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  • poly 259 engine parts and a four speed transmission and drive shaft By Rjpond

    • 28 days and 3 hours  
    My 1955 dodge c-3-c had a stuck 259 engine. The truck had sat in a shed since 1972 and had a little over 60000 miles on the speedometer. I dropped in a 315 donor engine  from a running 1957 D200.   I’m hopeful that the engine parts from the 259 or the four speed transmission from the D200 could help someone with their project. I’m not looking to get rich from these part and reasonable offers will be accepted   Pictures can be emailed
  • Window Bumpers By Prusakowski

    • $1.99
    • 24 days and 3 hours  
    Just curious if anyone has two (2) extra bumpers they can spare.
  • 46-48 Plymouth wiper unit By dale

    • 23 days and 19 hours  
    Looking for the part the wiper arm attaches to.  It is a chrome  pot metal part with a chain and sprocket inside the wiper arm attaches too.  I only need the insides but will buy the whole unit.   This is used on convertibles and station wagons only.
  • Wanted: Pitman Arm By John-T-53

    • 22 days and 3 hours  
    I am looking for a nice used pitman arm that would fit a '53 1/2 ton. I need to replace mine due to rusty splines, which is causing slop in the steering. So I'm not looking for something that's been sitting out in the elements.   Thanks,   JT53
  • 48 rearend and driveshaft By Bbdakota

    • $50.00
    • 20 days and 59 minutes  
    Prefer to sale whole rear for $50 but I'll consider parting it out. Drums 20 each, chunk $40, brake hardware $40, axles $40ea. No noise, no vibration, supposed to have new brakes. 4.11 gears. Driveshaft  $50. Front boot just tore since the last time I had it on the lift. No vibration. From a 2dr coupe. Approx 55" F to F. Also have a generator, worked but has a noisy bearing. Shaft worn. Housing good. $40. I bent pulley removing it.  2 carter WA-1 carbs for parts $40. All pric
  • MCL-6102 Starter needed for P15 motor By flathead

    • 17 days and 1 hour  
    The P-15 motor is installed in my 1948 B1B truck, and the starter says MCL-6102 on the tag.
  • 1948 Desoto By Keith Cantone

    • $12,345.00
    • 16 days and 14 hours  
    Hello, working on a 1948 Desoto, and the steering wheel is pretty much toast. Looking for a nice one, if anyone has one out there.  Thanks! (352) 551 7492
  • 1948 p15 rims By MarkB2PW

    • $1.00
    • 15 days and 3 hours  
    I'm looking for (2) rims for my 1948 p15 Deluxe.  Mine are bent.
  • Wanted 1/2 ton rear end 373:1Ratio (truck, car, all welcome) By jmooner3

    • $1.00
    • 13 days and 1 hour  
    Wanted: 1/2 ton rear end  with 3.73:1 ratio differential  I'm looking for a taller top end for my 1949 B1B truck. I have a three speed trans coupled to current rear end and top end speed is 35 to 40 MPH. I can't make out the current ratio on cast.  Other very knowledgeable members have pointed me to getting the 3.73 ratio.  This is a 1949 1/2 ton B1B truck - Sounds like car or truck rear end will work.  I'm in Vermont and would pick up at reasonable distance....Thanks Jay
  • 1953 1/2 ton 3 speed By The Oil Soup

    • 12 days and 3 hours  
    Looking for a '50 to '58 New Process 3 speed with remote control ( column shift ) set up for my truck.
  • ‘48 B1B 16 inch wheels By LMBoise

    • 11 days and 4 hours  
    Looking for a set of 5, 16 inch wheels for my 1948 B1B. I thought I saw a listing for a set a while ago but waited too long to respond.  Let me know what you have, thanks!
  • 1946 Dodge D24C Coupe Wanted By Alex in SLC

    • 9 days and 17 hours  
    I am in search of a 1946 D24 Coupe (not a business coupe). A good driver is preferred not looking for a restoration project at this time. I have cash and am willing to pay a fair price. Any and all help in search for a '46 is greatly appreciated!!   Alex  
  • For Sale: 49 Plymouth engine & Dual carb setup By Oldtimelampshop

    • 6 days and 19 hours  
    Hi guys  me again.  Moving forward on my project and my cousin hopes to have engine out of the car soon. some people commented about the dual carb setup, etc.   keep in mind the car has sat inside storage a long time.  I’ve got no history on it other than that. But looking at the car it’s very clean and original.   So thinking out loudWhat’s a nice 49 Ply engine worth?  offenhauser Intake with dual carbs And Sears rebuild tag .060As much as I’d love to keep it, I
  • ,52 dodge trunk latch By 58prostreet

    • $35.00
    • 5 days and 34 minutes  
    Need the latch to lock trunk for '52 Wayfarer. It is attached by 3 phillips screw and has the square hole for latch shaft to go through. Other models or years may work also. Thanks Bob P.S. Don't need outside handle or lock. 

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