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The first item on the "agenda", this blog is for the Chrysler A833 Conversion, and I will not tolerate entries on any other trans conversions without my explicit permission. This blog is purchased by me, and will be managed for content entry by me, so if you want to debate, argue, criticize go elsewhere or start another blog.

The essence of this Blog, is a Mopar for Mopars solution, and I will ask all entries to respect this, or posts will be deleted.thank you.


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Okay,so this Blog will document, outline and detail a Chrysler A833 Overdrive Transmission swap into a 1955 Fargo pickup truck.

This truck has a 228 Canadian Long block engine, dual Carters B&Bs, and dual exhaust.

The bell housing is the heavy duty type for 4 speeds with the bigger bolt pattern.

My current differential is a Chrysler 8 1/4 open drive with 3.23 gears

Tires are P 235 75 15

The donor transmission is a Chrysler A833 4 spd Overdrive, 23 spline input shaft, aluminum case cast iron tail shaft and 30 spline output shaft, shifter is the infamous Hurst shifter, a factory stick.

This trans is from a 1979 Dodge pickup truck.

The "Adapter" plate is courtesy of AoK Racing.

The new clutch disc, and rebuilt pressure plate will be supplied by Quality Brake and Clutch in Winnipeg Manitoba.

The trans will be going to a very reputable and qualified local trans builder, where it will get inspected, and any item that may be necessary will be replaced, but these transmissions are truly a "bullet" proof wonder, most likely will need gaskets and seals, and the very most shaft bearing sets.

I have a donor drive shaft, fresh u-joints, and will be going into the final phase of this swap in the very near future.

I invite all those interested or experienced in this conversion to join in, also a very friendly welcome to any who are just wondering or may be considering a trans swap, but want to look into all options before making uninformed decisions.


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Here is a You Tube video of my truck with the T98 Acme trans 3.23 Mopar 8 1/4 diff.

For illustration purposes, this trans from 2nd to 4th, has a gear spread the same as the A833 from 1st to 3rd.

Basically it's 1st 3.09, 2nd 1.69, 3rd 1.0

Now even with a 3.23 rear gear, this trans is more than adequate in the gear ratios and spread, a gear spread and ratio with higher numbers, for example a 4.03 1st, and a 2.37 2nd and 1.49 3rd, would have you shifting almost immediately from 1st to 2nd, and not overly long till you hit 3rd, not my idea of fun.

There are others for example, 3.67 1st, 2.19 2nd and 1.39 3rd would be better, shifting from 1st to 2nd would be pretty quick.

Add 3.55, 3.73 or even 4.11 gears, and 1st is useless altogther in some cases.

Here is a short video,


Edited by 55 Fargo Spitfire

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Okay, so here is my truck on the highway with the T98 A 4 spd stock trans, in 1:1, at 65 mph spinning about 2700 rpm, and with an overdrive it would be around 1900 RPM.


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1 hour ago, Brettwg said:

How much was the conversion plate?

Hello, I did not produce the "plate", contact Tim Kingsbury on this forum via PM, but a heads up, think they are sold out currently....

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Thanx Tim, most likely will focus on this Blog Topic, and some others relating to Hi Perf Flathead topics.

I am currently not participating in the "Open Forum", where some people with a specific agenda continue to berate and question why A Mopar freak wold want a Mopar solution for an overdrive trans.

The last weeks issues regarding the AoK Adapter, was the icing on the cake, and of course they had nothing to add in a productive way...

Edited by 55 Fargo Spitfire

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