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A club for those who are keeping their truck original, stock, with minor or no modifications from factory.

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  2. I am working on my "door stay clip" project for my b3/b4's. built a "form" and cut up a saw blade into 3/16" x 4" strips and worked on heating/ forming the metal. here is my first and second attempt although I think they would hold, I am not thrilled with my results so far. any suggestions for a different metal I should use?
  3. Has anyone successfully restored the tank fuel sending unit? The one in my B4 still moves but, the screw connected to the wire is stripped and frozen to the nut on the inside. I don't want to bugger it up trying to replace it.
  4. I like this idea. You know me and my interest in improving in ways that never disallows someone later to do a full restoration. If I can replace an OE part by bolting on something that improves the truck or car for me, I will do it. Disc brakes are a great example. My shifter the same for it mounts onto two transmission bolts, nothing to modify. My knee is healing and I'm getting very anxious to return to my Suburban. Question regarding cab noise control. I have a medium loud muffler hanging on fixed supports. Does that allow sound to travel back into the cab? If so then a quiet muffler on belt type hangers could significantly decrease my current cab noise?
  5. I'm a believer keeping them stock, but first getting them in top mechanical condition so they are safe on the road. I'm looking forward to input from other club members.