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Girlie Mopar




A few months ago I was summoned off my 1947 Plymouth sanding project and into the front drive. My awesome husband found and obtained an early Birthday gift for me! As I brushed off and mosied out if the garage I saw a beauty on a trailer; a COMPLETE 1940 Plymouth Sedan!!!!!! 4-doors, suicide doors, engine, tranny, interior, chrome, housings, bumpers. The car was a single owner and garage stored. Would have been all cherry but 20 or so years ago the garage was broken into and the car was vandalized. All the glass broken and some spray paint on the fender. After that the weather got into things so all the fabric is deteriorated. We have started the resoration with clean up. All forward from here! I will post more pictures.


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Driveline is all there but after a test start we think the engine is seized. It hasn't been driven since around 1958. Time to find another 6. Don't think we will try another 350 convert. Been there, done that.

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