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Like a little kid with a really loud toy



Well, I finally drove my truck today. Only took 16 months. The first 9 looking for it, and the other 7 making it safe enough to get behind the wheel. This would not have happened without everyone here. Thank you one and all.

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, here is War and Peace. The loud parts at least. ;)


Post script (next day):

I've put on fourty miles now, and the carb is clearing itself. Only a little hesitation left so I don't have to drive a maniac. If we have to, we will use a rebuild kit on the Carter but it is not looking like it will need it.

Right now, it just keeps getting better.

EDIT: Same drive eight months later.



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Hey Mike;

Congrats....very cool. I am happy to give you a few pointers on insulation when you are ready. I recognize that neighborhood.



Mark......at least 80% of the drivers we have here are real maroons. If they gave a real drivers test our roads would be empty.

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Merle: It never shut off. Just is reasonably quiet when at idle. Problem I have is the middle circuit in the carb, so it's either a quiet idle or drive it like you stole it!!!


ggdad1951: Only found the lever for the cowl today. Don't have those fancy window vents you rich folk gots.


Jeff: Thanks, plan on it! Althoug, my budget will be a lot smaller. When I get to the point where I'm doing 40 mile trips, we need to get a pastrami sandwich again.


Ralph: So did my daughter! She is so excited, she practically washed it herself today.

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I remember your interior being interesting-- a mirror image of what I'm used to making.  I'd really like to see how the inside looks.  Maybe you could upload a picture or two.


John at Pilothouse Interiors.

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