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Have you met Paul?



Paul joined the forum in 2006. He had bought his bluish gray truck for 250 bucks. He was planning on giving it to a friend, but was told he should keep it and restore it himself. He had always wanted to do something like that and retirement had given him the room to do it. To learn what he could and enjoy it along the way. Paul is a good natured fellow and carries a huge smile where ever he goes. Through the years on this forum he has ask 4 million questions about the complicated and the simple tasks when building a classic car or truck. His desire to keep it within budget and still enjoy it has been quite an experience as a reader of his travels on the forum. Things really picked up speed when he decided to put his heart into the build. 2012 was a monumental year. The years leading up to '12 were interesting like engine, king pins, and the discovery of the word Patina while using solvent and sandpaper to find his trucks true color in '08. In 2013 he picked up his nickname to describe his "paint job", since most had considered his truck more sanded than patina. So if you have sanded the orginal paint and left it, cuz it looks cool, you have a "Patina Paul". He has embraced his nickname like he has embraced the friends he created here over the years. Always remembering to thank anyone who helped him learn something new. His simple approach to life and his love of his family always present in what he writes. But let me not forget 2012. Paul made a mad dash though every component of his truck that year....he posted thread after thread of his finds and questions. He did the brakes, rear-end, turnsignals, wiring, steering wheel and more. His work on the Cherokee rear axle seemed to be his greatest victory, next to his patina. By January 2013, he had the project rolling downhill, getting his final registration in March! I finally got to see his truck in person. I had met Paul before and wrote with him on the forum for many years, but this was the first meeting with his truck. It wasn't the finished product that struck me, but the man who was proud of what he had learned. He was an "old" dog who had learned a new trick. He drove it to the top of the hill to the Sequoia Nat'l Park, drove it to the BBQ where he won the Tough Trucker award for just making it there, not letting coolant and bad connections keep him home. With the victory complete, Paul moved his energy to the next challenge. Cars. He bought two, a 53 Plymouth Cranbrook Convertible, and 54 Plymouth Suburban. His adventures continued, and his knowledge grew. But........sometimes life has a way of happening while we are making other plans. Paul's detached garage....along with his truck...were in a fire. It seems the shop is a complete lose, and the truck damaged but still standing. The family cat was lost as well....We here at the forum are like most people, we care about our friends. But I also realize a lot of new people here are seeing the thread "Fire" and may not appreciate the back story. That shop became his "space" while working on the '52 Dodge Truck, and it was his first shot at giving some life back to an old tired truck. And it all happened while he was here on the forum, the place where I met Paul. My heart goes out to his family, and sharing a snap shot of his story is my way saying thank you for taking me on the ride so far.



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Very well said indeed. I don't know many people on this particular forum and I tend to venture here only occasionally in large doses from time to time depending on what I am working on in the shop. But I do know very well how tight knit a community revolving around a shared passion can be. There are several here that I would shake hands with and buy a round for thanks on creating topics to help others and taking the time to answer questions.


I just read about the fire this morning and it made me take a step back a moment and be thankful that more damage was not done.

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What a well written, and heartfelt tribute you have penned. Paul is a good man and I suspect already making plans for a second go round...in fact he'll probably be humming "On top of old  Smokey" whilst contemplating whether or not to do a flame job over his newly christened "Firetina".......

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Well said Tim.


I was heartbroken with hearing of the news of Paul's recent misfortune, to the point where I had to email him to make sure that he was OK. I see Paul as a most humble man who rarely asks for anything of anyone, but I know that our responses mean a lot to him (he told me).


I have only been around here a few years and have got to know many member's by forum contact, as well as by personal contact via email. I know that Paul is a most genuine kind-hearted fella who would help anyone out at the drop of a hat. I consider both Paul and his (now many) vehicles iconic to this forum. He is a real battler and a true gentleman.

If I can quote from my own email to Paul yesterday: "If my judgement is correct of you (and I consider myself a reasonable judge of character), I know that you are probably already planning your rise from this horrible twist of fate. I suspect that you have already considered a flamed paint job on your old patina truck when you do get it up and running again just to laugh in the face of fate!"


I am confident that Paul will recover from this terrible incident. Whilst it is somewhat challenging with me in Australia, I pledge to support Paul in any way possible to assist him in getting his old truck back up and running again. I look forward to meeting such a fine gentleman when I am in USA for the BBQ in April.


Davin (aka Desotodav)

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Thank you 48Dodger for providing the backstory on Paul's truck and the descriiption of Paul, the person.


Having sent personal messages and emails to Paul for help with my Plymouth, I can say that he was quick to respond with suggestions, photos and most of all encouragement.


At a time when it seems our world is just full of cynicism and negativity, it's also been uplifting to read the responses of support distances near and far for Paul and his family from other forum members.


I for one will be looking forward in seeing his truck come back together from parts that are sent from all over the US and overseas.



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