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koool  i  know the great feeling my 40 has been down  for  5 years,,work,,every day  life,,2 many projects,,,finally got  the  problem with  the motor worked out  drove it  today   around town,,made a few stops,,,,,now back in the garage to  do the dropped up rights and  remove the 70 plus year old  sagging coil springs,,,,


congrats to you,,,

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Looks Great!  I've done the same type of project w/a 225 Slant, 904, and the original donor rear. Works out great doesn't it? Just was able to get ours fired the other day  9/7.


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wow , we are have a 1948 plymouth special deluxe four door sedan.she is slowly coming together.we are both doing the work on the above car.she is called bessie the ' 48.

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