its own stops. The other lever seems to have more travel than it needs. I think it may hit the floor. I will check. The Speed-o is just above the steering wheel.
  6. Thanks, does the levers just hit the sheet metal floor or is there some sort of a "stop" has your speedometer been replaced by a speaker?
  7. I still need to get the build card for mine. After I got mine home I was just looking through it and found a plastic envelope with proof of insurance and such from the owner before the guy I bought it from. Also in the envelope was a bunch of pictures. There was also a bill of sale for $200 dated in 1995. I suspect that was for tax purposes... or maybe he did buy it for $200. I am guessing at about that time (mid to late 90s) is also when the cab got painted silver. I know the previous owner never took the truck off his property and he owned if for about 7 years. He used it to build a gravel driveway on his property. This was all in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Then as I was cleaning up the flaking paint on the dump box I found it used to say "Coal." So at some point it mus have worked as a coal hauler. I am guessing that maybe this was also around the same area.
  8. This is what I have as far as photos go right now. I was mostly just taking pictures of the foot well - before and after painting with POR15. I can take close ups when I get home if you need something different. The one of the left engages and disengages the PTO. The one on the right raises and lowers the dump.
  9. anyone with PTO controls have photos of levers and the "stop" location? originally my "HH" was missing the floor mounted parking brake lever (odd for a 52 to have the floor brake lever) one control was in the cut out of the center pan as kind of seen here the other one was crudely cut in the floor board with a "hasp hinge" as a stop I fixed the missing parking brake issue and need to relocate the other PTO lever.....
  10. I threw out an invite but he must be out in the shop staring at "Big Red"....... I know I would be
  11. i don't know much about its prior history. i purchased it from a roofing contractor in MI, and it was being used to haul roofing debris and materials. i suspect it was a farm somewhere in the midwest.truck
  12. gotta get bob here, too. he's a terrific source of information, experience, and history on medium and big trucks. btw, i hate the auto-underline feature in this site. i cannot stand it. real PITA when using a tablet.
  13. these bigger trucks sure got used. in getting the build card for mine, I learned it was ordered by the US Navy and afterwards it possibly served as a fire department fleet rig. do you know the history of your truck or have a guess how it was used?
  14. Found these while going through some old files! Big truck 4x4 conversion kits!
  15. wish our truck would get to that stage within the next 2 yrs if we are able to keep it......got my fingers crossed. very nice truck. big boys/girls.....big trucks
  16. Thanks for joining guys. Kind feel like we get overlooked or lost in the regular forum. So hopefully, we can watch the progress of a couple COE builds (and others) and we can learn from you long time bigger truck owners.

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