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11th Annual Tailgate BBQ


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I posted this super early so Brendt wouldn't worry that the 10th BBQ would be the last one....lol




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LOL, one of my favorite phrases - "those who fail to plan, plan to fail" :D

you can't ask for more notice than this, start saving/ budgeting your pennies ahead of time people!

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I definitely want to be there again.  I will hopefully have one of my vintage trucks put together by then!  And I hope that my would be 3 year old will be easier to manage....   Yay!

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BBQ 11 progress - plan on two entries

'53 B4B fuel gauge works. Using it as a shop truck every week. Looking of a Cherokee for parts ...

'63 Willies top stripped, lead and primer

-- wish us continued luck



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Tim, would it be ok to urge all MOPAR suburban, longroof owners to bring them and then maybe feature them? My calander is marked. 

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