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Back to the future



Well, we started the engine for the second time in six months. The difference being that this time it really can move under its own power (and stop) if we were so inclined. Granted there are things like parking brakes and seat belts that still need to be implemented - I think we all know there will always be something, even after you sell it; "I remember ol' bessy. Dag gummit, if I had her now I'd be able to ..."

So after troubleshooting a bit for the bad fuel flow ...

Fuel filtering

... we finally turned it over again. We still have a mediocre flow though. We were watching the fuel filter "fill" level as we ran it and it just never seemed to want to play nice. When we idled it, it eventually choked itself off. Or maybe that is the way these work. Jeff B once told me they are all cold-blooded and don't run well until warm. Maybe a rebuild or at least a cleaning of that pump is warranted as we know flow to the pump is good.

Turn your volume down, it was recorded kind of hot.

Engine Test (video)

All and all today is a milestone for me, and an affirmation that perseverance and pig-pigheadedness will eventually win out against the general tide. I also am reminded that there is no predicting what anything will turn out like. Not really. Sure you can have an over-arching goal. A vision. You can make specific plans if you want. In the end, you make the best of what is there at the time you reach the point of making the decision. The plan changes. The vision becomes a fluid adaptation of the times and opportunities. The momentum you put into the project goes in a certain direction that you want, but you can't really say what will be out there on any horizon when you get to it.

I thought I was building up a truck for a daily driver with a Jeep Cherokee rear end, fully decked out interiour and a little something special extra under the hood. What I have is something that keeps wanting to move more and more toward its roots. It is pretty close to stock now. I didn't expect that. At the same time, I really enjoy watching this progress and grow into what it seems to want to be.

Reminds me of my kids. You have ideas, but the only real issues you can stand your ground on are the safety items. They take on a life of their own. You give them a direction but they pick up their own drives and style that you can only be surprised at and support.

I think Tim is right about the ZEN of the whole thing.

Flow like water my friends.


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I think your filter would never fill in it's horizontal orientation.  How is the air trapped in the upper part of  the glass supposed to get out?  Before you dive off in to fuel pumps and other repairs, maybe try holding the fuel filter vertically with the outlet on the top and see if it fills up then.  

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Hey Mike;

Congrats on getting it fired up. Did you have the tank lined? Is the fuel line from the tank new? I have a fuel pump rebuild kit you can have. My fuel system has been modified and I don't have a mechanical pump fitted any more. So the kit is yours if you want it.



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... So the kit is yours if you want it.




Thanks Jeff. Turns out the real problem was the pickup tube inside the tank. When they cleaned and lined it last time the didn't check it. All fixed now after a second trip to the radiator shop. Reinstalled and now it is running like a champ with stock parts.

 Color me very happy!

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