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Adapter plates to utilize a modern floor shift A833 4 speed overdrive on most Mopar Flathead Cars (ready to ship)



Hi guys -


As covered on the earlier blog entry, we have an adapter kit that allows you to bolt up a modern A833 floor shift overdrive on to your
stock bell housing. Please read this blog as it covers a lot more details.



We recently got a new supplier, and have kept the aircraft grade aluminum. The have drilled and bevelled holes for the flush mount
and come with the appropriate bevelled bolts, and have threaded holes were required. The truth is we could have done these at a fraction of the
price if we had done them in steel, but from weight to corrosion, we decided just to do these like the originals we made a number of years ago.


As George Asche says, if we cant make Grade A stuff, I don't want our name (AoK) associated with it! Lol..


IMG 20151124 03076


IMG 20151124 03074


They are in stock right now and they are $140 USD each (adapter plate and bolts) shipped anywhere in the Continental United States.
A 2nd, 3rd or 4th adapter plate would be $125 USD each and all go in the same box, so you save the shipping on the additional plates by a combined shipment.


We got them in this week and have already started shipping adapter plate to those who were on a waiting list. Thanks to those who have been patiently waiting.


** We have recently been asked if the adapter plate will work on trucks. The 1st response being what truck and what transmission is in it now. We know of conversions that have been made, but they were all in late 50s pickups that had light 3 speeds with car style bell housings.


*** Nov 21 - In addition to the car bell housing there are several bell housing in trucks. We will take 4wd and heavier trucks with 5 speeds out of the mix here. We believe that believes us with 3 bell housing patterns from the late 30s to the late 50s. The one with the car style bell housing , 3 speed column shift our current adapter plate should work.


For the heavier 3 speed or light 4 speed both floor shift, the bell housing is the one at the top of the attached picture, which has 2 holes equally spaced on the right and left of the bell housing.


For this one we are going to develop adapter plates for.


The other bell housing pattern is the ones at the bottom of the attached picture. It has the 2 bolt holes on the right closer together
than on the left side. This is for the heavier 4 speeds in heavier trucks. While it looks like you can use our existing adapter plate, by drilling 4 holes, tap them and use our adapter plate, we have not actually tried it. At this point unless there turned out to be a demand for them, we don't intend to make new adapter plates for this bell housing / the heavier trucks at this point.


Dodge Truck Bell housing (on top is pickup heavy 3 speed & light 4 speed transmissions & bottom is heavier 4 speed in 1 ton & lighter 2wd trucks)


The reason being, we really need to make a minimum of 10 pieces, and to make the price reasonable 25, so unless there
is a demand we don't anticipate it doesn't make much sense to make them for the heavier trucks.


* Update: The adapter plate is completed for the trucks now.

Pricing is for the car version,  in the continental United States the adapter kit (plate and bolts) are $140 shipped and truck adapter kits are $150 shipped. Outside of that area cars are $125 + shipping and trucks are $135 + shipping.  If you want 2-4 plates they can be shipped in the same box so you save the shipping on those additional plates.


As usual happy to accept emails or give you a call to discuss.. Let us know if you are interested in either truck version.







Recommended Comments

** Dec 22 2015 -  Just to be clear, the A833 adapter plate is for Mopar 833 Aluminum 4 speeds for use in Mopar cars,  and was not designed for use with the  - 1981 -1986 Chevy/GM Truck Overdrive which I believe is a  833/RPO MY6.   We were contacted in May by a customer  and in the conversation it became apparent he was considering using a GM version of the transmission and he was told there appears to be a great deal of difference between it and the Mopar version of the A833.  It appears he has been able to make modifications and get it to work and we will attempt to get a report from him, but up until now we have had zero experience trying to use

A833 chevy truck transmissions with this adapter

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Hi AoK boys  and Merry Christmas.


Thanks to the great weather, I managed to get my A833 in and on the road before Christmas.  Even the bride was impressed. Thanks to your blog and notes it was a lot simpler than I expected. The rear end change worked perfectly. The adapter plate side of the project fit like a glove. As anticipated we had to shorten the drive shaft.  I had it out on I90 today and was really impressed. Actually was beyond impressed. There was no problem passing anyone out there. The combination of a better rear end gear set on top of overdrive was perfect. The first 3 gears are pretty much exactly the same feel I was looking for. The A833 actually shifts a little better than my old 3 speed and my kid who wanted a floor shift will be so excited

later on today as he gets his Christmas present -  The 1948 Plymouth he wanted to buy this spring but it seemed someone bought it before he got there to pay for it!  Dam Santa Claus. Ok  it was Mom and Dad

that scooped him!


Thanks again Tim & George for helping make a kids Christmas dream come true!

