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  • 1952 Dodge business coupe PLASTIC dome light cover By Satyr

    • $50.00
    • 27 days and 21 hours  
    I was getting ready to put the dome light cover back on my dome light when it shattered into a number of pieces, I've included  a photo of the dome light bezel, you can see that it is not a typical dome light for an old Mopar, my understanding is that a number of DeSoto parts or used on 1952 Dodge Business Coupe. I need help finding a plastic dome light cover would be greatly appreciated.
  • Chrysler or Desoto Flathead 6 Engine By 1940Century

    • 26 days and 17 hours  
    Looking for a good running Chrysler or Desoto Flathead 6 engine, needs to be the longer block 25".   Thanks Mike
  • Brake shoe Adjustment bolt for rear axle By 55mikey

    • 22 days and 17 hours  
    I am looking for a brake shoe adjustment bolt or the whole backing plate for my 55’ dodge 3/4 ton 
  • Horns and cross brace support By Cold Blue

    • 22 days and 17 hours  
    Looking for a set of original horns and the cross brace member that they are mounted on for a 1948 Plymouth. I think that horns from a 1946 thru a 1952 will work, as I think they are the same. Thanks!
  • Looking for '48 quarter glass rubber By woodrow

    • $1.00
    • 20 days and 21 hours  
    I am in need of some quarter window rubber seals for my 1948 P15 4 door.  I am looking at buying them new and of course they are readily available but by the time I purchase them in USD and convert to CAD and add shipping I am looking at more money than I can spend right now.  I've posted this ad looking to see if somebody might have some good used ones(I know, very unlikely) or perhaps a set that was purchased but never used.  More particularly I am looking for the drivers door seal and rear right as they are just ugly and disintegrated.  The other two are decent but if I had them I would probably replace them.  So if you have a set new or used that you would like to sell please let me know.  thx
  • WTB: B&B Carter carb By woodrow

    • 15 days and 4 hours  
    Looking to buy a B&B Carter carb in used condition for my '48 Plymouth.   I really dont mind if it's in pieces as I am just looking  for it for parts for mine. Mine has a small crack around the base area.  As well, the threaded inlet for the gas line is leaking.  Im guessing by the look of it its probably stripped or cracked as well.  I dont really want to touch it to investigate further until I have a part to replace it.  Thanks for viewing the ad and please let me know if you have anything that you are willing to sell.  Kindest regards.
  • 1949 Plymouth Grille By MikeMalibu

    • 13 days and 20 hours  
    Looking for a grille in good condition for my 1949 P17 Plymouth Buisness Coupe. Appreciate the help. 
  • 1939 Dodge TC Engine By Ron Beaschler

    • 10 days and 4 hours  
    I am looking for a 1939 dodge TC truck engine (flat head 6) a engine numbers matching   The serial number would need to start with T-81.     
  • 25” exhaust manifold By ThriftyT

    • $1.00
    • 8 days and 44 minutes  
    Looking for a 25” Chrysler exhaust manifold to use in building my own split exhaust.    Thank you in advance 
  • 251 engine/block required By Gophman

    • $1,234.00
    • 7 days and 22 hours  
    Looking for a block or full engine 250/251 for a '47 Windsor.....
  • 1946 Dodge door latch (driver's side) By Jack's 47

    • 2 days and 2 hours  
    Just picked up a project and the driver's side door latch is missing. Please let me know price plus shipping to 28801. Thanks!

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