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"It's your truck, make it the way you want it"

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"It's your truck, make it the way you want it" is a statement we hear quite often. I am adhering to that creed with the repairs on this fire damaged truck. I have never been a 'cookie cutter' person and that has hurt me to some degree. When I was a debate 'coach' in a 10-12 high school of 3,000 students, my teams competed against coaches who were speech majors, most had their MA degrees and some their PHD's. yet my teams beat their teams on a regular basis.

A normal win loss record in those days was 60 W / 40 L. The last three years my team's loss percentage was 95W / 5 L and that included every team I entered in competition. We competed in some 30+ tournaments in 22 weekends, in a five state area. Four of my last five teams earned the privilege to compete at the National Debate Tournament.

My argumentative teaching was NOT textbook but were always within the rules. I never heard one of my teams debate at home nor in competition. I only wrote two debate cases in eight years and both won the State Tournament Trophy in two consecutive years. We then missed one year and then won two more back to back titles. So I do not have a cookie cutter mentality.

A few of you have given me some very good advice concerning what to do with the finish on Phoenix. I have very carefully considered all those suggestions and given them all the respect they deserve. Yet I like the creativity that working with a vehicle allows. So I have chosen to protect this finish with a good cleaning, then with a phosphoric acid etch treatment followed by coats of clear gloss. Clear gloss is PAINT WITHOUT COLOR so it affords the same protection that color affords.

I trust those who have offered my advice will not be offended and that the results will be in some way educational, thought provoking, and enjoyed by most.

So now back to the truck and thank you for reading this far.


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I respect the go your own way mentality. Practiced it most of my life as a matter of fact.

One thing about just using clear coat instead of primer and opaque paint......you will know right away if you missed a spot on your prep work. No where to hide.



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I should have added in my  blog, that I have never been in a round of debate, never studied it academically, had only 6 hrs. of speech in Undergraduate studies and never taught speech. Knowledge and adaptability are key, which is why I ask questions most often "why" questions. If you know why, then you can choose between the "hows" based upon your preference, tools available, skills, etc. 

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Keep On Truckin". Paul


It;s Your life. Do what you want to make you happy.

Heck at 70 + most of us would be happy to get to the garage and to anything we like!


Good to spend some time with you in your new Man cave!



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