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I just realized that I did not update this thread, just the original thread - "Solving the Modern Overdrive with a Floor Shift using Mopar Parts"  which you can go directly to on this link




in any case in terms of the truck bell housings


Dodge Truck Bell housing (on top is pickup heavy 3 speed & light 4 speed transmissions & bottom is heavier 4 speed in 1 ton & lighter 2wd trucks)


 mission accomplished. We now have an adapter plate for the both heavy 3 speed floor shift and light 4 speed bell housings and heavier 4 speed bell housings. Bellow is the truck adapter which works for both, then a picture of it with the car and light 3 speed column shift for tucks, and then a picture of the two truck bell housings that the new adapter plate works with. Price is going to be $135 & shipping for the kit. The kit will be the adapter plate and 4 bolts required to mount the adapter plate to the truck bell housing.

Here is a picture of the car and truck adapter plate and just the truck adapter plate which will

work with either of the above bell housings.


AoK - Tranny Adapter plates for connecting an A833 overdrive to a Dodge/Fargo truck bell housing that had a heavy 3 speed, light or heavy 4 speed tranny & Car/light truck 3 speed

AoK - Tranny Adapter plate for connecting an A833 overdrive to a Dodge/Fargo truck bell housing that had a heavy 3 speed, light or heavy 4 speed tranny


Bottom line: In the continental United States car adapter plates with recessed bolts/screws for mouning are $140 shipped and truck adapter plates are $150 shipped. Outside of that area cars are $125 + shipping and trucks are $135 + shipping.

Edited by timkingsbury

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The A833 thread has been locked on the "Truck" board thanx to the 3 Stooges, I was hoping it would have developed into a decent and informative build and discussion thread, but not likely with certain types on this forum.

So not sure if this would be the place to continue with any current A833 conversions, but hopefully we can get something going without fear of sabotage from problematic Chevy Luvin parts members.

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Sure ..      If guys want I can start an  - A883 build  blog topic and guys can post away, discuss etc.     But since it over on my blog area... lol..   I have limited tolerance for   T5 fan club members..  


Just let me know


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Tim , this is a fantastic product, and I now have the infamous A833 overdrive awaiting its transplant on to my Fargo.

Here are a few pics of the adapter plate attached to my trans, great fit, quality workmanship, thanx again for great product solutions, for a Mopar solution for Mopar cars and trucks.

The local Winnipeg trans shop, sw the adapter plate and commetned how professional it looked and how well it was built...




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Yes they are ...  There are some bell housings it does not fit. Primarily the larger trucks.     Feel free to drop me a note directly at fargopickupking@yahoo.com as I am

not on the site often these  days

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What vendor/model of clutch do you suggest ?

Would rear end and a shortened drive shaft from '87-01 Jeep Cherokee fit the setup ?

I have got '50 Plymouth Special.

Tnx in advance for support :)


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You can use any 23 spline (fine spline clutch) from the 1960s and newer. The current one you have is a course spline that was from the 1950s and older. I would use

the biggest clutch your pressure plate will take. The last one we put in was for a 1966 dodge cornet rt clutch (10 ½”) and it came with a  pressure plate as the one that was in the car was in rough condition.   It  came from napa  and was listed as a clutch pack although there are lots of great and inexpensive options available.   If your current pressure plate is 

in decent shape then likely a 10 1/2"  clutch will work fine and they are readily available from all the major part suppliers.


I really dont know the width of a jeep cherokee.   Here is a handy chart for a lot of the cars which gives you the widths and that is the key for you is making sure you have 

the track width close. Having the spring widths the same is also a nice thing as it saves more work.  In terms of drive shaft its just a case of having the yoke with 

the finer spline for the transmission and the rear end. So  measure your spring widths and your track width and compare them to the jeep.  Personally  I prefer going to

a car version  and depending on what your doing engine wise,  likely around the 3:55 or 3:73 ratio.  One of the mistakes guys do is going to something 3:23 or 2:73 and 

you suddenly have a dog at lower speeds. So unless your really building a performance engine  3:55 would be as low a number as I would suggest.



Hope that helps get you rolling.




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Thanks Tim !

Just found this clutch kit for 80$, quite nice price 🙂

I will rethink the rear axle, good point about the leaf spring width !

Does the stock transmission crossmember require lots of grinding & hammering or just a minor tune ? 😉

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On 10/8/2018 at 12:29 PM, Look said:

Thanks Tim !

Just found this clutch kit for 80$, quite nice price 🙂

I will rethink the rear axle, good point about the leaf spring width !

Does the stock transmission crossmember require lots of grinding & hammering or just a minor tune ? 😉

We have had 1950 Plymouths that required nothing, and 1 that required a bit of modification (grinding) on one sport of the cross member. I am not sure if the case of

some of the A833 transmissions have slight differences. 

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