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A club for those who are keeping their truck original, stock, with minor or no modifications from factory.

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  2. I think the site will good Im doing the same finding parts is a problem mines a 1949 b1b Ive got a bad tranny been trying to find a source for parts also trying find a replacement I thought mine was almost done When the oil pressure droped and tranny started acting up?
  3. I used my axle shafts. All I did was unbolt the 4.10 center section once I had the axles out and bolted the 3.54 center in as a complete unit. I had to reshim the axle shaft end play though.
  4. Where did you mount it, Column, dash or other? Do you think a vacuum side would be helpful on the same gauge?
  5. Did you change the axle shafts along with the punkin Or just the gears? i put the guts of the 3.73 in the 4.1 housing changed the side gears so I could use the original longer shafts
  6. vinegar bath

    Negative... I have a screw loose but not the one I need i couldn't get it cut with a dremel, so I drilled it and I am on the edge of the hole, soaking the shaft/ blade with pb blaster. I had to leave it and walk away..... I tend to focus to the point of destruction Thanks for asking
  7. I changed the center section of my rear axle with a 3.54 from a Plymouth for better cruising speeds. I also added an AUX plug on the radio in my truck so I'm not stuck with AM radio. Other than that, I added a factory spare tire holder, I added electric wipers from a junk yard truck, I stained and varnished the bed wood, and my truck originally had a black bed that I painted body color. Everything else is stock on my truck. It drives and runs great!
  8. I would love to have a nice 802 radio and speaker even though we dont get any good AM stations anymore .... no english speaking music that I know of. Some news talk but mostly Mexican stations since I live about 30 miles as the crow flies from the US/Mexico border. However, I would still love to have one eventually. I do want to get a rear bumper for it. Eventually a tachometer would be really nice to have when I can afford it. 12v ones are easy to find but the 6v are pricey so that will have to wait. John
  9. One thing I did was replace the clevis pin that secures the gas pedal rod to the bell crank with a bolt that has a machined shaft that I got at Ace hardware. It fits perfect and eliminates all the side to side slop in the gas pedal.I tried a new clevis pin but the fit was still a tad sloppy so I went with the bolt . The only other thing I can think of is the PO installed a 3:54 pumpkin in the stock housing which is great because pretty much all we have where I live is wide open level desert roads, mostly hwy with few to no real hills. I love it.
  10. vinegar bath

    Yup, thats what I used. I had a few laying around so I put them to work I've never done any plating but I have thought trying it. I have a friend thats done some here and there on small parts. Hey did you get the set screw loose? Its so annoying to have one little thing like that hold everything up.
  11. I'm using a Westac, works great. I went with a face like the old Sun style, max rpm 3500.
  12. I will eventually add a BW R 10 overdrive transmission, a quality dash fan, floor shifter for my three speed, door lock on the driver door, I have the mechanism, a custom canvas camper, i have it designed, new cab mounts, 2nd heater dedicated for defrosting, dash camcorder, manifold oven, andcwould like to design a means to lock down the hood wings. There is always some small item to add..
  13. I looked at having a tach/ vacuum gauge made for my b3b from westac..... i haven't ruled it out yet i have the lighter, ash tray, rear view mirror and pass side visor For my b4 and HH I need the pass side visor and I would like the factory two speed rear controls for my HH (right now it is only a "high/low" knob)
  14. A "Hidden upgrade" i have done in my b3b would be the 3.73 gears in the rear instead of the 4.1
  15. One I'm ready to test while driving is my floor shifter for the three speed transmission and the three speed BW R 10 overdrive. It will accomplish several upgrades that I want. One is to add some modernity to the cabin, especially when used with bucket seats, two it will eliminate all the sometime troublesome rod linkages under the floor, three if I wish, I can option an overdrive thumb switch button and eliminate the floor stepdown switch to name a few goals. It's ready to install, one I'm satisfied with how it works, then I will redo all parts for a professional look. This looks similar to previous photos, but there are some minute yet significant changes.
  16. While this is the "stock" section some upgrades for safety or reliability are good, especially if they are invisible to the observer. Like Dot 5 brake fluid, or factory radio upgrade with FM added. I also added an Allison/Crane optical ignition system. The control box is well hidden so when you lift the hood you think it's stock. Giveaway is when it starts instantly. What's on your truck?
  17. When I started putting my B1 back together I started looking for accessories to make it fully loaded. He is what I have accumulated so far: Mopar electric wiper upgrade Mopar windshield washer Ash tray Deluxe heater, the one that sucks in fresh air from an intake next to the radiator Front tow hooks Spotlight After market vacuum fan in the cab Aftermarket tach Radio Heavy duty generator Factory PCV system Passenger door mirror Fog lights Front bumper overrides Brake holder Heavy duty air cleaner Heavy duty bypass oil filter Still trying to figure out a clock option without cutting the dash. What options do you have on your trucks?
  18. Hello "pflaming" Got my vote!
  19. My '53 Plymouth Suburban still has the Mare Island entrance bumper sticker, does that count?
  20. Another Dodge in Navy service. Still looking for your answer.
  21. Hey Brent B3B. Got a Buddy who owns a Deuce & A Half who's Father just happened to be in the Navy. I'll see what I can come up with. Cool Truck!
  22. vinegar bath

    those rods you used look like the concrete "form stake rods"....... I gonna have to give that a try next have you ever done any home made zinc, chrome or other plating?
  23. i like it Tim. i never knew it should have been brown instead of green...... I received the "build card" on my B3HH and turns out it was ordered by the US Navy.... (the dump bed was added in the 70's) if your at one of those shows and you see or hear mention of the "B" style in the service..... I would sure love to know what capacity it was used.
  24. Hello John! Thank you for the welcome.