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About This Club

Club for us Minnesoteans.....I'm sure more of this will flesh out as time goes on.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Back to the 50's

    GGdad and I usually park on Randall but he's usually farther up than I am.
  3. Who is coming to Back to the 50's in June? Should we stake out a spot?
  4. Well...since I have the club picture blown up and hanging in my living room...I thought maybe I could join. 48D
  5. mine sits in my shop with a cover over him...so the cat can crawl under that and still sit on the running boards...
  6. The lucky ones have a spot to store them where they can work on them. Others sit out or get stored. Mine 46 and 48 coupe get stored. The 47 project has been sitting out. With any luck everything will be indoors this winter!
  7. Just bundle them up in the garage or put them to work pushing snow?
  8. just trying this out! we'll have to recruit some more guys I know there are more than 4 of us in MN.
  9. Works just like a forum thread but specific to this club group. Have fun!