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Mopar For Mopars Solutions Blog

Okay, here we have it, the no nonsense "Mopar For Mopars" solutions blog. This is a  blog where any or all Mopar solutions can be entered, added, discussed and debated. I am not limiting this to the Chrysler flathead 6 engine, so other Mopar Engines, Drive lines, Transmissions, Ignitiion, Electrical and Suspension, Steering and Brakes. So please share what and how you have done something, utilizing Ma Mopar components and Parts. If you are contemplating some modification however radical post your progress and results. Off topic brands and posts will be deleted, so keep this Mopar as the title suggests. There has been a lot of discussion, Thread Themes, and Ideas that are not Mopar based, so here we have the Topic that focuses on a Chryco answer for our needs.    

55 Fargo

55 Fargo


Chrysler Flathead Hi- Perf and Racing

Okay, so here we have a Chrysler Flathead High Performance entry, this will be for all flathead hop up ideas, projects, racing supercharging and turbocharging, heck add in fuel injection or ? Please post your stories, ideas and pics, all are welcome, but please respect the topic, and stay on topic, disputes, conjecture and non Mopar entries will most likely result in content being deleted, repeat offenders will be barred. I am currently running a 228 ina 1955 Fargo pickup, T98 a 4 spd and a Mopar 8 1/4d diff with 3.23 gears. My engine is bone stock, somewhat tired, and is equipped with a AoK Racing cutom built dual carb intake, split exhaust and 2 George Asche built Carter B&B trucks carbs and the linkage all courtesy of Tim Kingsbury. I will post a few pics and videos, and hope some of you do too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6lJrjcz7JU  

55 Fargo

55 Fargo


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