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George update, and AoK Intake updates

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Howdy Folks -  I thought I would do an update on a few topics.  1st the most important one being my buddy George Asche Jr.  George who was hospitalized a few months ago continues to  be regaining his health at a rate  I think everyone including he himself find remarkable.  I was down last week and helped him build another engine and a bunch of other thing.   He continues to work through a long list of promised work, from engines and over drives, to intake, carbs and linkage.

The last AoK racing triple intake for the big blocks was finished and shipped out. It is going on a 1937 Chrysler 6 cylinder. A very close to stock engine, with standard pistons, cam and  new undersized bearings. I have enclose a picture of that as well as George finishing off a fresh engine built and  one of the AoK -  George Asche Jr tribute intakes for the USA Small blocks.

We down to just 1 or 2 of those .

Next topic, intake updates:  As I have talked earlier, with our good friend Tom ceasing operations we had to move the casting of both the Triples for the Canadian 25 1/2" big  block flathead and the USA 23 1/2" dual carb intakes. We also sadly lost the services of George long time friend Bob Stover who was responsible for the machining of the AoK triples from when we 1st started to make them over a decade ago until God gave him the checkered flag and he passed away. Moving to a new supplier also  saw cost increases.

We have worked closely with both suppliers as well as looked at other options for having them cast and machined elsewhere.  In the end, we were able to reduce the overall costs, and get the minimum order quantity down to the point that we are going to consider another run of intakes.

The cost of the new AoK triple intakes (for the 25 1/2" big block made in Canada)  is going to go up approximately 6%  and will be $525.00 plus shipping. Linkage will range  depending upon what is required, but the standard 3 carb linkage with linkage that can be hooked up to linkage coming across the head will be $195.00. Carbs, are going to be a problem for us to supply rebuilt carbs.    If you have cores and need them rebuilt we may be able to help.  But intake and linkage we should have later this summer

On the AojK -  George Asche Jr limited edition dual carb intake for the 23 1/2" USA small block they too will be just under a 6% increase and will be $450.00 plus shipping.  

If your already on the waiting list and we have intakes set aside for you, your originally quoted price remains in effect for the intake.

If your interested in either, drop us a note and we will get you on our waiting list and/or be happy to discuss your project(s).


Tim Kingsbury and George Asche Jr











AoK triple with truck or pre wwII linkage.jpg

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I just received my 25 1/2in triple intake and split exhaust this week. Great work on the intake and especially the linkage.   Thank you for posting pictures of George at it. Makes it special knowing that a legend in the craft  personally created.  Keeping George in our thoughts.


Tim, thanks for the update and the help you've provided me.  Now what to do with my cracked and warped Edmunds aluminum head?? Not ready for wall art yet.



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